Officer shoots student who showed up to class with loaded gun: Not in my school

A school resource officer in Wisconsin narrowly avoided being seriously injured or killed Monday, and a larger tragedy was avoided due to his quick thinking.

Reports said that a high school student pointed a handgun at the officer and ignored repeated orders to hand it over. Fox News reports that the SRO shot the student Monday morning at Waukesha South School, 20 miles west of Milwaukee.

Local police rushed to the school around 10:15 a.m. Monday morning in response to the incident.

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On their Twitter page, Waukesha police reported the incident was “isolated” and there were no other persons of interest.  They deemed the scene “stabilized” and are in the investigative stages of the incident.

According to Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack, a student notified school officials that a male student had brought a handgun to school. The SRO “immediately responded” to the classroom and evacuated other students to safety.

Officers from both the Waukesha Police Department, as well as the sheriff’s office went to the scene to talk to the 17-year-old student and attempt to “deescalate” the situation according to the chief.


The suspect refused to remove his hands from his pocket and ignored officers’ commands. Eventually the student removed the gun from his waistband, when he pointed it at officers.

The suspect ignored commands to drop the weapon, and was shot by the SRO, an 11-year veteran of the police department. The suspect was neutralized and officers immediately began to administer first-aid to him. The school was then put on lockdown until it was determined that there were no other suspects.

The student was transported to a local hospital where he was in stable condition. No other students or police officers were injured during the standoff.

Waukesha mayor Shawn Reilly said, “I’m very thankful that we’re in a situation where only one person was injured and that we aren’t in a situation that could have been much, much worse.”

According to USA Today, a sophomore at the school told a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter that he was outside his Spanish class, when suddenly “kids start running out from the classroom directly across from us, and one of them goes ‘he’s got a gun’”

“With the teacher being out there, I was glad she was out there, she just got us into the classroom right away, so we were in lockdown before they even announced it,” the student continued.

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The student said about 20 minutes later, “we heard three gunshots, shook the whole room—it was one then two directly right after that.”

Aside from Waukesha South, a nearby elementary school, Whittier Elementary, also went into lockdown.

An email sent to parents notified parents of the incident. Students were released from school at 11:15 a.m. after the all clear was given.

“We appreciate all the quick response by the staff and students,” the email said. The safety and security of all students and staff are a top priority.”

Kilie Gall, a sophomore, was in the library at the time of the incident. Students came into the library and said there was someone with a gun in the hallway. Right afterward, the school went on lockdown.


She said that students could hear a “thud” which they later learned was gunfire. She said she believed there were three shots fired.

Radio transmissions after the incident reported that the suspect was conscious, alert and breathing. A fire commander at the scene told other arriving fire/EMS crews that the patient had “relatively minor wounds” and that no additional emergency responders were needed.

Waukesha Superintendent Todd Gray said, “This is clearly a superintendent’s worst nightmare.”

Gray said that school will resume Tuesday and additional resources would be provided to whomever needed it.

An open house that had been scheduled for Monday has been canceled. Students had just returned to school after an extended Thanksgiving weekend break.   

Meanwhile, school officials in Minooka, IL notified parents Sunday night of a potential threat of violence that had been posted by a student.

Minooka Junior High School notified parents after being notified of the threat. A parent shared a screenshot of the threat, which had been posted to Snapchat. The student threatened to shoot up the school and advised students not to show up for school on Monday.

Police in Minooka made contact with the student’s family and met with the student and the student’s family.

In a Facebook post, the school said, “During this communication with MJHS, Minooka PD again stated that in an effort to reassure everyone of the safe learning environment at MJHS, they plan to have a visible presence in the morning at arrival.”

There was no indication whether or not the student faced any type of disciplinary action from either the police or school officials.

The school added, “We look forward to seeing all of our students bright and early tomorrow morning!”


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