Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger, the victim of a fatal hit-and-run incident last month as he checked a dislodged manhole cover along a flooded road, was laid to rest Friday in his Cincinnati hometown.

An American flag, flown days earlier high above the United States Capitol, covered Galinger’s casket as he was led by pallbearers down the alley of Cincinnati’s Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church and to his final resting spot at nearby Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  

Galinger was 38 years old. The driver allegedly responsible for his death turned herself in on Monday.


Friday’s proceedings honoring Galinger, according to Chattanooga Police, began Friday morning as officers escorted a hearse carrying his body north to Knoxville, where officers there assisted in the escort up Interstate 75 to Cincinnati.


WRCBTV-3 reported live from Galinger’s funeral. According to the network, Galinger’s brother, U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Douglas Galinger, honored his fallen sibling and praised the compassion shown by his colleagues by pointing out that “in the Army we don’t do anything by ourselves and the Chattanooga Police Department is the same.”

“When we left Chattanooga, every flag we saw was at half-mast,” Galinger’s father, Barry Galinger, noted. “I had a list of people I wanted to thank, but that list is so long. I just want to thank everyone. People in Chattanooga would stop us and pray with us and cry.”



Galinger had been checking on various manhole covers as eastern portion of Tennessee has been experiencing bouts of flooding. Police have had to constantly remind drivers not to drive through marked flood zones.


Galinger graduated from the Chattanooga Police Academy in January.