The Alexandria Police Association has established a fund for the family of Officer Peter Laboy. The Alexandria Committee of Police International Union Police Association, Local #5, set up the account to assist the seriously wounded officer and his family.

Officer Laboy was shot in the head on February 27. According to Alexandria Police, two female workers at a boutique had reported a suspicious man.  Alarmed by the man’s threatening behavior, the ladies notified the police department after he had fled in a taxi cab.

Laboy responded to the  “Be on the look out” alert.  He spotted a taxi driver matching the description. Before Laboy could initiate a traffic stop, the driver opened fire, shot Laboy in the head, and fled the scene.

The driver then lead police on a high speed chase, recklessly endangering both officers and innocent civilians before finally being apprehended and taken into custody.

The suspect was identified as 27 year old Kashif Bashir. He has been charged with the malicious wounding of a police officer and is detained awaiting a court date.

Meanwhile, LaBoy was rushed to   Medstar Medical Center in Washington D.C., where he underwent delicate surgery.  The fact that Laboy is alive today is nothing short of a miracle. His doctors are “cautious, yet hopeful” about his prognosis. Although Laboy’s helmet saved his life, the bullet struck Laboy in the temple, pierced his skull, and penetrated the portion of the brain that controls speech and motor skills.

Although he is able to move his limbs, open his eyes, recognize his family, and hug his wife and family, Laboy has a long road ahead that includes approximately 6 months to a year of intense therapy. Whether Laboy will be able to walk or speak fluidly will remain to be seen; however, doctors are amazed at the progress he has already made.

“In the first 72 hours after the incident, we weren’t even sure if he was going to make it,” said Chief Medical Officer Janis Orlowski.

Laboy is a 17-year veteran of the Alexandria Police Departmentm For the past 6 years, he has served as a motor officer.  He has endeared himself to both the law enforcement and civilian communities. He has worked the streets during his entire career, and he has become somewhat of a ‘fixture” within the community.

Former police chief David Baker described Laboy as  “friendly and dedicated, a fun guy to be around, a real caring individual, and a dedicated and distinguished public servant.”.                 “As I travel from my house in Alexandria to where I now work, more often than not I see Peter out working”.

He recalled one incident, in which he was stopped at a trafiic light Laboy pulled up alongside him in his motorcycle, honked his horn, and waved ‘hello”.    Laboy is also deeply devoted to his wife, Suzi, and their four sons. Baker recalled how proud Laboy is of his family, always sharing photos and stories of his sons’ accomplishments.

Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne concurred.  “Peter has always been committed to  his family, to the community, and to his mission as a police officer,” she said.

It was this dedication to his community that contributed to the life-altering events that occurred. The cruelty of the cab driver’s heinous act against this beloved officer has been felt by the entire community, especially to the students and faculty at Lyles-Crouch Traditional School in Old Town, with whom Laboy shares a special bond.

While his sons attended the Academy, Laboy was recognized for his willingness to take time with the kids and to show them his police cruiser. Although Laboy’s son graduated from the academy several years ago, Laboy would still visit. The school unofficially “adopted” Laboy as their own personal policeman.

Laboy also volunteers at his son’s high school.     He has touched many lives with his compassion, sensitivity, and commitment to his community. To him, no call was insignificant; no problem was so small that it he did give it his entire attention. Resident “Mango Mike” Anderson recalled how Laboy caught someone who was stealing from his establishment. He also mentioned that Laboy found Anderson’s dog when it was lost.

Suzanne Laboy has been documented her husband’s progress on Facebook. She has expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the  abundance of love, support, prayers, and well wishes that have been extended, many from people she has never even met.

In conclusion, Baker reminded everyone that there is no such thing as a “routine” call, and urged everyone to be extra cautious.    “This brings to the forefront just how dangerous and unpredictable unseen things can become, ” he  said.  “Peter was on the lookout for this cab on some minor offense. He certainly was not expecting it to turn out like this, you get surprised, and it can be devastating.”

The fund is just one of the many ways the community has united to show their love and support. Anyone wishing to help the Laboy family can drop off a donation at the Alexandria Police Department, 3600 Wheeler Avenue or send a donation to:

Alexandria Police Association

c/o Peter Laboy

P.O. Box 1228

Alexandria, VA 22313

The Alexandria Police Department has asked that all inquiries be directed to the Public Information Office at 703.746.6600

To donate online go to:

There are now two other events in honor of the officer:

On March 21, the police department and Inova Alexandria are holding a blood drive in the Alexandria Police Department Community Room on at 2600 Wheeler Avenue.

The event is schedule from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Those who wish to schedule an appointment may do so  at Click on Schedule a Donation and then Donate Blood. Use Sponsor Code 7980 — or call 1866-BLOODSAVES

On April 21, TopGolf in Kingstowne will donate all of its proceeds to the Laboy family. The cost is $25 and includes food and two drink tickets. There will also be a silent auction. For more information, visit:

Learn more here: