Urgent manhunt underway for this man after two officers shot, fighting for their lives – “He will have no problem shooting civilians”


TULSA, OK – There’s a desperate manhunt underway for a man who police say shot two officers overnight and escaped.

It happened during a traffic stop just after 3:30 AM Monday morning near 21st and Memorial.

Police say they are looking for David Ware, who opened fire then escaped.  Two officers were hit and are in critical condition.

Officers consider Ware armed and dangerous.

Two Tulsa cops shot, manhunt underway

“We advise anybody in this area to please be very aware of what’s going on at their house, around their house, in their backyard,” one officer told local media outlets.

They said he’s a clear and present danger.

“He clearly has no problem shooting at police officers so he will have no problem shooting at civilians as well.”

The attacks on law enforcement seem to be escalating.

Over the weekend in Virginia, the Richmond and Oakland police departments have released bodycam video of an intense gun battle with an armed kidnapping suspect who allegedly dumped a Vallejo woman’s body from a van onto the road.

The shootout resulted in the suspect being fatally shot and two officers being injured, according to CBS 5 KPIX.

The video (seen below) jointly released by the Richmond and Oakland police departments on June 23, is unedited and graphic, and viewer discretion is advised.

Richmond Police Chief Bisa French provides a synopsis of events prior to the bodycam footage on the critical incident video:

“On April 16, we had a critical incident involving officers from Oakland and Richmond police departments, who discharged their service weapons in the city of Richmond following a lengthy pursuit of an armed suspect.

“We will show you multiple body-worn cameras, video from a Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office helicopter, and a map to give you an idea of how it unfolded.”

The incident began on the morning of April 16 when family members called the Vallejo Police Department about the disappearance of 29-year-old Tamisha Thomas. She was last seen with 24-year-old suspect, Juan Ayon-Barraza, also a Vallejo resident.

Thomas allegedly told family she was having breakfast with Ayon-Barraza and that she would return. However, the suspect later called the family of Thomas and “made an unsettling comment — causing them to be extremely concerned for her well-being.”

Later in the evening, a witness in Moraga called 911 after seeing a subject in a white van discarding what appeared to be a body on the side of the road in the area of Pinehurst Road and Skyline Boulevard, according to police.

Moraga and Oakland police officers responded to the scene and found Thomas, who was still alive but unresponsive. She was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of at least one gunshot wound, but later died from her injuries, according to CBS 5 KPIX.

A GoFundMe page reportedly created by the family and friends of Tamisha Thomas indicated she succumbed to her injuries on May 20. She died in an Oakland hospital more than a month after the attack, according to Times-Herald.

The account, created on the day of her death, seeks funds to help pay for funeral expenses and future care of her 9-year-old son. So far, $7,600 have been raised. The page posted:

“Prynce Ziair is 9 years old and has been raised in a happy home with his single mother Tamisha Thomas and his family, including a loving grandmother, grandfather and auntie.

“Sadly, on May 20th in the early morning hours Tamisha, Prynce Ziair’s mom took her last breath. Many of you may be aware of Tamisha’s tragic passing but you can find additional information in the link below.

“As dear friends of the family, we are asking that anyone who wants to help the family raise money to pay for Tamisha’s final expenses, and Prynce Ziair’s future, please make a donation here. We know it takes a village to raise a child. It is our goal that Prynce Ziair will know that with the help of God, his family and friends will provide the education and future Tamisha always wanted for him. Any donation would be much appreciated. We know that times are hard and thank you in advance for any support you can give.

“Friends and Family of Tamisha Thomas.”

A witness described the suspect vehicle involved in the incident as a white Chevrolet Astro van, and police officers from Moraga located it and attempted to pull the vehicle over. However, the driver did not stop and a 20-minute high-speed pursuit ensued into Oakland and then Richmond, CBS 5 KPIX reported.

During the pursuit, officers could see Ayon-Barraza was armed with a handgun. In the video, the suspect makes a U-turn and points his gun at the police, who then fired their weapons in self-defense.

The suspect crashed his van into two Oakland police cars and was fatally shot and pronounced dead at the scene. Two Oakland officers were reported to have suffered moderate injuries.

Ayon-Barraza’s motive for harming Thomas has not been made public, but he had a history of domestic violence arrests, including a Contra Costa case where he allegedly held a knife to a woman’s throat, demanding oral sex from her in the same bedroom where children were sleeping, according to Times-Herald.

