Officer down: He was a father. A husband. A protector. Now the Navajo Nation Police Department is saying ‘goodbye’.


WINDOW ROCK, AZ – The Navajo Nation Police Department in Window Rock reports one of its police officers, Michael Lee, died from COVID-19. Officer Lee, a 29-year police veteran of the Chinle Police District, is the first COVID-19 line-of-duty death at the department.

Chief Phillip Francisco in a statement about Officer Lee:

“It is with great sorrow that the Navajo Police Department announces the passing of Officer Michael Lee. We are devastated and heartbroken. Officer Lee was a husband, a father, a son, and a protector of his community.

“We ask the public to join us in remembering his commitment and contribution to his community and to keep his family in your thoughts and prayers today.”

A procession is being coordinated between Navajo Police Department and local law enforcement agencies. The route of the procession is planned to be between Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ to Rollies Mortuary in Gallup, New Mexico.

The officer’s death comes upon a Public Health Emergency Order on Tuesday, June 16 which entails a 57-hour weekend lockdown. The order started Friday, June 19 at 8 pm and will end on Monday, June 22, at 5 am.

The Navajo Police Department and county sheriff’s department will set up road checkpoints across the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation states that all curfew violators will be issued a criminal nuisance citation and could be fined up to $1000 and/or face up to 30-days in jail.

Sadly, Law Enforcement Today has recently reported on another line of duty death.

Here’s that story again in case you missed it.

A Brentwood police officer was killed early Thursday morning.  The officer was identified as Dustin Legieza of the Brentwood Police Department.

It appears the officer was on his way back to the precinct at the end of his shift around 5 am when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle that crossed over the center lane on Franklin Road.

Officer Legieza worked for the Brentwood Police Department for five years and was only 30 years old.

Officer Legieza comes from a long line of police officers including his father and grandfather according to NEWS4Nashville. He also leaves behind his wife, Heather Legieza.

Legieza died from his injuries in the crash after being transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center. The woman driver of the other car was also transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center but suffered only non-life-threatening injuries.

He is the first Brentwood police officer to be killed in the line of duty.

Brentwood Chief of Police in a statement on Thursday:

“To say that I am heartbroken would be an understatement. Dustin was an exceptional officer with so much potential in our organization. His memory will live in our hearts forever and we will honor him daily in our continued service.”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating the accident as a criminal investigation. The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) stated they do not know what caused the woman driver to cross over the double yellow line on Franklin Road.

Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Miller said:

“The officer appears to be doing everything right.”

THP closed Franklin Road between Murray Lane and Concord Road for about six hours to conduct their investigation. A candlelight vigil was held on Friday at 8pm at the Brentwood City Hall, 5211 Maryland Way.

Law Enforcement Today is praying for the department and Officer Legieza’s family.

Across the globe, we recently reported on an officer in Ireland being murdered while on a traffic stop.

The Irish Times reported the criminal homicide of Detective Garda Colm Horkon.

While on a traffic stop at the junction of Patrick Street and Main Street of Castlerea, Co Roscommon, Det. Garda Horkon stopped the operator of a moped that he observed being driven erratically.

Det. Garda Horkan became entangled in a scuffle with the male driver of the moped. During the scuffle, the detective’s service weapon fell loose from his duty holster.

The male driver was able to recover the detective’s service weapon and proceeded to fire 15 rounds, emptying the service weapon, at Det. Garda Horkan. The detective was shot four times, and died as a result.

Detective Gorda, who was 49 years old, died just before midnight. The incident occurred late Wednesday night, June 17, around 11:30pm.  

Just shortly after the fatal incident, two gardai on patrol from the Castlerea station observed the instant aftermath of the criminal homicide. The two gardai were able to subdue the attacker and take him into police custody.

The suspect is a man in his 40’s and was interrogated at the Castlerea Garda station early Thursday morning. The male suspect remains in police custody while the investigation is completed. He is being held under the authority of Section 30 of the Offenses Against the State Act 1939.

Since this incident involved the loss of life of a Garda and a garda’s service weapon, the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission had to be notified.

It was reported by the Irish Times that the Gardai requested that any witnesses at the Castlerea town centre between 11:30pm and 12:30am come forward for interviews about what they observed at the scene.

