Officer hospitalized, suspect deceased in shooting incident in Sacramento County


SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, a suspect was killed and an unidentified officer was injured during the evening of January 15th regarding what officials are noting as a shooting incident. 

While little on the matter is being shared by officials at this time, here’s what we know at this point.

So far, officials have only noted that the officer injured was 47-years-old and a 15-year veteran with their respective department, also noting that their exact current condition is unknown.

However, sources say that the officer is expected to recover from their injuries.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:15 p.m. on the evening of January 15th in the area of Ranger Way and Rampart Drive.

According to Sergeant Kionna Rowe from the SCSO, the injured officer was responding to a radio call at the Crestview North apartment complex when the incident transpired within the complex. 

However, the precise nature of the call that the injured officer was responding to was not clarified, nor was it shared whether the call the officer responded to was directly connected with the shooting that transpired.

One suspect, also unidentified as of this writing, was killed during the shooting incident. Officials have not relayed the circumstances of what led to the shooting, or who purportedly shot the deceased suspect. 

Another suspect allegedly involved in the incident was arrested, but has not yet been identified either.

Investigators believe that a third suspect may have been involved in the incident as well, but no additional arrests in connection with the investigation have occurred yet.

The investigation into the shooting is currently ongoing. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we gather further updates to this developing case. 

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In other news related to officers being injured, a teenage robbery suspect is alleged to have rammed a police officer with a stolen police cruiser following a stop relating to an alleged spree of thefts- and the incident happened to be captured on video. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in January. 


WEST HAVEN, CT – According to police officials, two West Haven Police officers were injured when a police cruiser was stolen by one of two suspects alleged to have been involved in numerous robberies in the area on January 6th. 

The confrontation with police and the suspects that resulted in the stolen cruiser and officer injuries was said to have taken place at approximately 11:15 a.m. nearby the intersection of Campbell Avenue and West Spring Street. 

West Haven Police were initially alerted by another law enforcement agency that a stolen vehicle that was allegedly used in several robberies and purse snatchings in recent days was spotted exiting I-95 by exit 43 on Campbell Avenue.

WHPD units had first caught up with the stolen vehicle along First Avenue and Mix Avenue, then attempted to make a stop while the vehicle made its way onto Campbell Avenue. 

By the time the stolen vehicle arrived at the intersection of Campbell Avenue and West Spring Street, the driver of the stolen vehicle wound up colliding with several cars at the intersection due to traffic congestion. 

Following the collision with the other vehicles, the driver of the stolen vehicle was said to have fled on foot – while WHPD officers were said to have been taking the passenger inside the stolen vehicle into custody. 

While some of the officers were occupied with the vehicle passenger, the driver of the stolen vehicle made their way into a WHPD cruiser and attempted to flee the area. 

During the attempted fleeing in the police vehicle, video captured at the scene shows the cruiser being put into reverse – which reportedly several officers were struck in that instant by the occupied cruiser.

When the cruiser was put into forward-gear, one officer was nearly run over. Luckily, the officer was said to have successfully evaded the vehicle as it plowed toward him. 

From there, the driver of the police cruiser tried ramming their way through the fencing at the Oak Grove cemetery, which wound up essentially disabling the vehicle in said attempt. 

Once again, the suspect was said to have made one other attempt at fleeing on foot – but officers were able to apprehend the suspect. The identities of the two suspects have not been released, but they were described as being two juveniles. 

As for the officers injured during the incident, they were transported to a local hospital and were said t

City Councilwoman Trenee McGee commended the WHPD officers “for their restraint displayed during this incident,” considering that things were escalating at such a rapid and nearly fatal pace with respect to the suspects’ alleged actions against officers. 

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and there’s been no announcement yet on any formal charges being brought forth against the suspects in this matter. 

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