A North Dakota police officer went from writing a speeding ticket to delivering a baby in a matter of minutes, reported the Bismarck Tribune.

Just before 6pm on November 19th, Officer Travis Bateman of Arnegard Police Department received the call that a baby girl was crowning in a vehicle pulled over on McKenzie County Road 30.

After just two minutes on the scene, Bateman helped the woman give birth to a baby girl.

deliver baby

Officer Bateman helped deliver Everly Hoover on the side of the North Dakota road. (Arnegard PD Facebook)

The mother, Samantha Hoover, had reportedly been at her home when her contractions began. Hoover’s sister-in-law helped her into the car and began driving, notifying authorities of the situation on their way to the hospital. When it became clear that the baby was coming quickly, they pulled over.

“I should have had a catcher’s mitt,” joked Bateman.  “It was quick.”

First responders from Arnegard Rural Fire Department, McKenzie County Ambulance Service and McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office all quickly headed their way after Bateman radioed in the birth. After arriving on scene and seeing baby Everly safe and sound, the two were transported to a nearby hospital.

Arnegard Police Department is made up of just two officers, and so these instances are rare for the town of just 150 residents.

Chief Troy White Owl commented that, “We see those articles all the time as far as officers doing that, but do we get the opportunity or expect that ourselves? Most of the time, no.”

Furthermore, when Officer Bateman was asked about the experience, he proclaimed that it “trumps everything” that has happened over his 10 years in law enforcement.

“Whether it’s fire, EMS or police, we see people, meet people usually in the worst moments of their lives, so to be on the other side of that and meet somebody, to be present for someone entering the world versus leaving the world, it’s a profound honor.”

Bateman has been told that he may receive the “Early Bird Award,” given to emergency responders for assisting in pre-hospital births, and was even given the opportunity to sign Everly’s birth certificate for his role in her delivery.