Officer Facing Disciplinary Action for Mis-Categorizing Transgender

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Fort Lauderdale police officer is facing disciplinary action. He is accused of failing to categorize a transgender person as desired on a reckless driving ticket. The citation was issued in late January.

The transgender person who goes by Shelby Kendall was pulled over for drag racing. Kendall was born male, but began to identify as female in 2014. Kendall filed a complaint with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, according to The Sun-Sentinel.

The ordeal took place when Officer James Brinton noticed a Chevrolet Camaro drag racing a Ford Mustang down a four-lane public road. He followed the black Camaro into a Winn-Dixie parking lot, where Kendall was ticketed.

“I wasn’t really contesting why I was pulled over,” Kendall said. “I was more contesting how I was treated.”

Officer Facing Disciplinary Action

Brinton went before the Citizens Police Review Board on Monday after referring to Kendall as a male on the reckless driving ticket. Of issue was the fact that the real estate agent’s driver’s license features female pronouns.

“If I’ve done everything I need to do for the state of Florida to recognize me as a female, he doesn’t have a right to purposely mis-gender me,” Kendall said of the police officer. “It was inappropriate and kind of bullying and sends a message to the transgender community.”

But according to Brinton, he wasn’t trying to bully the 48-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident. Instead, the officer said he believed the driver’s license information showing Kendall as female was a mistake, so he listed Kendall as male.

Kendall objected to the identification, but Brinton stood his ground.

“Well, for the purposes of this citation, you’re a male,” Brinton told Kendall, according to a police report.

Police investigators have suggested Brinton receive a written reprimand, but it is up to the city manager to make the final decision on how the officer will be disciplined.

Police and Transgender Issues

LGBT activist Michael Rajner believes law enforcement officers should have to undergo more training on transgender issues as a result of the incident involving Brinton.

“What concerns me is that the officer felt it was not necessary for him to correct the [citation],” he said. “He robbed that individual of her dignity.”

In a statement about the incident, Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione said the department “is committed to the equal treatment of all of our neighbors and visitors.”

“We endeavor to take appropriate action if there are incidents discovered where it is alleged we veered from that position,” he said. “I believe the department’s actions concerning the investigation before the Citizens’ Police Review Board clearly illustrates our commitment.”

Identity Politics

Identity politics have created a slippery slope for law enforcement. Police officers are required to categorize people on citations and in police reports. Those categorizations are often readily apparent, yet the politics of “identification” or “feeling” have taken priority in our culture over “biology” and “reality.”

In this case, gender politics have prevailed. If you disagree, then simply look at the definition of transgender; denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

Soon we will see a person who is obviously one race, yet identify with another. When that happens, and there is evidence it has begun, human categorizations will be thrown into further tumult. A person can change the landscape all they want, but they cannot alter their DNA. As a result, law enforcement will need to professionally cope with these changes in our culture.

(Photo: Screenshot Sun Sentinel news broadcast)

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News of interest to the law enforcement community.

Really?!?! Maybe the states need a third option under sex-M/F/F. Make, female and freak.

If the officer receives ANY type of reprimand for this obvious confused snowflake he-she complaint, then that officer needs to quit that agency and find one that stands up for its officers instead of buckling to political pressures.

Indeed Chris! I strongly agree. I’m SICK of people not appreciating how difficult a policeman’s job is (or any police PERSON… what do you bet NO female policeman is “offended” by my use of the male pronoun here!). All police have a VERY dangerous, stressful job. Let’s APPLAUD & help them and allow any small “errors” like this to slide, especially since A) the Perp LOOKS like a man, obviously, and B) “her” DNA SHOWS HE IS A MAN – every single cell’s DNA!!… Selah.

The officer was doing his job. The big baby he stopped is offended. Too bad.

I have researched and investigated this issue and transgender persons are no more freaks than someone with Down syndrome, is left handed, or any other genetic variation of human. The proper legal procedure is Citation is written to the legally shown identity on the official document. If say the driver appears female but the license states a male name and gender indicator of male, the citation is written to the male identity, but the first line of the narrative indicates the individual presented female appearance and uses the female name. The rest of the narrative refers to the person as presented and with associated pronouns.
We now can see Chromosomes/genes and can determine and see human variation cause from differences of chromosomes/genes. Recently Schizophrenia has had a genetic factor identified and so this condition begins in the womb. It is possible to have external physical features contrary to DNA of ones body. Look up ambiguous genitalia or intersexed person for an eye-opening lesson in what medicine has kept quiet about ‘real’ anomalies in living humans.

Right on Brent & Jim. Freaks determine their own sex and transfluid gender folks decide it daily. Chromosome my eye. It’s perversion plain and simple.

If the driver has a penis and balls he is a male. If he self-identities as a bovine it makes him a lunatic not a cow! I am so glad I am retired.

Thank you Rick! You are correct brother. It’s getting to the point now that you need to give someone a darn physical to determine what they are. He looked like a guy and sounded like a guy and was born a guy. If he claims he is really a woman, prove it, otherwise he is a he. Just a traffic ticket for crying out loud!

So when an APB goes out searching for a 5’8″ 165 lb female …. But it’s really a male….wtf is wrong with society? Not identifying with your DNA/penis/vagina is clearly a mental health issue. Well guess what? I’m a 75 year old Potowatomi Indian and half German Shepherd. Pay me Social Security, Potowatomi benefits, etc… While I take a dump on your front yard. SMH… F’n snowflakes.

LOL Brent. Maybe someone who is arrested for armed robbery can claim that he is a 5 yr old girl so he cannot be charged with the crime! Scheesh! The world is going nuts!

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