Elected official under fire after suspect tries to murder cops, sets off civil unrest based on lies


NEWBURGH, NY- The City of Newburgh is on fire because elections have consequences.

Friday evening in a New York suburban town just over an hour north of New York City, civil unrest took hold. 

This, after an elected city councilman went to his social media to promote false rhetoric and information in his official capacity to attack, from what all accounts dictate was a self defense police involved shooting with an armed suspect.

At approximately 5pm on March 27th, Officers from the Newburgh Police observed a suspect wanted for questioning for a shooting the day prior.

Tyrell “T-Rex” Fincher
Tyrell “T-Rex” Fincher

At some point during the initial contact the suspect now identified as Tyrell “T-Rex” Fincher, pulls out a silver semi-automatic handgun triggering a life and death struggle between the Officer and armed suspect.

Elected official under fire after suspect tries to murder cops, sets off civil unrest based on lies

As responding officers approached the scene, the initiating officer was pistol whipped across the head by the suspect, and then shot in the shoulder during the struggle, causing one of the officers to discharge their weapon, fatally wounding the armed assailant.

Elected official under fire after suspect tries to murder cops, sets off civil unrest based on lies

Officers immediately took active initiative to provide CPR to the suspect who was later pronounced dead at St. Lukes Hospital. The officer was transported and treated for a head wound from the strike to the head and gunshot wound to the shoulder and is thankfully in stable condition.

Elected official under fire after suspect tries to murder cops, sets off civil unrest based on lies

Now enter Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur, whose real name is Raymond Bryant Sr.

You may recognize the name from his abusive anti police rant during a car stop a few weeks back where he went on a tirade because the police dare ask him to move his vehicle due to it blocking traffic (more on that below).

Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur gives police officers the finger during a traffic stop. (Image from body cam video obtained by Mid-Hudson News)
Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur gives police officers the finger during a traffic stop. (Image from body cam video obtained by Mid-Hudson News)

An incident that caused the councilman to ultimately get censured for his abusive unprofessional actions by the city of Newburgh.

At 6:45pm, just an hour and forty four minutes after the shooting, Shakur posted a video on his Facebook page, where he often promotes official business and lists his position not once, but twice as a Councilman at Newburgh City Hall, to proclaim that “an unarmed black man was killed in Newburgh”.

He also went on to state “these (police) are killers in our community, these are killers”.


This video was the direct spark that created a course of civil unrest in the city of Newburgh. The four corners where the shooting had taken place were blocked by garbage and set ablaze, anti-police chants filled the area, as hundreds of residents rallied to the call of an unarmed black man shot by the police.



The only problem is, the suspect was not in fact unarmed. He was not only armed with a silver semi-automatic handgun, but he used that handgun to assault the responding officer by striking him across the head, and then shooting the officer during a struggle before the necessary force by the officers was justifiably used as a last resort.

Due to the civil unrest sparked by Omari’s reckless statements to the community, both the Mayor and Police Chief requested that the Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler, release the still photos from the Officers body cameras to de-escalate the growing unrest.


We spoke with DA Hoovler who confirmed that he received a call from the Mayor in conjunction with the Police Chief in the middle of the night with the request to release the stills from the video.

Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur gives police officers the finger during a traffic stop. (Image from body cam video obtained by Mid-Hudson News)

The DA states that a “decision was made to put life and property ahead of the investigation”, as due to the councilman reckless statements created an immediate danger to the community, its Police and Fire resources, its property, and its citizens.

The Orange County District Attorneys office has a long established and documented protocol in place in regards to any police involved shooting, and what departments will take the lead in such circumstances. In the case of this specific shooting, the NY State Police will be taking the lead in line with such protocols to preserve the integrity and independence of the investigation in its entirety.

It is not only counterproductive when a rouge City Councilman attempts to insert themselves into such circumstances, but when those very public officials propagate false information creates a spark that can be very dangerous to a community such as promoting civil unrest.

The Orange County DA informs us that “his office will be looking into the actions of the Newburgh City Councilman, Omari Shakur very seriously” in the near future.

It’s worth pointing out a bit about the history of the “victim” who died trying to murder police.

In 2014, Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler announced the arrest of a group swept up in a countywide narcotics sweep.

Guess who was among them?

Tyrell Otarion Fincher, 19 at the time, was “present in the location at the time the handgun, ammunition, and marijuana were recovered”.

