Officer shot in police cruiser with mortar firework – crowd helps suspects escape by firing more mortars at cops


AMARILLO, TX – An Amarillo Police officer was reportedly injured while responding to a call regarding possible juveniles setting off fireworks on July 4th at a local park. According to a post by the department’s official Facebook page, the officer had fireworks shot at him which resulted in the injury.

The officer, who was not yet identified, was said to have been called out to Hamlet Park at approximately 10:12 p.m. on July 4th. When the officer arrived on the scene, someone had reportedly shot a mortar shell directly into his cruiser by way of his driver’s side window.

The launched firework exploded inside of the cruiser, which caused injuries to the officer’s upper and lower body while also damaging the inside of the cruiser.

From the incident described by the APD’s post, other officers were dispatched but were unable to find the suspect(s) responsible:

“Other officers responded but could not locate the suspect due to the large number of fireworks being shot at them by the crowd. The injured officer was transported to a local area hospital.”

The officer is expected to survive.

Police said that numerous people were present during the attack on the officer, filming elements of the incident.

Now, police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating whomever may be responsible for the officer’s assault:

“Anyone who might know the identity of the suspect/suspects, call the Criminal Investigation Division at 378-4258 or 378-9468. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.”

The APD also noted that tips can also be sent anonymously online by way of their website, which is at

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Days earlier in the state of Texas, a protest had formed – but not like the ones we’d seen in recent weeks across the nation. 

Considering that most states have conveniently turned a blind eye to the likes of massive protests by the thousands that have hoisted “Black Lives Matter” poster boards and blatantly ignored social distancing while screaming at police – you could imagine the disdain of bar owners who had their watering-holes shut down because of COVID.

Well, looks like folks in Texas have propped up their own protest, appropriately dubbed as “Bar Lives Matter,” and, frankly, it’s just as funny as it is appropriate.

The gathering was said to have taken place just outside of The Machine Shed Bar & Grill in Kilgore on June 28th, where bar owner Tee Allen Parker was present during the demonstration. There was another demonstration slated for June 30th outside of the state’s capital in Austin as well.

According to Parker, the demonstration was aimed directly at Governor Greg Abbott:

“You can’t tell me that my tiny little bar is the problem. [Greg Abbott is] the problem. He’s targeting us, and it’s discrimination.”

Some have made efforts to try to discredit the legitimately peaceful protest, as the demonstrations have hosted nothing more than signage and individuals voicing their contempt with the double standards being placed against small businesses versus big-box retailers.

Jared Woodfill, who is a Houston based attorney that is representing Parker and 21 other plaintiffs in the matter, noted that Governor Abbott’s order that closed down bars unlawfully singles out bar owners and not other businesses:

“This one individual is picking and choosing winners and losers. Gov. Abbott has chosen to sentence bar owners to bankruptcy.”

The attorney exclaimed that Governor Abbott is conducting himself more along the lines of a monarch, while unilaterally decimating the economy within the state of Texas.

Texas happened to be one of the first states to loosen up restrictions related to COVID, but then just so happened to have shut down bars on June 26th and mandated that eateries can only operate at 50% capacity.

Which, the aforementioned is rather curious, in that establishments that offer food can remain open with minor restrictions, but if liquid is the only thing on the menu then they must shut down completely.

However. Governor Abbott seems to be expressing regret with having ever allowed bars to reopen following the panic of the pandemic:

“If I could go back and redo anything, it probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars, now seeing in the aftermath of how quickly the coronavirus spread in the bar setting.”

Yet, there’s nothing to suggest that the spike in COVID cases is in anyway connected to the reopening of bars within the state of Texas. While there may be correlation with regard, any increase in cases can’t solely be attributed to the allowance of reopening said establishments.

Some online are flabbergasted that small business owners would dare want an opportunity to make a living, while those admonishing the “Bar Lives Matter” protests happen to also be quite racist toward white people.

However, these staunch critics seem to have forgotten some events that happened in late May and early June in Texas…it’s right on the tip of my tongue…something where a myriad of people congregated in swarms that far exceeded capacities of locally owned bars.

Oh yes, they were riots!

Like when folks were “peacefully” gathering to protest police brutality on May 30th in Dallas, by stomping the living daylights out of a man trying to protect a local business. Because nothing quite says you’re against brutal acts like brutally beating someone trying to protect private property. 

While “Bar Lives Matter” seems offensive, apparently looting the likes of 7-11 on May 30th is just fine. 

And of course, there’s people who were pulled out of vehicles and attacked. But hey, “Bar Lives Matter” is just so offensive because people are trying to make a living. 


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