Officer’s child receives incredible display of love from police family before surgery


You may remember the story we published a few months back about 11-year-old Emerson Oliveri. Emmy is the daughter of a police officer and aspires to be one herself. 

But before she was even born, doctors told her parents she wouldn’t survive childbirth.

Emerson Oliveri at childbirth
Emerson Oliveri wasn’t supposed to survive childbirth. When she did, she was given a 10% chance of living. (Oliveri Family)


Her father, Joshua Oliveri, is a cop and a proud member of Brothers Before Others, a 501c3 that donates flowers to the funerals of police officers.

When Emmy was born, proving everyone wrong, doctors then told her parents to expect the worst.

Again… she proved them wrong.

Emerson Oliveri
Emerson appears with her doctor as she prepares for another two major surgeries. (Oliveri Family)


Now Emerson is 11-years-old and is about to undergo a number of major surgeries this summer.  She’s nervous, but brave. The young girl has already gone through countless operations. According to her parents, she’s one of the toughest people they’ve ever met.

She lives every day in pain. But if the surgery goes well, that might change.

Just before her operation, Emmy received an incredible gift in the mail.

Enter: Hero One.

Hero One Support Services sent Emmy a care package just days before she heads into surgery. When she got the unexpected package, she was absolutely thrilled to discover what was inside… and the show of support brought her parents to tears.

When she poured out the contents of the box, dozens of patches, challenge coins, bracelets, beads, stuffed animals, thin blue line trinkets and more fell onto her bed along with a handwritten note.

It read, “Emerson, we were sent a message about you and what you’re going through. Your Blue Family has noticed how strong you’re being for your mom and dad. We knew we had to send you some Louisiana goodies. Stay strong, young lady, your Blue Family is praying for you!”

Officer's child receives incredible display of love from police family before surgery
Emerson and her care package from Hero One. (Oliveri Family)


Law Enforcement Today spoke with Paul Sperandeo, who founded Hero One Support Services with his wife, Amy.

Paul has been in law enforcement for 20 years, first with the Westwego Police Department and then the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. 

What originally started as a vehicle tribute to fallen officers at memorial services has evolved into another incredible way to support the families of those that hold the thin blue line.

“The original idea of the car was to print the image of the fallen officer, place them on each side of Hero One (the name of the car), and attend the memorial services for that officer. That way, Hero One was specific to that officer at their service.”

In addition to the car, now Paul and Amy are passing along Louisiana love from the Blue Family to LE children who are going through a rough time.

“Hero One Support Services sends “care packages” to the children of fallen officers, sick children of officers, and sick children with aspirations of being in law enforcement,” Paul said. “Our simple mission is to strive to make a child smile, even if for a little while, that has experienced such a traumatic event.  We send as many law enforcement related items as we can.”

Officer's child receives incredible display of love from police family before surgery
A handwritten note from Hero One. (Oliveri Family)


And the whole thing has become a family operation.

“My wife, Amy, is the Vice- President of Hero One Support Services. She’s been in policing for 14 years, currently working for the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office. My father, and his wife, Paul and Karen Sperandeo, also on our board.”

Even Paul’s 12-year-old daughter has jumped in to help with the mission.

“My daughter Ellie, who is now 12, also helps me pack the boxes and sometimes writes letters to the kids. She even cried when I’ve had to explain why she sometimes didn’t get a letter in response.”

Paul says the non-profit is hoping to catch the attention of the entire nation so that they can continue to spread their good works.

Officer's child receives incredible display of love from police family before surgery
Care packages for children of law enforcement families who are going through a tough time. (Hero One)


“Since we are such a small operation, our only goal for the future is to GROW. We want to be able to send our care packages out at a moment’s notice. Right now we depend on people across the country to message our Facebook page, provide us with the story and contacts either with a dept or the actual family themselves. “

So how can you help out?

“We have a paypal account that is linked to the non-profit’s bank,” Paul said. “We don’t have regular items to sell, but we offer to send a patch and challenge coin for donations. For any specific questions anyone might have, the email [email protected] and the Facebook page messenger is promptly answered each day.”

Officer's child receives incredible display of love from police family before surgery
Care packages ready for sending. (Hero One)


Paul said that people can find them on Facebook here and on Instagram @laheroone here.

A few months ago, Emmy and her family came to the Connecticut offices of The Silent Partner Marketing to be on a special episode of Behind the Uniforms.

What she didn’t know was that on that day – she was about to realize her dream of becoming a police officer.


Emmy was presented a custom made Manchester Police uniform, hat, challenge coins, a commemorative plaque and more. As she put on her new blues, she was asked to raise her right hand to take her oath, officially being sworn in as a law enforcement officer.

It was an incredible moment, and surely one that Emmie and her parents will never forget. The love of the Blue Family is strong. 

Please help us in wishing Emerson a quick recovery after her procedure. Emmy – we all love you and are praying for you! You are incredibly strong and you’ve got this! 


Officer's child receives incredible display of love from police family before surgery

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