PERRYSBURG, Ohio — An Ohio police chief is accused of issuing a controversial stand down order. As a result, a fatal officer involved shooting (OIS) is under two different investigations. One of the inquiries includes questions about actions taken by the chief.

Chief Daniel Paez of the Perrysburg Police Department is a 37-year veteran, 23 with the city. He has been publicly accused of dereliction of duty for instructing his officers to stand down during a pursuit and shootout that ultimately led to the death of one suspect, WTOL reported.

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“Our officers here in the city of Perrysburg were doing their duty that day, responding to calls for help and screams for help from a neighboring jurisdiction as shots were being fired at Perrysburg Township Police and as a suspect took two hostages,” said City Councilman Haraz Ghanbari.

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(Photo courtesy 911Garage)

That’s when Paez reportedly told four of his officers, who have more than 60 years combined experience, to back off.

At a city council safety meeting, Paez said he made the decision because he wasn’t sure the officers were experienced enough to handle it.

In addition to reprimanding the councilman for making public accusations against the police chief, Mayor Thomas Macklin noted in a statement that he has requested the Lucas County Sheriff assign an investigator to “provide a candid and forthright report.”

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is also investigating the incident.