Officer shoots, kills woman who opened fire on him. Now the suspect’s mom blames the cop for the shooting.


NASHVILLE, TN- In Nashville, a 31-year-old woman is dead after she shot a Nashville police officer, and as per usual, the woman’s family is blaming the police.

Last Friday, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) Officer Josh Baker stopped a vehicle in front of the Dollar General in Nashville, at around 9:30 a.m. according to the Tennessean. According to police, the owner of the black Chevy Camaro was subject to six active drug warrants, WTVF said.

The vehicle was being driven by Nika Holbert, who became combative during the stop. She returned to the car at one point, retrieved a handgun and shot Baker, who returned fire. Holbert, who was struck by gunfire managed to drive a short distance before she crashed the car.

She ended up passing away as a result of being shot. Baker, who was also shot survived his wound.

On Saturday, the MNPD released both bodycam and dashcam video of the altercation.

Here is what happened. While Baker quickly realized that the owner of the vehicle, Demond Buchanan was not in the vehicle, it was discovered the operator didn’t have an operator’s license.

During an investigative detention of Holbert, who was uncooperative throughout the stop, Baker discovered a baggie with marijuana inside. Baker called for backup at least twice, video showed.

Officer shoots, kills woman who opened fire on him. Now the suspect's mom blames the cop for the shooting.
MNPD Off. Baker finds marijuana in suspect’s pocketbook-YouTube screenshot

At one point, Baker went over to his patrol vehicle and Holbert returned to the Camaro. Let’s get this out of the way. It is easy to Monday-morning quarterback, but Baker’s officer safety skills throughout this encounter were extremely problematic.

He turned his back on Holbert several times, especially troublesome given the fact she was so uncooperative throughout the stop.

Officer shoots, kills woman who opened fire on him. Now the suspect's mom blames the cop for the shooting.
Baker allowed Holbert access to pocketbook-YouTube screenshot

After Holbert returned to the vehicle, Baker conducted a further search of her pocketbook, whereby he found a baggie containing a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine.

By this time, Holbert returned to the back of the car, where Baker attempted to place her under arrest and handcuff her. At this point, Holbert grabbed the pocketbook and resisted efforts to take her into custody. Holbert, who had made a phone call believed to be to her mother ran around the car with the phone still up to her shoulder.

Officer shoots, kills woman who opened fire on him. Now the suspect's mom blames the cop for the shooting.
Holbert evades arrest, grabs pocketbook, baggie w/white substance visible-YouTube screenshot

“Don’t put me in handcuffs! I haven’t done anything wrong,” Holbert yelled as she attempted to flee from custody.

Holbert returned back to the Camaro and got behind the wheel, in an apparent attempt to flee. Baker prevented her from shutting the door, and deployed his Taser several times, both a shot and a direct stun, both of which were ineffective.

Officer shoots, kills woman who opened fire on him. Now the suspect's mom blames the cop for the shooting.
Baker deploys Taser on Holbert-YouTube screenshot

Holbert was reaching around inside the vehicle, and Baker saw she was reaching for a gun.

“Ma’am, put the gun down, put the gun down,” Baker screamed at Holbert, drawing his own gun as he did so.

Holbert fired, striking Baker, who backed up and returned fire several times. Holbert threw the gun to the ground, with Baker kneeling down maybe ten feet away. Luckily, Holbert merely turned and drove away instead of striking Baker.

Officer shoots, kills woman who opened fire on him. Now the suspect's mom blames the cop for the shooting.
Baker after getting shot-YouTube screenshot

A short distance down the road, Holbert crashed into a ditch, and was subsequently transported Skyline Medical Center where she died from two gunshot wounds.

Baker, who was shot once was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Trauma Center where he was in critical, but stable condition after surgery, according to WTVF.

Video of the event is posted below:


On Saturday, MNPD Chief John Drake supported Baker’s actions:

“I’ve reviewed the body cam footage, he appeared to do everything he could to try to deescalate the situation, including the use of Taser, including trying not to use his firearm,” Drake said in a statement.

Drake further said that releasing Holbert because she wasn’t the car’s owner wasn’t an option due to the possession of drugs and the fact she didn’t have a driver’s license, WTVF reported.

“There’s nothing else he could have done better than maybe leave the scene and let her go away, and obviously, he couldn’t do that,” Drake continued.

On cue of course, Holbert’s mother told WTVF she disagreed with Drake’s assessment of the shooting. Ready for this?

“He was trying to kill her with that Taser, and she was protecting herself,” the mother told WTVF.

The family has also apparently hired an attorney…wonder what Benjamin Crump is doing?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is in charge of the investigation and will share their findings with the Attorney General’s office.

Drake said he released the bodycam and dashcam footage in the interests of transparency.

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Last year, we reported on an officer-involved shooting of a Phoenix, Arizona man who bludgeoned his wife and son to death. For more on that, we invite you to:


PHOENIX, AZ- New body camera footage was just released showing an officer involved shooting in Phoenix, Arizona, that took place shortly after a domestic violence incident.

The footage, which was obtained by 12News, shows the moment when police fired their weapons at 53-year-old Paul Sarver in his driveway. 

On October 25th, police responded to a call at Sarver’s home on West Roy Rogers Road and North Nobel road, after a neighbor called 911.