He was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fourth Degree, and Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the Second Degree and at the time faced  up to 15 years in state prison.

We’re still looking into what happened between that arrest and last night.

Today’s police officer has an incredibly tough job. This job becomes exponentially harder when they need to combat the false narratives and reckless rhetoric from their own elected officials.

This rhetoric not only places the officers in greater harm, but in cases like Newburgh almost burned down a community. The citizens of Newburgh elected a convicted felon when they chose to cast a vote for Omari Shakur with an obvious axe to grind with all Law Enforcement.

He wears his anti-police sentiment as a badge himself, but has little more to offer the citizens of Newburgh. In this case he lied to the citizens, just as he lied about the police killing an unarmed black man.

He doesn’t care to what end his anti-police rhetoric ends up, and he was seemingly willing to burn down your city, your homes, your businesses, to reach that end.

Omari Shakur should be held criminally liable for his reckless false rhetoric, he all but yelled “fire” in a crowded theater. The City of Newburgh should make every effort to rid themselves of a political leader that is willing to let his city and people burn based on his personal vendetta and reckless lies.

So let’s talk a little more about him, shall we?

Here are more details from our report this morning – and the most recent run-in that Omari had with police.

Mayor Torrance Harvey told reporters that he had little to no information regarding the incident, to include even just the age of the suspect.

Harvey said:

“One young man was taken to the police station as an eye witness, but I don’t know who that was.”

Even so, Shakur took it upon himself to talk to the crown about how the “pigs” are “killers” and shot an “unarmed black man.”

Elected official under fire after suspect tries to murder cops, sets off civil unrest based on lies

Shortly after getting the crowds riled up outside the hospital, he posted a Facebook live video again calling the cops killers:

“These are the killers in our communities!”

He posts another video a short time later saying he was denied entry into a “police conference” about the incident, so obviously, he tells the camera:

“A cover-up is going on in your community!”

Naturally, the people of Newburgh started lighting stuff on fire to show their grief. What better way to express sadness than to start a riot?

That’s exactly what happened near the hospital and the scene of the shooting.

Of course, Shakur was right there with them, walking around recording the actions and adding to their anger, narrating the whole time with nonsense.

While they’re screaming and causing damage to their city, Shakur says:

“I’m the only one out here talking to our children.”

One of those “children” is seen coming into the camera to address viewers. He says:

“This is what happen when you think you gonna kill us and we not gonna do nothin, man. Fuck the cops! Every time you kill a black man, this what’s gonna happen.”

To which Shakur responds, as more “children” can be seen dragging things to set on fire in the background:

“Yeah. Our children, man.”

At one point, Shakur asks a couple of people off camera:

“Yo, yo, yo. Yo, When I call you, ya’ll gonna come?”

One man says:

“Hell yeah, man.”

A woman says:

“That’s right! We gonna start a revolution against these pig-head mother fuckers.”

And Shakur’s inspiring words continue with:

“You hearing it right from our children. Our children says enough is enough.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s wrong with our country right now.

You can see below for the type of person Shakur is and the type of person that city decided to elect into a position of leadership. 

He is not a leader. He does not set a good role model for “our children.”

He is disgusting. Despicable. Deplorable. And so are the people who act like him.

Here is LET’s previous post on this nimrod:

Smile Omari Shakur…you’re on Law Enforcement Today…and every one of our readers, inside and outside of law enforcement, are going to see what a total goon you are.

Readers, meet Omari Shakur, a Councilman-at-Large in the City of Newburgh, NY. Shakur thinks he is important…he thinks that he is above the law.


That’s Omari. He’s an elected official!

Last Tuesday, a Newburgh police officer came upon Shakur in a vehicle stopped on Carpenter Avenue in the city. When he beeped his horn for the car to move, he received no response.

According to the officer, there were several open parking spots in the area, Police Benevolent Association President Ricardo Rivera said. He was trying to direct Shakur into one of the parking places instead of blocking traffic.

The detective exited his vehicle and approached the driver, Shakur.

The officer Shakur for his driver’s license. He refused repeated requests to provide his license, cursed at the officer and challenged them to arrest him. The incident was captured on body cameras worn by the officers.

During the confrontation, Shakur, apparently a self-important legend in his own mind, told an officer:

“I’m your f**king boss.”

Yeah, um, ok.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is going to review the matter.

