Early this morning, a Nassau County (Long Island, NY) Police officer called for backup in dealing with a 40 year old man in an SUV in East Meadow, New York Police had reports of vehicle break-ins in the area.  The suspect initially exited his vehicle, but at some point, stopped cooperating and jumped back into his Isuzu Rodeo.

As the first officer struggled with the suspect, his gun discharged.  He was shot in the leg, shattering his femur in at least two places.  The SUV driver escaped momentarily, but was shot and killed by the backup officer.  It is not yet clear whether the first officer’s gun discharged in the struggle or if the SUV driver obtained control over it, shooting the officer deliberately.

None of the individuals involved have been identified by Nassau County Police.  The officer who was shot is reportedly in pain, but doing well following surgery repair the
broken femur bone.  The officer who killed the SUV driver is being treated for trauma.

The entire incident proves that there really are no routine calls these days in law enforcement.

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