Ayon-Barraza reportedly accepted a plea deal to a lesser offense in that case, but had an active arrest warrant for failing to complete domestic violence classes at the time of his death.


Also in Oakland, it was recently voted by the school district to not have police in their schools.

Here’s that story again brought to you by Law Enforcement Today.

Once again, another school district has opted to adopt the measure of removing police officers from school – this time in Oakland, California. Unsurprisingly, the “resolution” to remove police officers from the public schools within the district was named after George Floyd.

The Oakland Unified School District is yet another school district among the several that have either held votes or passed measures to eliminate police officers from public schools.

With the recent craze over catchphrases like “defund the police,” somehow public schooling got entrenched into the dialogue surrounding police brutality.

In the OUSD’s measure to remove police from school, dubbed the “George Floyd Resolution to Eliminate Oakland Schools Police Department,” a unanimous vote was held in favor of taking the $2.5 million used to officers and administrative support for their efforts and will be redirected toward “student support services and restorative justice.”

To what degree or genuine necessity there is in regard “restorative justice” for school-aged children isn’t something that’s well-defined. Still, Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell is tasked with creating an alternative means to ensure student safety by December 31st of 2020.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

The OUSD’s move comes weeks after the Portland school district in Oregon did the same thing. 

Apparently, nothing spells safety for your children at school like removing armed school resource officers – at least, that’s the logic provided by Portland Public Schools Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero.

But hey, removal of safeguards for children is a small price to pay for Twitter “likes” and clap emojis.

The announcement was made by Guerrero on June 4th, regarding the removal of armed school resource officers. According to the superintendent, the Portland school district is “discontinuing the regular presence of school resource officers.”

Instead, Guerrero says the district will increase spending on the likes of social workers, counselors, and something called “culturally specific partnerships” for the student body.

Whatever these “culturally specific partnerships” are exactly is a bigger mystery than that of who shot J.R. Ewing in the TV show “Dallas” back in 1980.

So, instead of police officers protecting children in school, they’re getting replaced with essentially the following:

  • “Counselors” – someone to talk about your feelings with.
  • “Social workers” – someone else to talk about your feelings with, tells everyone to be friends, and then tells themselves they ‘changed the world’ because they explained to someone how to fill out an EBT application.
  • “Culturally specific partnerships” – ???

Guerrero’s move came shortly after Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty asked for the school resource officers be removed from Portland – amongst other requests:

“I’m asking you to join me in removing the Gun Violence Reduction Team, School Resource Officers, and Transit Police.”

Much like the James Bond franchise, one act of virtue signaling isn’t enough – there must be countless sequels of the same notion with just different actors playing the part.

That’s where school board chair Andrea Valderrama chimed in with her sentiments on Twitter.

Valderrama isn’t just trying to remove the school resource officers within the district, but wants them flat-out barred from maintaining event security if there’s some event planned at the school:

“The resolution will also direct the Superintendent to cease any further negotiations with the Portland Police Bureau and any law enforcement agency for the services of School Resource Officers, event enforcement, training, and any other services.”

At this point, why doesn’t the mayor hop on board too?

Oh wait, he already did.

Mayor Ted Wheeler also stated on Twitter that he’s going to back the move of “pulling police officers from schools”. Another Twitter-approved elected official sounds the woke-bullhorn.

Are these folks so quick to forget that just last year in May, there was the incident at Parkrose High School in Portland that involved a student bringing a gun to school?

Not just a hand gun, but a full-blown shotgun. Luckily, the school’s football coach, Keanon Lowe, tackled the gunman before any harm could occur.

Now, while Lowe isn’t a school resource officer, he was a former wide receiver for the University of Oregon’s football team and was employed as a school security guard at Parkrose, too.

What Lowe wasn’t was a social worker or counselor, because he tackled the threat instead of talking them through their emotions.

Ironically, when news crews were doing a segment on school resource officers at Portland’s Lincoln High School in 2017, the SRO on duty had to literally break up a brawl between students.

The news clip was related to calls three years’ earlier to remove officers from schools, and Lincoln High’s principle said on camera that she liked having an officer on campus.

The notion of no school resource officers simply panders to the currently touted form of “safety” echoed by social media, since there’s a fringe-element creating a narrative that police are dangerous.

But removing school resource officers from campuses to make a small portion of the student body feel safe is only creating the illusion of safety.



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