Cops cleared after pulling paraplegic driver out of a car by dreadlocks and arms after he refused to exit


DAYTON, OH – Internal investigators with the Dayton Police Department have cleared the officers of any wrongdoing for removing a paraplegic man out of his car by his hair and arms after he refused to exit the car.

The incident occurred on September 30th when undercover drug agents had reported seeing the vehicle that the suspect, identified as Clifford Owensby, had been driving parked in front of a residence they were surveilling for drug activity.

The agent reported Owensby’s vehicle had allegedly been parked in front of the residence for a significant period of time.

Agents reported Owensby’s vehicle to patrol units that were in the area when he left to determine if he may be involved in the suspected drug activity at the residence.

Patrol officers who were in the area saw Owensby as he drove by and noticed that his tint was illegal and effected a traffic stop.

During the traffic stop, the officers learned that Owensby had a criminal history and was barred from owning weapons. Additionally, they learned that part of his criminal convictions concerned drug violations.

Based upon the totality of this information, the officer requested a drug dog to respond to the location to sniff the vehicle for the odor of drugs.

The officers requested Owensby to exit the vehicle and he refused stating he was a paraplegic. The officers offered several times to assist him out of the vehicle and he refused, instead requesting a supervisor.

The officers advised they would have one respond once he exited the vehicle. After his continued refusal to accept assistance with exiting the vehicle, the officers were left with no choice but to remove him.

As the officers were removing Owensby from the vehicle, he admittedly grasped hold of the steering wheel in an attempt to prevent being removed.

While this was occurring, officers grabbed hold of his dreadlocks and arms so that they could successfully remove him from the vehicle and place him in handcuffs to effect an arrest for resisting without violence due to his continued refusal to exit upon lawful command.

According to the internal investigative report:

“Officer Hammock articulated that his pulling of Mr. Owensby’s hair eliminated the need for physical strikes, pepper spray, or the TASER, which potentially could have caused Mr. Owensby’s injury.

Officer Hammock’s pulling of Mr. Owensby’s hair may have been visually offense to some people, but in reality, the hair-pulling was on the low end of the force spectrum and did not cause injury…

Therefore, Officer Hammock and Officer Carter are EXONTERATED concerning their use of force against Mr. Owensby.”

Owensby was arrested and his vehicle towed from the scene according to Dayton Police Department Policy. Before towing the car, the vehicle was inventoried according to policy, and officers located over $20,000 in cash in a black plastic bag.

When officers asked Owensby why he had that amount of money in his vehicle stored in such a manner, he claimed that he was a real estate investor, yet could provide no reasonable explanation as to why he had the money nor why it was necessary to carry it on that day.

A police canine also indicated to the presence of the odor of drugs coming from the cash so it was seized as suspected drug proceeds.

Those in support of Owensby claim that his rights were violated, he was mocked and beaten by the officers during the course of the investigation, claims that were, according to the Dayton Police Department, disproven after a review of the facts of the case and video recordings of the incident.

Despite the video evidence which disproves all of the claims from Owensby, his supporters called for an apology to be issued by the new police chief as well as for the officers to be terminated.

Instead of catering to the crowd, Dayton Police Department’s new police chief, Kamran Afzal said that an apology would not be appropriate given the circumstances. He said:

“[I]f you have an issue with what our officer’s behavior, you have so many different ways in the city to make a complaint. Don’t make a scene at that time because the law of the land gives the officer in the United States ability to effect that stop.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

School resource officer cleared – despite bias media – after pinning down violent student during arrest

BROCKTON, MA – A school resource officer came under fire after he pinned a violent student on the ground with his knee on the suspect’s back.

The video was posted on social media which drew immediate comparisons to George Floyd with some demanding the officer be terminated for his actions.

But after a complete investigation, the officer has been cleared.

The incident started on November 17th when a school resource officer at Brockton High School observed a 16-year-old suspect get off of his bicycle and attack another student.

The officer responded by breaking up the physical fight between the two students and attempted to arrest the aggressor, who resisted.

The officer was forced to take the suspect down to the ground and needed to pin him in place so that he could apply the handcuffs.

The only way that he was able to do so was by using his knee on the suspect’s back to pin him to the ground so he could safely put the suspect in handcuffs.

Immediately, people tried to say that the officer had his knee on the suspect’s neck, which of course was not the case.

Regardless, Brockton School Superintendent Mike Thomas decided he needed to address the video and sent a message to the families of the students in the school:

“The video was painful to watch- particularly given its historical context.”

Thomas essentially condemned the officer’s actions, who was attempting to secure a violent suspect by himself. He also wanted to make sure that people knew that there would be a complete investigation into the matter by the Brockton Police Department.

Thomas noted that he had spoken with Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan and Police Chief Manny Gomes who promised to investigate the use of force, which would have been done regardless of Thomas’ request.

The officer was suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

After reviewing the video and interviewing everyone involved, the Brockton Police Department concluded that the officer’s use of force was justified.

When Thomas learned that the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing, he did not come out and praise the officer for stopping a fight between two students on his own nor support the officer, instead, Thomas said:

“Investigators concluded that the officer acted in accordance with existing laws and department protocols.”

While Thomas’ acknowledgment that the police investigation determined there was no wrongdoing, that does not mean that the case is over.

There will undoubtedly still be people that will look at the use of force and conclude somehow that the officer’s actions were criminal.

People like @LiamNielsens, who believes that the video shows the officer committing a crime:

“This is obviously a racist hate crime and the officer needs to be removed and charged.”


While others have jumped to defend the officer and his actions, like @jps_76 who tweeted:

“Nothing like unbiased journalism. Your profile explains that. Sadly your reporting is “painful to watch – particularly given its historical context”.

“Be part of the solution…not the problem. Try reporting on the criminal act of the student that assaulted the other.”


Now that the officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing, it is unclear if he will be able to return to his normal assignment at the high school.

According to WHDH, Thomas and the Brockton Police Department are in discussions to work out if the officer will return at some point in the future.

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