EUGENE, Ore. – Officers who responded to a large fight ended up in a battle of their own on Sunday night in Oregon, police say.

Three Eugene officers responded to a call on Avalon Street where approximately nine people were allegedly fighting outside in the roadway. 

But when they arrived at the scene… no fight. The officers were then tipped off to a nearby home, leading officers to where they reportedly observed a woman being violently assaulted. 

The officers sprinted into action. But when they attempted to make entry into the home, they were “immediately aggressed by other people in the residence.” The officers were grabbed and then punched repeatedly while the other subjects continued to fight amongst themselves.

Jesus Alcario Moreno, 28 (Eugene PD)


NBC 16 reported that, ‘at one point the first officer was knocked to the ground and Jesus Alcario Moreno, 28, stood over him, punching him in the face.’

One of the other officers attempted to use his taser on Moreno, but it was ineffective. Moreno took off from the home on foot and was later located and arrested without further incident. 

A woman inside the home, Evelyn Yaneth Quezada, 26, was hit with OC spray after repeatedly intervening with officers as they tried to detain the subjects.

Evelyn Yaneth Quezada, 26, of Springfield. (Eugene PD)

The officers were left no choice but to fall back and wait for additional units to respond. But when they went back toward their cruisers, one of the men followed them.

Jose Noel Gonzalez, 28, of Eugene, followed the officers and began challenging them. When they told him to back off, he refused and continued to come at the officers. 

One of the officers deployed their taser and a struggle ensued. As Gonzales wrestled with the officers, he grabbed for the taser repeatedly. Eventually the officers were able to overpower the suspect and get him into handcuffs.

The officers managed to get the situation under control as more officers responded for backup. Police say a small child was among the roughly 15 intoxicated individuals at the party. 

The officers were treated for minor wounds. 

Moreno is facing two felony counts of assault on a police officer, and five misdemeanor counts including fourth degree assault and resisting arrest. Gonzalez is facing charges of interfering with police, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Quezada is facing charges of interfering with police and disorderly conduct.