Officer Down: Detective shot multiple times after gunman opens fire at six officers working crime scene


TONAWANDA, NY – Officers in the town of Tonawanda were actively investigating a scene of a drive-by shooting where a victim had been shot, when things suddenly went horribly bad.

Police say that when a group of officers were engaged at the scene, the suspected gunman returned to the scene and opened fire at the present officers, striking a detective multiple times.

Tonawanda Police Captain Fredric Foels said the initial report of the drive-by shooting came in at approximately 1:00 a.m. on May 26th. Six officers were said to have responded to the 200 block of Morgan Street, where they’d found a man who’d suffered a gunshot wound lying in the street.

The status of that victim is currently unknown at this time.

While the officers were working the scene, Captain Foels said that a gunman appeared at the scene and opened fire at all six officers present. One detective was shot numerous times, reportedly, with at least two of the rounds striking the detective in his vest.

Captain Foels believes that the shooter that shot the male victim had returned to the scene of the first crime:

“It happened so fast. But we didn’t think our shooter would slowly backtrack to the scene of the crime. But we saw a shadow and we knew something was up, so we went to confront him and that’s what happened.”

The shooting suspect was said to have been rapidly firing at officers, while walking toward them:

“It was multiple. Bang bang bang. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Just like you see on TV. Continuous popping. He came down the stairs guns blazing.”

After the shooting, Captain Foels said the suspect retreated to a vehicle and fled the scene. Two officers began to pursue the suspect, and were able to take him into custody two blocks away from the original incident after ramming into the suspect’s car.

A police lieutenant was said to have broken his wrist when running their vehicle into the suspect’s car.

The detective shot has not been identified by the department, but he was cited as being a 19-year veteran for the TPD. He’s currently being treated at ECMC for his injuries, but Captain Foels is uncertain as to what his current condition is at the hospital.

The identity of the suspect has not been released yet at this time, but Captain Foels says he expects numerous charges to be levied toward the alleged offender that would include multiple charges of attempted murder of a police officer.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Officers being targeted in shootings are transpiring more often it seems. 

In Nashville, Tennessee, an off-duty police officer was shot while he was walking his dog, in a manner that is rather unsettling to say the least. However, when police caught up with the suspect, a shootout transpired that left the suspect dead.

What started as an off-duty cop being shot later evolved into an armed standoff leaving a suspect dead. The incident is currently being investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation due to the nature of the crime involving police killing the suspect.

Authorities say that a 13-year veteran of the Metro Nashville Police Department, Officer Darrell Osment, was walking his dog around 9:00 p.m. on May 21st. While walking through a neighborhood near Ashland City that evening, Officer Darrell passed by a man and the two exchanged ‘hellos’ while passing by.

Then, according to police, the man who passed by Officer Osment produced a gun and shot the officer in the shoulder.

The investigation has police wondering what may have motivated this alleged act, as there was no obvious sign that Officer Osment was a police officer. Don Aaron from the Metro Nashville Police Department’s Public Affairs Office noted this curious aspect of the unprovoked gunfire:

“Osment is in plain clothes, no indication he works for the police department. Just very strange. This is absolutely bizarre.”

Officer Osment was able to escape after being shot, making his way to a nearby home to call 911. During the call, he was able to give a description of the vehicle that the suspect got into after the near-fatal encounter.

The suspect was later identified as 48-year-old William Johnson Jr., and police were able to get a hit on the suspect’s vehicle not long after Officer Osment was shot. Metro officers attempted to deploy spike strips to disable the suspect’s vehicle not far from the North Precinct station.

However, it was reported that Johnson began firing a gun at police near where the spike strips were deployed; luckily no one was hit by said gunfire. Johnson was then said to have gotten onto I-440, and spike strips were deployed once more in an effort to disable the vehicle.

The vehicle had reportedly stopped in the eastbound lane not far from the Nolensville Pike exit. According to Aaron from the department’s public affairs office, Johnson exited the vehicle and began shooting at officers once again:

“The suspect’s door comes open and the officers report that shots are being fired by the suspect. They exchanged shots, and returned fire.”

Three officers were noted as having opened fire against the suspect during the fray. Those officers were later identified as Officers David Lang, Jacob Krispin and Terrence Stuckey.

Aaron noted that the officers engaged in the firefight with the suspect were actively trying to eliminate the threat that the suspect presented:

“Officers were doing everything they could do to get this man stopped, knowing the danger he posed to the Nashville community as a whole.”

The interstate standoff ended with Johnson being taken down.

Josh DeVine serves as the spokesman for the TBI, which is the agency tasked with the investigation into what all unfolded with police and this suspect. DeVine stated that there were numerous rounds found to have been exchanged between police and the suspect in this final standoff:

“There is a large volume of ballistics evidence. We estimate that more than 50 rounds have to be gathered on the interstate.”

That is certainly a whole lot of brass.

Thankfully, Officer Osment is said to be in stable condition.

After he was shot, he was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, having suffered a gunshot wound to his right shoulder. The bullet was said to have been removed from him when admitted into care.

Jill Fitcheard, who serves as the Metro Nashville Community Oversight Director, also stated that an inquiry into the chain of events will be conducted by her agency as well.


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