The Garda requested those with dashcam footage come forward to provide information about the incident. The Castlerea Garda organized an incident room at their station on 094 962 1635.

The medical examination of the deceased and the forensic investigation at Patrick Street and Main Street are currently pending. The garda’s body was taken to the Castlebar General Hospital where the autopsy by the State pathologist will be conducted.

According to the Irish Times, the Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris stated that there was no evidence that killing of the Detective Garda Horkon was connected to any organized crime groups.

Commissioner Harris further commented that the act was uncommon, and should not warrant any changes in their policing tactics.

However, Commissioner Harris did say:

“What we have here is a random act, obviously a violent act, which has led to the death of Det Garda Horkan. It is tragic and it is an attack upon us all.”  

Detective Garda Colm Horkan is only the 89th  Garda member to die on duty since the creation of the State. The Irish Times reports that the last incident occurred five years ago.

At that time, an unarmed uniformed officer, Tony Golden, was killed while attempting to save the victim partner of a domestic violence incident. Adrian Creaven Mackin, the suspect partner, killed Garda Tony Golden and then killed himself.

Prior to these most recent incidents, two Garda’s were killed in 1980 during a bank robbery in Co Roscommon.

 Law Enforcement Today is saddened by the loss of an officer in every country. We are praying for the officer’s family and his community.

Here in the states, Law Enforcement Today recently told you about a Fish and Wildlife officer that was shot in Florida while taking action against a suspect off-duty.

Here’s that story again in case you missed it.

LABELLE, FL – An arrest has been made in connection to the murder of 30-year-old Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Julian Keen Jr.

Eliceo Hernandez, 20 years old, was charged with homicide-negligent manslaughter.

WINK news reported:

“Authorities said Keen was off-duty in the area of Nobles Road and Apache Circle when he was shot while trying to stop a hit-and-run suspect. The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office has not released any further details on what led up to the shooting.”

Originally, three suspects were detained in relation, but so far only Hernandez has been reported as being arrested. He’s being held at the Hendry County Jail with a $500,000 bail. He’s scheduled for court on August 4.

Here’s the original story Law Enforcement Today brought you on the murder.

Editor note: In light of the ongoing attacks on law enforcement across America, it’s our mission to try and show the people BEHIND the badge.  When we lose an officer, we try and show not just who the person was in the uniform, but more important… who that man or woman was outside of it.

We ask you to help us to do the same.  Take a moment to read their story… maybe say a prayer for them… and then share it so that everyone in America can see that this fallen officer was a person as well.

LABELLE, FL – An officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was murdered in LaBelle early Sunday.

According to police, 30-year-old Julian Keen was off-duty in the area of Nobles Road and Apache Circle, near the intersection of SR-78.

Police say he was shot and killed… but have released very few details as of right now.

According to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office, three people have been detained for questioning.

State records show Keen had been with the FWC since 2016.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of FWC Officer Keen. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, members of FWC, friends and community,” said Hendry County Sheriff Steven Whidden.

“We will do everything we can to bring about justice to those guilty in his shooting death. We all knew Officer Keen, and he wasn’t only our brother but a role model for the community. He will be missed.”

According to friends, Keen grew up in LaBelle and played football there.

After graduation, he went on to play at Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida.

According to the WIU athletics website, says Keen transferred there in 2010 from College of the Desert in California.

In 2007, he was chosen as the 2007 South-Central All Star Defensive MVP.

Friends took to social media Sunday to share memories of Keen.

“The world lost a good friend last night! Julian Keen was great dude, I remember the first time we started talking years ago, I said something about his name because Julian is my son James Mckellar’s name and it was also my Grandpa’s name the original JJ McCoy!

He would come out every time I played in Labelle, he always struck me as EVERYONE’S friend! We will miss you my friend R.I.P. Julian,” said JJ McCoy.

“RIP to one of the good ones. A great one. Julian Keen was one of the best humans on the planet. Kind and funny. So generous and sweet. Always ready to help out. You are so loved, by so many. Our hearts are broken. Our thoughts are with your family,” said Danika J. Forenear.

“One of the curses of being from a small town is when we lose one of our own the whole town hurts Julian Keen – you were quite possibly the friendliest person on earth. You did just about anything to get a smile out of someone.

My mom loved you so much (probs more than me). For anyone that didn’t know him – he would have been your friend the second you met him. There are a lot of broken hearts this morning,” said Bianca McGinley.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is assisting with the investigation.

