Deputy has been unconscious, in critical condition since five-car crash – department asking for prayers


ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH —  Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy, Corporal Adam McMillian, 43, remains in critical condition following a five-car crash in Anderson Township, about twenty minutes east of Cincinnati, on October 8, 2020. 

He’s been unconscious and in the intensive care unit at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. 

Over the weekend nothing has changed. Dave Daugherty, a Sheriff’s spokesman, said on Monday:

“He’s in a coma still. We are hoping to hear something maybe later this afternoon and put an update out. We are continuing to ask for the community’s prayers and appreciate the community’s support during this difficult time.”

The sheriff’s office said McMillan was going west on Beechmont and entered the intersection with Eight Mile as the bus was attempting to turn left from eastbound Beechmont onto Eight Mile.

A chain reaction occurred.

Once Anderson’s cruiser collided with a SORTA Metro 2009 New Flyer Bus attempting to turn left, the bus struck a 2007 Toyota RAV4 that was stopped in a southbound lane of Eight Mile Road.

This caused the RAV4 to be pushed backward and hit a 2013 Ford Focus, which was stopped in the left turn lane, as well as a 2015 Chevrolet Malibu that was stopped in a southbound lane of Eight Mile Road. The bus then hit a utility pole.

Matthew Bohan works across the street from where the crash happened. Bohan is currently in nursing school. He said he ran towards the scene, and when he saw the aftermath, his heart sank.

“My first reaction was to run over there to help, but I’m not advanced enough in that to do a heck of a lot. I can’t wait to get into that position where I can actually help and not just be standing there wishing I could.”

The Anderson Township Fire Department had to mechanically extricate him from his cruiser. McMillan was breathing but was unresponsive when first responders transported him to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment for head trauma.

The bus driver suffered minor injuries. A Metro spokeswoman Brandy Jones said the crash occurred on Route 30X.  There were no passengers on board at the time. The driver will undergo testing, which is standard in crashes.

Fortunately, none of the other drivers were seriously hurt.

Jones said:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the officer.”

Sheriff Jim Neil gave an update on Friday afternoon outside of the hospital:

“When the crash occurred, he was unconscious and he’s still unconscious.”

He remained unconscious throughout the weekend, and it’s not clear about his current condition.  

Investigators said McMillan was not responding to a call when the crash happened.

There was some concern about the other officers and how they were holding up.

Neil answered:

“I don’t know how we appear, but our hearts are sad. It’s a tough time.”

Neil said McMillan is a 19-year veteran within the department. He is currently assigned to the Traffic Safety Section, where he investigates crashes and performs a variety of tasks within the department.

Neil said:

“This is the career that he loves to perform, he loves to work in. He is a fourth-generation law enforcement– He loves being a deputy sheriff.”

McMillian is a resident of Anderson Township.

Neil continued:

“We’re praying for him. I want you to know he’s one of the good guys in the Sheriff’s Office – one of the good guys in law enforcement.”

Neil described McMillan as a kind individual, proud to serve his community. 

“He has a smile that opens up to his heart. He’s one of those people you remember when you meet, and it all starts with that smile he has.” 

The sheriff asks for prayers from the community as his family struggles during a difficult time of uncertainty. 

“We are sad in the sheriff’s office that one of our officers was injured in the line of duty. We are praying for his recovery and praying for family.”

The McMillan family released a brief statement which said:

“We do want to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of support we have received from the public, particularly Adam’s brothers and sisters at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Please continue to pray for Adam during this time.”

Chief Deputy Mark Schoonover said the crash was “very difficult” for McMillan’s co-workers. 

“The sheriff’s office is a big family and when one of our deputies gets injured like this, it’s painful for everyone in the agency.”

He continued:

“Adam’s just a really good guy. He goes out and does his job every day – always gets the job done.”

Capt. Rick Neville said McMillan and others involved in the crash Thursday need the community’s prayers

 “I know so often when something tragic happens many talk of how great the individual is. Knowing Adam through the years I can tell you he is genuine, soft-spoken, good-hearted, and not without a sense of humor.”

He added:

I ask that they say heavy prayers for him and let’s not forget this is a tragic event for another driver. We must be certain to pray for them as well.”

What led up to the crash at one of the area’s busiest intersections remains unclear; the sheriff’s office is still investigating. There is no word yet as to who was at fault.

The sheriff told the public more about McMillan. One of the things he volunteered for was bicycling. He has bicycled hundreds of miles to Washington D.C. with other law enforcement locally and across the nation as part of the annual Police Unity Tour during Police Memorial Week.

Neil said:  

“He does me proud serving in a capacity as a sheriff’s corporal and he does his family proud.”

The sheriff said McMillan’s family is rallying behind him. His mother has been in to see him and is the only family member who has been permitted in due to COVID-19 restrictions.

She shared a bit of interesting information on McMillian, such as his love for history. He has a passion for researching World War II and a lot of knowledge of “The Great War.”   

Jason Hovekemp is the organizer of the Gofundme Page for McMillan. At the time of this writing, it has already raised $4,171 with 72 donors and followers with 142 shares with a goal is $5,000.

This Go Fund Me page revealed that his recovery could take several weeks to months. Hovekemp stated that he is looking to help ease the financial burden of his medical expenses related to his continued care and recovery.

Fox 19 posted the above post on their Facebook page. It has garnered 226 reactions, 79 comments, and 17 shares. The majority of them were of support to not only him, but his family.

Some comments were:

Praying for this wonderful soul. Lord, please heal him and the others that were hurt in this accident.”

Praying that God heals him while he is resting still praying for him and his family stay strong prayers for the Sheriff’s Department 🖤💙🖤💪

Praying for him.”

Law Enforcement Today sends our thoughts and prayers to Corporal Adam McMillian and his family, blood and blue.

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