The neighbor told dispatchers:

“I have a next-door neighbor in my house that’s threatening to kill himself…I know they have been having really bad family issues.”

Dispatchers also received a call from a man who they believe to be Sarver. 

The caller, who was eerily calm and quiet said:

Caller: “Its really bad”

Dispatcher: “What is really bad?”

Caller: “What’s going on”

Dispatcher: “I’m sorry?”

Caller: “What’s going on is really bad”

When police arrived at the scene, Sarver began walking down his driveway towards them saying he had a gun, according to police. 

Sarver then allegedly pointed something at the officers, to which you can hear them yelling on the body camera, “Get that weapon down”. The two officers then opened fire, striking and killing Sarver.

Upon investigation, police discovered that Sarver did not have a gun like he claimed, but instead pointed a glasses case at them, 12 News reported

Officers then entered Sarver’s home, where they found his 13-year-old son, Caden, along with Caden’s Mother, 46-year-old Shannon Hursh. Police reported that both were badly bleeding with apparent blunt force trauma injuries.

Unfortunately, both Shannon Hursh and her teenage son died from their injuries at the hospital. 

Thankfully, the couples 11-year-old daughter was found unharmed at a house next door.

According to 12 News, the neighbor who called police told the 911 operator that there had been trouble there before. 

Given what unfolded, it would be safe to conclude that Sarver’s intentions were to commit suicide by cop.

The situation is still under investigation. 

Here is another Police involved shooting death that Law Enforcement Today reported on last week. In this case, police shot and killed a drug dealer, who fired his weapon at police, and many used it as an excuse to riot. 

VANCOUVER, WA- The officer-involved fatal shooting of 21-year-old Kevin Peterson Jr., an alleged drug dealer who reportedly fired a gun at narcotics officers during a suspected drug dealing in a motel parking lot, sparked a weekend of violent protests in Vancouver as well as across the country.

The New York Post reported that dozens of Black Lives Matter and Antifa followers descended on Vancouver from nearby Portland, Oregon to protest the death of Peterson, an armed black man who was fatally shot on October 29th by Clark/Vancouver Drug Task Force detectives. 

The violent protesters infiltrated a crowd that had gathered in the evening to honor Peterson with a candlelight vigil. Hundreds of them chanted, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Black Lives Matter!”

The mob soon clashed with a group of counter protesters who were carrying American and pro-President Donald Trump flags. 

Journalist Andy Ngô tweeted several videos of the violence taking place between the protesting groups.

According to Ngô, rioters burned American flags, busted out the windows of nearby businesses, cursed law enforcement, and fired guns into the air during the chaos. A man who was burning a U.S. flag shouted:

“Death to your (expletive) empire.”

Another video clip shows a large crowd marching through a residential area, where they shined lights into people’s homes and chanted, “Wake up, (expletive)!”

According to reports, area law enforcement buildings were vandalized during the night, including the prosecutor’s office, the sheriff’s office headquarters, the juvenile detention center, and the adult jail.

The mob yelled:

“Burn the precinct to the ground!”

ABC News reported that the fatal shooting of Peterson prompted consecutive nights of violent protests that led to at least six arrests in the early morning of October 31st.

Authorities said that some demonstrators ignored orders to disperse and began hurling rocks and other harmful objects at law enforcement officers who were posted outside the Clark County Jail. 

The mayhem and violence continued in nearby Portland, where according to reports from the Portland Police Bureau, rioters smashed the windows out of two phone stores, a computer business, a coffee shop, a hotel, a community bank, two realty offices, a financial office, and a restaurant that was open at the time of the attack.

Rioters also threw harmful projectiles at police and pepper-sprayed citizen bystanders.

In Illinois, approximately 150 Northwestern University students wreaked havoc on campus, demanding that the university abolish its police department.

Authorities said that protesters threw bricks at Evanston police officers, shined high-powered lasers into their eyes, and threw fireworks at officers. One student was arrested and released early the next morning.

In Manhattan, rioters clashed with police, leading to at least 11 arrests. Ngo tweeted that a far-left protester screamed at the police:

“I hope all of your children get raped and killed! Y’all are a (expletive) disgrace to society!”

According to Sheriff Chuck Atkins, the shooting unfolded as detectives were investigating a suspected drug dealing in the parking lot of a motel in Hazel Dell. He said that detectives spotted a man sitting alone in a car and as they approached the vehicle, the occupant got out and ran away.

He said:

“A foot pursuit ensued where deputies from the Clark County Sheriff’s Officer were chasing a man with a firearm. The information I have is that upon entering the parking lot of a bank, the man reportedly fired his weapon at the deputies.

The deputies returned fired and the subject was tragically killed. It is my understanding that the man’s firearm was observed at the scene.”

He added:

“There is always the potential for misinformation, doubt, and confusion and there may be those who wish to sow seeds of doubt.”

Atkins said that the investigation has been turned over to the Southwest Washington Independent Investigation Team, and the Camas Police Department is taking the lead. Battle Ground Police Chief Mike Fort, the spokesman for the investigative response team said that a .40-caliber Glock handgun was found near the body of Peterson, who was pronounced dead at the scene. 


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