Police are asking that anyone with information call the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 863-674-0406.

In the meantime, another officer was also shot overnight – this one in Baltimore.

He had to be rushed to surgery after responding to a call to break up a large party Sunday morning.

The officer was dispatched to the party allegedly because the city’s mayor urged people to avoid mass gathering as coronavirus cases increase.

It happened around 3:14 a.m. on Sunday in the 2300 block of Winchester street in the Western District.

According to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, two officers were called to the area to help disperse the large crowd.

As people started to leave the party, the officers saw an SUV speed into a nearby parking lot with a damaged tire.

They tried to talk to the man and realized he was armed with a gun.  They tried to detain him and things exploded.

“During the struggle, our officer was shot and the suspect was subsequently taken into custody without injury,” Harrison said.

 “We do know that a firearm was found on the scene, and it is unknown at this time whether our officers fired their weapons.”

Of course there was an immediate question about whether or not it was recorded, and we’ve learned both officers were wearing body cameras, which were believed to have been activated.

According to Harrison, they’re now reviewing the footage as part of the investigation.

“This speaks to the bravery and the courage of our officers,” Harrison said.

“During very tough tumultuous times, in spite of all that’s going on here, and everywhere in the country, the members of the Baltimore Police Department continue to serve, continue to protect and continue to do what is necessary to keep the people of Baltimore safe.”

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said at a press conference that it shows that officers have a “tough job,” especially as people are debating defunding the police.

“I fully support our police officers who come to work every day and put their lives on the line to make sure we’re safe in the city of Baltimore,” Young said. “I’m just looking forward to a speedy recovery from this officer.” 

Young also asked nicely for people to stop doing bad things.

“I’m asking those who are carrying guns in the city of Baltimore to put the guns down and let’s find other means of settling our disputes without shooting at police officers or shooting at others,” he said.

Yeah, because that will work.

City Council President Brandon Scott put out a statement, saying:

“My prayers are with the officer and his family now that he is out of surgery and begins his road to recovery.

“He deserves our respect and gratitude, as do all our brave officers who continue to put their lives on the line each day to protect our residents and our communities amidst this pandemic.”

Media attacks Connecticut police department after criminal smashes bottle over officer’s head

ENFIELD, CT – The police are under attack across the United States.

Every day, you read or hear about yet another police officer or officers being brutally assaulted, often times for nothing more than just doing their job.

They are being physically attacked by criminals looking to do them harm, they are being attacked by politicians looking to score cheap political points, and finally you are seeing them attacked by a media that is complicit in pushing the narrative that all police are racists and all police are power-hungry thugs.

This could be nothing further from the truth. The latest media hit job on an outstanding police department occurred on Friday, when Fox 61 in Hartford compiled a one-sided hit job on the Enfield (CT) Police Department.

Fox 61, using nothing but one side of the story without getting the official side of it, and using only selected snippets of video from people with an agenda, and without any context, Fox made it appear as though the Enfield Police Department virtually broke into a building and started a melee for no reason.

The Enfield Patch reported that officers were dispatched to the downtown area of Enfield, known as Thompsonville for a well-being check on an individual.

Enfield Police Chief Alaric Fox said that officers had received a report of a suicidal person, and noted that “while verifying the individuals status, an agitated crowd began to gather at the intersection of Pearl and South St.

Fox said that one officer was struck from behind with a bottle and was treated and released at the hospital.

Let’s hear the story the way it was reported by Fox 61.

Fox 61 said that the owner of the store, Luke Bowl told them that police approached a man believed to be the suicidal individual and followed him inside the liquor store, where Bowl said he was cooperating with police.

“The kid starts walking with the officer and that’s when the officer went to grab the kid by the back of the neck and the kid pulled away from the officer and said don’t touch me and that’s when the officer took this kid and basically pile drove him into my rack of alcohol,’ he said.

Fox 61 said that a total of four people were arrested, but Bowl said that he didn’t know why one customer who “was not involved in the altercation was arrested.” Bowl complained he had to deal with thousands of dollars of damages.

“I want to cry. I’m holding back tears. My business was destroyed for no good reason,” Bowl said.

Apparently he has never heard of insurance. He also claimed one of those arrested was crying for his mama when he was placed in the back of the police cruiser.

