HANES CITY, Fla. – A man of integrity, that’s who Officer Tim Glover is.

Glover ran the red light, a violation he realized as he reviewed camera footage for Haines City Police Department. He noticed a marked patrol unit running the light. Looking closer at the unit number, he realized it was his car. It happened when he was on his way to lunch and the penalty made it the most expensive Cuban sandwich he’d ever eaten.

As a Florida police officer who oversees the red light camera program, he has written tickets to family, friends and even fellow officers, and now he’s writing one to himself.


According to Glover, exempting himself didn’t occur to him, but since he couldn’t write his own ticket, for a technical reason, he notified his police chief. Then a fellow officer wrote him a $158 ticket.

Glover was praised by the chief for his integrity.

Photo source: WFMY News 2