DALLAS, Texas – A number of law enforcement officers in Texas are calling for the removal of Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, according to a report from CBS.

Harsh words were exchanged on Wednesday as members of The National Latino Law Enforcement Officer’s Dallas chapter called Chief Hall “incompetent”, said she was “in over her head” and asked that she step down or be fired. 

The group reportedly represents 1,400 of the 2,900 officers in the department. 

So why are they saying that City Manager T.C. Broadnax should fire her?

It all stems from a recent spike in violent crime and the chief’s overtly controversial comments about it.



You might remember this statement.

“There are individuals in this city who have returned from prison who cannot find a job, who are not educated.  In those instances those individuals are forced to commit violent acts,” Hall said.


Forced. Forced to commit violent acts. 

A spokesman for the Dallas Police Association released a statement following her comments.

“By saying people who are ex-offenders “choose to commit violent acts” places the blame on the offender but still eludes to their criminal past being an excuse. 

The Chief saying that people  “forced to commit violent acts” it places the blame on society and makes the offenders the victim. I don’t believe anyone is forced to violently attack another person.”

The National Latino Law Enforcement organization said that when Hall took charge back in 2017, she immediately showed the nation that she wasn’t cut out for the position.

A massive amount of Dallas officers are calling for Hall’s removal. (Flickr)


They say that Hall began her reign by demoting well-liked assistant chiefs and even posed for a photo with a community activist whose downtown protest in 2016 led to the deadly July attack after.

She’s in over her head,” said George Aranda of NLLEO. “She fails to listen to rank-and-file she doesn’t wanna take any advice from the organizations I mean we are the pulse of the police department.”

A veteran recently published an article on LET that asks the question, “What happens when police chiefs turn into politicians?” It’s worth the read.


Police Chief U. Renee Hall speaking to the press. (Screenshot NBCDFW broadcast)


Chief Hall fired back after her comments made national headlines.

“There is no excuse for crime,” she said. “Crime in general however, is on the rise in Dallas for many reasons. One of them being a lack of resources and opportunity. In no way, am I using that as an excuse to commit a crime. However, we have to work together as a community to remain vigilant and pro-active. I’ve asked our pastoral community, as a beginning, to develop ways to teach people how to resolve disputes without violence and find opportunities without resorting to crime.”

While the one organization is calling for Hall to step aside, the Black Police Association President Terrance Hopkins has her back. He issued the following statement in support of Chief Hall.

“The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas is firm and unwavering in its support of Police Chief Hall. We feel Chief Hall has been under an orchestrated attack ever since her hire.  Chief Hall inherited one of the most volatile police departments of all times and has done a stellar job attempting to right this troubled ship.

It is always a challenge for those who stand for right when others do not. I encourage the citizens of Dallas, the Dallas City Council, the City Manager’s Office, and the Office of the Mayor to continue to support this chief, who has done nothing but attempt to make the proper changes to not only clean the Dallas Police Department but to promote it in a positive light.”

It doesn’t look like Hall is going anywhere without a fight, especially with support still coming in from the city manager, T.C. Broadnax.

“As I have previously shared, Chief Hall has my continued support, and I have full confidence in her ability to continue leading the department,” Broadnax said.