‘Officer Involved’ Should be Mandatory Viewing


The documentary film “Officer Involved” should be mandatory viewing for all cops and their loved ones. It should be shown to recruits in the police academy, officers during advanced training sessions, first line supervisors going through “Sergeant School,” and police managers attending executive courses. It is that powerful.

Moreover, it is a film that should be viewed by loved ones since it provides insight that may not be obtained any other way.

Real Stories

The real-life stories told by officers engaged in deadly force, are powerful, impactful, and thought provoking. This is drama that cannot be manufactured. As viewers listen to the words expressed by officers in the film, and see various forms of emotion it elicits, you will have a chance to peel back the layers of thick-skinned people who’ve had to fight for their life.

Mandatory Viewing

I don’t make this recommendation cavalierly or out of obligation. Every now and then you read a book or watch a movie that you want everyone to experience. That is the case for me regarding this film. And that is why I believe it should be mandatory viewing for cops and their families.

Filmmaker Is a Police Officer

Filmmaker – Police Officer Patrick Shaver spent two years compiling the project. He traveled north, south, east, and west to obtain these stories. Shaver interviewed more than 70 law enforcement professionals, police psychologists, attorneys, academic scholars, and a judge. Interestingly enough, the judge presided over a criminal trial involving an officer charged with manslaughter.

Furthermore, each interview is fascinating because they deal with a topic near and dear to the heart of every cop—Officer Involved Shootings, along with the aftermath of these life-changing encounters.

As a result, the words spoken during the documentary are superior to an education from a textbook or academic lecture from experts in the field of criminal justice.

Raw Emotion

This professional film is flavored with the raw emotion of cops who’ve taken life in the course and scope of their duties. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this film is a library full of content. But it is compacted into one easily digestible documentary that strings together stirring depictions of the emotional realities experienced by police officers following an officer involved shooting.

And it isn’t “doctored” or “edited” to make cops look like buffoons. Shaver is a police officer with a passion to educate the parched public regarding these life and death situations.

mandatory viewing
Craig Junginger, chief of police (ret.) Gresham, Oregon. Formerly of Huntington Beach Police Department in Southern California when he was involved in his shooting. (Photo courtesy Patrick Shaver)

Instructive and Therapeutic

Rarely do officers open up in a way that is instructive and therapeutic at the same time. As a result, the lessons this film can offer new recruits is something they should savor. Furthermore, wisdom is the value it can offer veteran officers. However, the insight it will bring to family members is something they may never receive from their officer following such a traumatic event.

Heart Training

Police officers probably seek and receive more tactical training than other disciplines involved in law enforcement. And that is appropriate. Without it, most of the officers in this film would not be telling their stories. Yet, the element that is often overlooked is training the heart to cope after the dust has settled, and the bad guy is dead. Consequently, roughly one-third of all officers involved in fatal shootings are left emotionally adrift with no anchors.

This film will contribute to the mooring needed to re-stabilize an officer’s life who is desperately searching for a lifeline.

John “Jay” Wiley, retired sergeant, Baltimore Police Department, and Law Enforcement Today radio host, had the following to say:

Officer Involved” is insightful, thought-provoking, and details what happens after Officer-Involved shootings. It tells the stories in a manner that is free of bias and hype, unlike anything I have ever seen.

In my opinion, Officer Involved should be required viewing for every Law Enforcement Officer in North America. I would also suggest that all Police Administrators, Judges, Lawyers, and members of the media should watch the film.

I wasn’t in the film and I didn’t know anyone in the film, yet Officer Involved managed to tell my story, and probably the stories of countless other Law Enforcement Officers. Patrick W. Shaver and the rest of the crew deserve a sincere thank you from all Law Enforcement Officers. I know that they have my thanks and respect.

Anyone who would like to host an open community screening can reach out at OfficerInvolvedProject.com.

You can read more about Shaver’s desire to make this film here.

The DVD is at OfficerInvolvedProject.com/order/dvd.

Watch Instantly at officerinvolvedproject.com/watchnow/.

Finally, Law Enforcement Today would like to encourage its readers to like, share, and comment regarding this project. The general public is ignorant regarding this topic, and what better way than to deliver a message that will touch the nerve of humanity than through a film such as this?

Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today

(Feature photo: Officer Chris Hunt, Fayetteville, NC, courtesy Patrick Shaver)

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