NORTHAMPTON, Ma. – Police attempted to reason with an enraged Northampton resident after the suspect allegedly attacked a maintenance worker and multiple police officers during a standoff on Monday. 

Before the incident was over, authorities had spent hours attempting to negotiate and eventually were forced to call in a tactical team. 

Reports from Mass Live said that the incident began just before 8 a.m. on Monday, when a 49-year-old man allegedly stole keys from a maintenance worker at 155 Pleasant St., a building known as Live 155. The man then threw water on the worker and locked himself in his apartment in the building, police said. 


Police quickly roped off the area after officers were assaulted and the suspect refused to cooperate. (Tony Webster)


Police were called to the scene, but when they attempted to make contact with the subject, he allegedly lashed out, punching and throwing items at the officers, striking them in the face and body. 

Officers were forced to retreat and collect their helmets, Chief Jody Kasper noted. The officers also made contact to request that Massachusetts State Police Special Tactical Operations Team dispatch for assistance.

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Kasper said that the unruly suspect continued to attack officers, but eventually retreated to his bedroom, barricading himself inside. Negotiators for the Northampton police responded to the scene and attempted to reason with the suspect for several hours, reports noted. 

“The man did not respond to negotiators and was ultimately removed from the room and taken into custody,” Kasper said. 


Police say that the tense standoff lasted for approximately four hours. Due to the number of officers required at the scene, other departments nearby stepped up to cover for their fellow LEOs.

“Easthampton Police and State Police troopers covered patrol services and answered police calls while other department members were handling the barricaded man”, Chief Kasper said.

After being forcibly removed from his bedroom shortly before noon on Monday and taken to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield for an assessment and treatment of minor injuries.


The suspect will later be summoned to court on multiple charges including assault and battery, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny and vandalizing property, Chief Kasper said. Police say that they have not yet identified the suspect, but his information will be made public when he is formally charged. 


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