Fox 61 never bothered to get an official statement from the Enfield Police Department, other than the brief comments of Chief Fox.

However, that would not fit the narrative that the media is looking for.

Let’s get the story from the Enfield Police Department Facebook Page:


“On June 12, 2020 at 3:10 p.m., Enfield Police personnel were dispatched to conduct a wellbeing check of a reportedly suicidal male party. Responding officers located the male in an alley at the rear of the Good Times Package Store, located at 92 Pearl St.

“As the officers were attempting to evaluate the male, two other males, 22-year-old Adam Brunetti and 21-year-old Michael Shanley, who were otherwise uninvolved with this incident, began to verbally berate the officers with unsolicited derogatory comments [aka two basement dwelling mommy’s boys who left Xbox 360 for five minutes].

“The originally reported suicidal male patient then ran in the rear door of the package store as officers followed [so much for kicking in the door]. Brunetti, Shanley, 25-year-old Mark Keys, and the store owner all followed the officers into the store.

Brunetti, Shanley, Keys and the store owner, who were all acquaintances [emphasis added] of the male patient continued to berate the officers as they attempted to medially evaluate the male patient.

“Shanley was live streaming the incident to social media with his cellular telephone. The officers continuously attempted to deescalate the incident.

As the officers were escorting the male patient toward the front of the store, in an effort to route him for additional care, he punched one of the officer sin the face. As that officer was attempting to restrain the male patient, Shanley grabbed the officer from behind, causing all three to fall to the floor.

LET has a private home for those who support emergency responders and veterans called LET Unity.  We reinvest the proceeds into sharing their untold stories. Click to check it out.

Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

“When a second officer attempted to assist the first officer, Keys blocked the second officer as the store owner was yelling at the officers to leave the store.

During the altercation, Brunetti threw an unopened glass bottle of alcohol at the second officer, striking the officer in the head and causing a laceration to the scalp. Additional officers were called and arrived on scene.

“The male patient continued to resist and assault officers, which resulted in the male having to be tased. Brunetti and Shanley both ran from the store in an attempt to elude capture but were quickly apprehended.

Keys remained on scene and was subsequently arrested.

“After being placed under arrest, Keys continued to refuse officers’ instructions which resulted in him having to be carried to a police cruiser for transportation from the scene [probably the wussy boy calling for his mama].

“The officer that was struck in the head with the bottle was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries which required multiple staples to close the laceration. The original male patient was transported to a local hospital where he was evaluated and released to police custody.

Oxycodone pills were recovered from inside the store [emphasis added—selling more than alcohol maybe?].

“During the subsequent investigation, video footage of the incident was reviewed, including store surveillance, Town of Enfield cameras, and personal cellular telephones.

The video footage evidence and admissions by the suspects support the criminal charges against the four suspects.

“There have been multiple postings on social media that contradict the above facts of this incident and which allege misconduct by the officers involved, which is not supported by the evidence gathered.

In an ongoing effort to achieve professionalism and promote transparency, however, the Enfield Police Department is requesting that anyone who has additional information and/or video/audio recordings to contact…”

So, there you have it. Fox 61 could have done a bit more homework and found out that the “unbiased store owner” was in fact friends with all of the parties involved. He is hardly an unbiased, third party as the news story implies.

As is typical for media, they just need to get the story first. You hear it all the time: “Eyewitless News was first on the scene…” You get the point.

Meanwhile, you have the “criminal justice experts” who last week were “civil rights experts” who two months ago were “public health experts” all over social media pontificating about “what the police did wrong, or what they should have done, or they shouldn’t have tased the guy.”

Most of these experts are Antifa wanna-be’s who act like tough guys in a group but would cower like a bunch of five-year-old’s watching a Freddy Krueger movie if they were by themselves.

The Enfield Police Department, as a CALEA and State of Connecticut POST-C accredited agency, is an outstanding department. Their command staff is top notch, and their chief, the former Commander of the Connecticut State Police is second to none. The department has professional, dedicated police officers who do a tremendous job protecting the citizens of Enfield.

Below are some of the community events the Enfield PD participates in.

It’s too bad Fox 61 couldn’t have done a little digging and gotten both sides of this story. But this is what we’ve come to expect in the year 2020. The police are always the bad guys.

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