A police officer has been rushed to the hospital in Weare, New Hampshire… and a SWAT team has rolled in after the man who opened fire barricaded himself in a home.

Police say the incident started early Thursday morning on Buckley Road.  Details are scarce at this point… but here’s what we know.

The officer was shot in the arm and was rushed to Concord Hospital where he will undergo surgery.  He’s expected to survive.

The Weare Police Department, New Hampshire State Police and the Attorney General’s Office have all responded to this active situation.

“The officer is alert and conscious at the hospital, he is scheduled for surgery later this morning,” Weare Police Chief Christopher Moore said. “He’s in very good spirits, we have officers there with him and his family is on the way to him if they’re not already with him.”

In response, SWAT teams assembled around a home on Buckley Road.  That’s where the suspect is believed to be barricaded inside.

“We’ve got a lot of resources on the ground now,” State Police Col. Christopher Wagner said. “We are treating this as a barricaded situation so we have our SWAT team here, you can hear the helicopter above so we’ve got eyes in the sky, really kind of giving us an aerial view of the location. 

State police say the situation is “fluid and dynamic”.

“We have been reaching out to him by various communication methods,” Wagner said.

Thursday morning, Weare Police took to Facebook asking anyone who lives in the area to stay inside their homes.

“This situation is controlled, it’s contained.” Wagner said. “I don’t really think there’s any further concern other than making the public aware that we have a heavy police presence here, giving them the basic information as to why we’re here and certainly if there is any concern for the community they can always reach out to the Weare Police Department.”

As of this publishing, police have not released the names of the officer or suspect.

In the meantime, a police officer in Chicago is still recovering after an attack on a highway on Tuesday.

Police say that three juveniles were charged after allegedly throwing rocks from an overpass, striking a police cruiser and injuring the officer inside.

The incident occurred just after 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

A report from NBC News in Chicago confirmed that while a CPD sergeant was driving her patrol vehicle near the intersection of Western Avenue and Cermak Road on the borders of the Little Village and Heart of Chicago neighborhoods, three young boys tossed rocks from a raised overpass, causing damage to the car and sending the veteran sergeant to a hospital. 

(Chicago_Police_Interceptor_Utility Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported by Asher Heimermann)

A Chicago cruiser was damaged and sergeant injured on Tuesday night. (Photo – Asher Heimermann)


The juveniles were not identified due to their age. Police officials say that the boys were 10 and 11-years-old. They were released into the custody of their families following the incident.

They were charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass to property, police confirmed.

The sergeant was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for a laceration to her arm. The rocks also allegedly broke the cruiser’s windshield. 

The sergeant was not seriously injured. (NBC 5 News Broadcast)


This was not the only rock-throwing incident that police would be concerned with on Tuesday. Just hours after the initial incident, police reported that rocks and bricks were being thrown from an overpass on the south side of the city.


The report noted that at least five car’s had been damaged by the projectiles, but police did not have anyone in custody as of Wednesday.

Police are additionally searching for another group of youngsters in Baltimore after video was released appearing to show teenagers attacking a defenseless civilian police employee.

Baltimore officials posted the troubling video on July 25 after a 59-year-old unidentified victim was surrounded, attacked, beaten and had personal items stolen from him in the middle of the street.

The incident occurred on Albermarle Street in Baltimore just before 6:00 a.m. on the 24th. The victim enters from the right and is quickly surrounded by three young people, two of whom are on scooters. The man appears to try and walk away, but the teen confronts the victim and hits him in the head from behind, sending the man to the ground.

The video shows the teen deliver a blow to the victim’s head, knocking him to the ground. (Screenshot – Twitter)


Then the suspect appears to begin kicking and stomping the defenseless victim. As he tries to get up, the teen runs back and delivers another kick. He stands over the man and stomps repeatedly on his head as the victim lays on the asphalt.

The teen repeatedly kicks and stomps the man’s head, then reaches into his pockets. (Screenshot – Twitter)


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Then the victim goes limp, appearing to be unconscious. The teen hovers over the man, as police say he goes through his pockets to rob the man as the other two watch. Then, all three of them escape, one of them dropping their scooter and abandoning it in the street.

Following the attack, the victim can be seen lying in the street, seemingly unconscious as the street is littered with his belongings.

The victim lays unresponsive in the street after the attack. (Screenshot – Twitter)


Police took to Twitter to try and find the suspects and get justice for the victim in this horrific assault, offering up to $32,000 for information leading to the suspects’ arrests.


And as it so often does, the news traveled fast over social media platforms, eventually leading to the apprehension of the main offender.

The victim released a statement following the arrest.

“I’m glad that the suspect is in custody so no one else is hurt. From my personal point of view, as a Muslim guided by my faith, I forgive them,” he said. “Law enforcement is handling the case, and justice will run its course. They will have to face consequences, but it’s very important for them to get the help they need to become productive citizens of Baltimore.”

According to reports, the Baltimore Police Warrant Apprehension Task Force nabbed the suspect at a convenience store in Columbia, Maryland on Monday, but police are still looking for the other two people who were seen in the video.

“This arrest was the direct result of the community’s outrage to this crime and the subsequent help that residents provided police,” Baltimore Police Major Milton Snead said in a statement following the arrest. “The floodgates of social media and anonymous tips opened and the information poured in.”

The unnamed juvenile was transported to a local youth booking facility and now faces charges of first-degree assault and robbery.

Anyone with pertinent information that could help with this case is urged to contact Baltimore Police Department’s Citywide Robbery Unit, at 410-366-6341. People who would like to remain anonymous can call the Metro Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-866-7LOCKUP.


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