Mid-Hudson News attempted to speak with Shakur about the incident, but he said he was about to go into a meeting and couldn’t talk at the moment.

“The situation is under investigation and I have no further comment,” said Mayor Torrance Harvey.

Let’s look at the bodycam video of the incident, shall we? If you see one of the officers being rude or disrespectful on this video, please let us know. Meanwhile, listen to Shakur:

The Police Superior Officers Association pulled no punches in addressing Shakur’s conduct:

“These actions by an elected official, directed toward police officers are an example of the exact type of immoral, unethical and divisive behaviors that can never be tolerated.”

“The City of Newburgh, and its police department, takes pride on being one of the most diverse, welcoming and inclusive cities. The city and its police department have taken a firm stance on being open and transparent, speaking out against bigotry, racism, violence and unethical behavior.”

The union statement further said that they:

“hold our police officers and elected officials to the highest of standards and this is a prime example of gross deviation from what the residents and employees of the City of Newburgh expect from their elected officials.”

The union continued that Shakur :

“has repeatedly engaged in conduct that undermines the very fabric of our democracy and has endangered the lives of City of Newburgh police officers as well as other first responders that serve our community.”

The union also said that Shakur threatened to run over another uniformed officer, telling him to “pull your gun out (expletive) cause I’m getting ready to go at you.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Shakur claimed that the detective had told him to be careful or Shakur will “end up like your son.”

Shakur’s 23-year-old son Antonio “Tony” Bryant was shot and killed by city police officers during an incident in 2006 that has created tension between Shakur and police officers in the city. Ok, so Shakur has an axe to grind with police officers—this should turn out well.

Shakur claimed that police were attempting to intimidate him during the incident, which lasted nearly 45 minutes.

During the interaction captured on video, Shakur continued swearing at officers, refused requests to provide identification and continually told the officers to “arrest me.”

Shakur claimed that the detective sent him “over the edge” by bringing up his son’s death after he was pulled over while visiting a constituent.

He also said that officer in question wasn’t wearing a body camera and that the statement about his son was made before other officers approached and filmed the incident. Yes, we are sure that is exactly what happened.

“If I threatened an officer, then why wasn’t I ticketed? Why wasn’t I arrested?” Shakur said. He went on to claim that he was only ticketed for parking on pavement.

The mayor of Newburgh said that he was called but was not present, so he has no further information and facts he needs to comment on what occurred.

“This incident is terribly unfortunate and is under investigation. That’s all I have to say right now.”

Harvey and Rivera both said that city staff had contacted an outside agency from Long Island to look into the incident. Harvey said that the agency looks into allegations of misconduct by elected officials and law enforcement.

Just who is Omari Shakur? Let’s see what we found.

According to the Times-Herald Record, Shakur spent years in prison. Shakur got out of prison and got hooked on drugs, then rehabilitated himself. Oh, and his mother joined the Black Panther movement, the revolutionary political organization founded in Oakland, Calif. in the 1960’s.

In 1987, Shakur went to prison for first-degree assault. He spent six years in jail.

It’s also apparent that Shakur has a long history of being a thorn in the side of police officers. He was arrested for disorderly conduct numerous times for filming police activity. In turn, several federal lawsuits were filed against the police department.

Things escalated when Shakur’s son was shot and killed by police officers after a chase. According to police at the time, Bryant was shot in the head by police officers after he fired at officers. Shakur of course thought that the death of his son was because of his long battle with the police department.

“I didn’t see it as a coincidence,” he said. “…I was protesting, I was angry, until I realized that I couldn’t bring my baby back. So, what did I want?”

After Shakur was elected to the city council, Police Chief Doug Solomon, who took over the department in 2018, said that despite Shakur’s history, he was willing to start fresh.

“I can’t speak to the past, but since I’ve gotten here, we’ve had an open dialogue about things,” Solomon said. “He (Shakur) has called me on several occasions where he’s had concerns or has advocated for the part of people wishing to look into one thing or another.”

Both had said that they were willing to work together.

“I get requests for information, and I have dialogue with the mayor and members of the council all the time on many different topics, and I will assume that I will have that interaction with him, as well,” Solomon said. “As always, I will do my best to work with and cooperate with requests for information from the City Council.”

“If you look, it’s definitely getting better,” Shakur said.

Apparently, this latest development may throw a monkey wrench into that last statement. Shakur’s self-important attitude with the NPD is not going to play well among officers on the department.

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