Tennessee – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is stupid.  Uber. Lyft. Taxis. Busses. Designated drivers.  Take your pick. In the times we live, there really is just no excuse and doing so is sheer stupidity, recklessness, and lack of regard for human life, the driver’s own and other people’s.

How many stories have we heard or read where a drunk driver has injured or killed innocent bystanders because they’re too idiotic to call a damn cab?

Whatever the number, today we can add one more.  This time, it was a police officer.

Oh yeah, and the driver had her toddlers in the car with her.

In Memphis, Tennessee, an officer is in critical condition thanks to 32-year-old Cadarius Davis.  The officer was in his car with blue lights on, blocking traffic for road workers to fix downed power lines that had been damaged during a severe storm.

Officer in critical condition after drunk driver transporting children slams into cruiser

Cadarius Davis is in jail after smashing into the back of an officer’s cruiser.


Davis, driving under the influence of alcohol, had her 2-year-old and 3-year-old in her Chevy Equinox when she crashed into the police car.  She also had an empty bottle of whiskey on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The officer was initially trapped inside his vehicle.  Once freed, he was transported to Regional One Health Medical Center with a concussion, fractured tailbone and fractured pelvis.

Davis and her children were uninjured in the collision. 


A local resident, Dennis Lynch, came outside when he heard the crash.  He told reporters that the road the accident occurred on is a busy road as it is.  Lynch said that vehicles continue speeding through the intersection despite power crews and police in the area. 

“There were cars still going past here, fast,” he said, “and some of them ran over the power lines that were on the streets and actually someone ran into a tree.”

Davis was arrested and faces charges of child neglect, failure to exercise due care, driving under the influence, violation of financial law, public intoxication, reckless driving, and vehicular assault.  She is set to see a judge Monday morning. 


The whereabouts of her children after Davis’ arrest was not reported, nor was a more recent update on the officer’s condition.

Meanwhile, in Polk County, Georgia, Officer Andy Anderson was struck by a train last week. He survived, and his body cam caught the incident.

About an hour west of Atlanta, Officer Anderson was chasing a burglary suspect near railroad tracks.  Focused on the suspect’s direction of flight, Officer Anderson heard the train’s whistle but didn’t realize how close he was to the tracks and didn’t see the train approaching.

When the train hit him, he flew into a nearby wooded area on top of some bushes, where he remained while yelling for help.

He suffered 6 broken ribs, a broken elbow, a broken shoulder bone and a concussion, but, incredibly, no other serious injury.  He is said to be in good spirits and even took a picture in his hospital bed with a thumbs up just prior to his release Sunday evening.

Officer Anderson responded to the burglary in progress and observed a male suspect walking near the railroad tracks behind the home carrying a TV.

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Officer in critical condition after drunk driver transporting children slams into cruiser


The suspect was identified by as 18-year-old Jayden Moats. He has not yet been captured and is said to be wearing a neck brace.  A female getaway driver, however, has been arrested in connection to the burglary. She has been identified as 46-year-old Nancie Borders, and she was arrested in her vehicle about 300 yards away from the home, parked at a pizza restaurant.

Borders is being held at Polk County Jail and is charged with being a party to a crime, criminal trespass, possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana. Records show that she is being held in the jail without bond.

It’s nice to see that some places still hold their criminals accountable.

The video of the incident from Officer Anderson’s body cam can be seen below, but viewer discretion is advised.


Early on Monday morning, we also learned of an officer who was killed after helping an elderly woman. 

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detective, 41-year-old Amber Leist, was killed in an accident, off-duty Sunday in the area of Valley Village. 

Officer in critical condition after drunk driver transporting children slams into cruiser

Detective Amber Leist


The 12-year veteran was reportedly at a red light waiting to make a left turn.  An elderly lady was crossing the street in the crosswalk in front of Leist’s car and fell down.  Without hesitation, Leist put her car in park, got out, and assisted the elderly lady in getting across the street. 

As she walked back to her car after safely delivering the woman to the other side of the road, she was struck by a vehicle.

It was reported that the driver pulled over and tried to render aide to Leist, who was badly injured.  She was transported to the hospital but died of her injuries.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said this on Twitter,

“Today, @LASDHQis grieving. We are shocked/stunned by the sudden loss of a family member. Amber Leist, a @WHDLASDdetective, and 12 year veteran of LASD, was fatally struck by a vehicle in @LACitywhile assisting others. She was an outstanding detective who lead by example.”


Lead by example indeed.  A 12-year veteran who still stopped her car, off-duty, no less, to assist a woman in crossing the street.  That is a true, bona fide hero.

“She was an outstanding detective,” Sheriff Villanueva said during a news conference. “She would lead by example through her act of kindness.”  The Sheriff added, “It’s unfortunate. God had a better plan for her and she was called home.”

Leist is survived by her parents and two sons, 17 and 20-years-old.  The eldest is on active duty in the US Navy, and Sheriff Villanueva told reporters that they had been able to reach him to advise him of the loss of his mother.


Leist began her career with LA County Sheriffs working as a north county corrections officer.  She also served as a deputy in Lancaster as well as a school resource officer. She was promoted to detective during the last five years spent with the West Hollywood station.

Sheriff Villanueva has relieved personnel at West Hollywood station to offer them time for bereavement.  The department has also assigned a psychologist to the location.

“It’s a tough day for our department,” the Sheriff said. “We’re going to get through this as a family.”

Police officers lined the route for the procession of Leist’s body, which was escorted from Cedar Sinai Hospital to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.


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