A police officer is under investigation for a fatal shooting in Dallas, and GoFundMe has already played the role of judge and jury in the case.

But this cop won’t be fighting his battle alone thanks to these supporters.

Eight days. It only took eight days for prosecutors to indict Farmers Branch Officer Michael Dunn for murder after he was involved in the exact scenario that every cop prays he avoids.  

After Officer Dunn was involved in a deadly shooting in June, his life changed forever. A military veteran and model officer of the law with a clean record and a stellar reputation is now being labeled a murderer and essentially told that he’s on his own.

Officer Michael Dunn was hit with murder charges just eight days after the shooting occurred.

The whole process has been called “unusually swift” compared to how normal officer involved shooting investigations go.

In fact, for the approximately 40 murders that took place in that area in June, no action came as hastily as the charges against Officer Dunn. 

We’re not saying that there shouldn’t be an extensive investigation into the shooting. Of course there should be. But it should be thorough, unbiased, and take into account the split-second decision making that we task our officers with on a daily basis.


After Officer Dunn was so quickly charged with the crime, his friends and family came to his aid to try and raise funds to provide proper legal defense counsel. So they started a fundraising campaign on the popular crowdfunding site, GoFundMe.

After only a few days, GoFundMe shut down their campaign. 

“Unfortunately, our Terms & Conditions, along with strictly enforced policies from the payments industry, prohibit GoFundMe from allow you to continue raising money on our site.”

GoFundMe cited the officers actions as an “act of hate” and said that it violated their terms of service. So they killed the campaign and refunded the money to everyone who had donated.

“Campaigns deemed by GoFundMe, in its sole discretion, to be in support of, or for the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases.  We have removed your account.”

They literally pulled the rug out from underneath Officer Dunn. No “innocent until proven guilty,” no due process. Just as every other shooting we see that involves an officer… the public decides the verdict long before an investigation is complete.


CBS Austin provided the backstory on the shooting. 

‘On June 12, police in suburban Farmers Branch spotted a white pickup that had been reported stolen from the city of Irving. Dunn followed the vehicle over the Dallas city line to a shopping center and opened fire as Moreno was pulling out of the parking lot, police said. Surveillance video appears to show Dunn firing into the driver’s side of the truck as it makes a sweeping turn around his cruiser.’

Again, it took prosecutors only eight days to slap Officer Dunn with murder charges. Where is his due process? Where is the lengthy investigation that goes into all other murder cases?

Mike Mata is the president of the Dallas Police Association. The quick actions were nothing short of concerning for him.

“My biggest concern is how we got there,” Mata said. “How did we get to that grand jury? I know from my 25 years on this department … We have never had an investigation completed in less than eight days ready to hand over to the DA. Never.”

He knows the video doesn’t look good for Dunn, but noted that no matter the situation, a police involved shooting is never going to look good.

“What made this one different is,” Mata said, “they got video. Well, I’ve got news, for one, there is no perfect police shooting. It’s never going to look good. I will admit, that video does not look good. It’s troubling, but that should not circumvent the process.”

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And here’s another thing. This isn’t the first time GoFundMe has pulled a campaign for a cop.

A similar scenario just came about last month, when a campaign for a former South Bend LEO was also shut down.

The Fraternal Order of Police created the GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help defray the legal expenses of Sgt. O’Neill after he was involved in a fatal shooting… but the company shut down the campaign… saying you can’t use the platform to support people who commit hate crimes.

Hate crime? Sgt. O’Neill’s shooting hardly seems like a hate crime.

O’Neill responded to a suspicious person reportedly breaking into cars. He located the suspect and approached him.

The suspect was ordered out of the car and allegedly was carrying a woman’s purse and a hunting knife. He did not comply with commands and approached O’Neill in an ‘aggressive’ manor.

The sergeant fired twice, striking the suspect once, killing him.

You tell us how that’s a hate crime.

Eric Logan (left) reportedly came at Sgt. O’Neill (right) with a knife before O’Neill opened fire.


We’re sick of this overwhelming call for ‘justice’ against officers who have been tasked with one of the most difficult jobs in the world. These people don’t want justice. They want blood. They want anarchy.

“Anti-police activists must have pressured GoFundMe into cancelling our campaign to help Sgt. Ryan O’Neill pay for his legal defense in a civil lawsuit filed against him,” Harvey Mills, South Bend FOP President said.

But hold on. GoFundMe seems to have all sorts of campaigns that don’t align with their policies. Including fundraisers from Antifa, a group which may soon be labeled as domestic terrorists.

These are the guys that flood the streets, attack civilians, and just last month tried to lead an assault on an ICE detention center.

This campaign was to raise money for legal fees for ‘activists’ who smashed the windows of a local gun store because they had decided they didn’t like the owners.

No shut down here.

This screenshot shows a campaign for an ‘activist’ who went after a ‘white supremacist owned gun and weapon store’ that had recently opened in their town. (Screenshot – GoFundMe)


Here’s another, which asks for money for rent after being fired because… nazis.

(Screenshot – GoFundMe)


And one more for good measure. This campaign asked for money to hold a public rally. You know, like the ones where they all wear masks and throw glass bottles at cops and punch journalists in the face.

(Screenshot – GoFundMe)


Clearly, GoFundMe is being bullied by people who hate the police. They’ve undoubtedly received so much negative attention from allowing the officers a fighting chance that they broke under the weight. And it’s flat out wrong.

The Farmers Branch Police Officers Association is now fighting to raise funds for Dunn’s legal fees. Anyone wishing to support their mission can visit the page here.

Stacey Yudin says the campaign is about far more than just legal costs.

“The success of this campaign is not about  just helping his family prepare for a long and expensive legal battle, it’s a thermometer or window into the tensions dividing our country and leaving our heroes to fend for themselves. This is about showing the country we back our law enforcement and honor their commitment to protect and serve.”

So far, more than $15,000 has been raised to help Dunn in his battle.

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