Officer Cpl. Heacock declared clinically deceased – murdered after responding to call for a fight


DELMAR, DE – A Delaware police officer that had responded to a “fight in progress” call earlier in April that was reportedly injured at the scene has been declared clinically deceased, according to officials.

With respect to the incident in question, investigative officials have also released further information regarding what allegedly transpired at the residence where this “fight in progress” was reported.

As noted in our previous reporting of the incident, Corporal Keith Heacock of the Delmar Police Department was the first officer to respond to a reported fight ongoing at a residence located within the 11000 block of Buckingham Drive shortly after 5:00 a.m. on April 25th.

Officials have now revealed that a 911 caller had informed a dispatcher that there was an ongoing fight involving a male subject, later identified as 30-year-old Randon D. Wilkerson.

Randon Wilkerson - Delaware State Police
Randon Wilkerson – Delaware State Police

The suspect was allegedly fighting with other residents inside of the household, as well as being generally disorderly and destructive inside of the home.

According to reports, a woman who lived inside of the home where the incident occurred allegedly witnessed Wilkerson standing over Corporal Heacock and stomping on the officer’s head repeatedly.  

By the time additional units arrived on scene, Corporal Heacock was found unconscious, having suffered apparent blunt force trauma to his head. The officer was rushed to an area hospital before being transferred over to Shock Trauma.

Officials have now stated that Corporal Heacock is on life support while he undergoes processes related to organ donation.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings issued a statement on the evening of April 28th regarding the loss the community has suffered:

“These are the worst moments any of us can imagine: mourning the loss of a member of our law enforcement family.”

“Cpl. Keith Heacook served his Department and his community honorably and faithfully for more than two decades – a family man, a public servant, and a protector of his community until his final days…Tonight we remember a father and a husband; a veteran of Delmar’s police force; and a brother in Delaware’s law enforcement family.”

“Tonight we mourn the loss of a man who devoted his life to serving others. Tonight we acknowledge law enforcement across the state, who willingly face danger each day so the rest of us don’t have to.”

As for the suspect Wilkerson, authorities allege that he’s also responsible for the reported assault of an elderly couple that same day, who reportedly live across the street from the scene of the original incident.

Delaware AG Jennings confirmed that Wilkerson is now facing murder charges with the death of Corporal Heacock:

“The man who stole him from his family and from his community has been arrested and mark my words: he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

“It is with nothing but sadness that I commit, now that Cpl. Heacook is no longer with us, that his killer’s charges will be upgraded to include murder. He will be held accountable for his heinous crimes against Cpl. Heacook, against the elderly couple he viciously assaulted, and against Delmar and our state.”

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As mentioned earlier, we at Law Enforcement Today reported on this incident as details were first emerging. 

Here’s our previous report on the incident. 


DELMAR, DE – According to reports, a Delmar Police officer was critically injured after responding to a fight in progress alone during the morning of April 25th.

While details are limited regarding the specifics of this incident the officer responded to, officials note that the officer was admitted to a “Shock Trauma,” unit having suffered “significant injuries.”

The Delaware State Police shared a press release regarding the April 25th incident where Corporal Keith Heacock of the Delmar Police Department wound up being seriously injured after responding to a “fight in progress” call.

DPD Corporal Heacock was reportedly dispatched at approximately 5:12 a.m. to a residence located within the 11000 block of Buckingham drive within the Yorkshire Estates community.

The Delaware State Police press release noted that “it is unclear what transpired inside the residence, but we do know the officer was involved in a physical altercation.”

After Corporal Heacock arrived at the home, dispatchers were attempting to check on the officer and were receiving no response, which resulted in additional officers being sent to the scene along with a Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Deputy and a Delaware State Trooper.

The additional units that arrived on scene located Corporal Heacock and found him to be unconscious inside of the residence.

Immediate aid was rendered to the injured officer, and EMS reportedly transported him to an area hospital in Salisbury where the officer was eventually transported to “Shock Trauma in Baltimore with significant injuries.”

Authorities say that there was also a “separate, but related assault,” that occurred across the street from the original incident involving “an elderly couple.”

Officials say that the victims in that separate assault had sustained significant injury and were also sent to area hospitals, with one also being later transported to Shock Trauma.

Numerous suspects that were reportedly inside of the home where the original incident occurred were said to have been taken into custody.

Chief Ivan Barkley of Delmar Police Department shared the following statement regarding Corporal Heacock:

“Corporal Keith Heacook is a 22 year veteran and has been employed with our department since 1998.

“He is a husband, son, brother, and father. Keith is fighting for his life right now and he needs your prayers along with the elderly couple who were also injured. Members from the Delmar Police appreciate the outpouring of community support as we continue to move forward.

“We appreciate the support from the Delaware State Police, Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, and all other agencies who responded and are assisting with this investigation.”

Chief Barkley described Corporal Heacock’s sustained as being a traumatic head injury.

No further information has been shared by officials as of this writing. The Delaware State Police are currently leading the investigation into this incident.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing investigation.

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