Phoenix PD has a warrior that’s taking the fight for first responders directly into the ring.

Officer Ryan Shell heads to the octagon at Arizona’s Comerica Theatre for his next fight on Friday, November 9th, pledging to donate his earnings to benefit his fellow officers. The fight is part of the Legacy Fighting Alliance. 

“I don’t fight for the money,” said Officer Shell in an interview with Fox 10. “I fight to be competitive. I was 21 and 5 as an amateur, so I took 26 fights not getting paid a dime, so, I’ve always had a career that provides for my family, so all the additional income from fighting doesn’t matter to me. I’d rather it go to a good cause.”

Shell has been dedicated to the mixed martial arts world since he was 18, but hasn’t participated in a fight since his move to Arizona over two years ago.

His wife Sarah commented, “He has always been eagerly training and waiting for his return. He will be an entirely different fighter than what anyone saw 4 years ago.”

The 31 year-old is highly competitive in nature, and the MMA arena offered the ultimate physical and mental challenge. It’s pretty clear that his determination and strength helped guide him in his call to serve as both a Corrections Officer in Nebraska and more recently as an officer with the Phoenix PD.

Sarah also noted in her interview with Law Enforcement Today that Ryan’s love and discipline for the sport has translated directly over to his 8 years in law enforcement. Shell has used his skills to deescalate numerous potentially dangerous situations.

For those looking to attend the fight or simply support the cause, tickets are available at

If a certain amount of ticket sales are generated, 20% of the ticket sales will go directly to the 100 Club of Arizona.

“Regardless of whether he is successful at raising money, he is determined to be a positive role model for first responders,” noted Sarah.

Our take? This guy is incredible. Not only has he dedicated his life to service, but he’s actively using his talents to try and make a difference for others that hold the Thin Blue Line. We’re also told that he’s a fantastic husband, dropping everything and moving to Arizona when his wife was accepted into medical school a few years ago. This is certainly not the last time we’ll be hearing about Ryan Shell.