Not satire: Officer attacked while making an arrest… by the furious pet squirrel of the man he pulled over


LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA – Here at Law Enforcement Today, we have spent years explaining to those who are not in law enforcement that there is no such thing as a ‘routine’ traffic stop or arrest.

We are now bringing this up after a police officer was attacked by a squirrel during an arrest.

On March 1st, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the bizarre incident which was captured on what appears to be camera footage from a police vehicle.

Everything seemed normal after the deputy arrested the subject, and then went back to the suspect’s vehicle to conduct a search for evidence.

Shortly after the front passenger door was opened, the deputy began flailing around as a squirrel jumped from inside of the truck and onto the officer. As the officer moves trying to get the rodent off of him, his backup officer seemingly does his best to strike the animal off to no avail.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that the deputy was able to free himself from the grasp of the animal’s vicious attacks.

The squirrel was returned to a cage that was inside of the car while the Sheriff’s Office promises that neither the deputy nor the rodent was injured during the attack.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office posted a video of the strange attack on Facebook and wrote the following post:

“Here’s what happened: LPSO deputies made a traffic stop with an arrest. Upon a vehicle search, a pet feral squirrel – which was inside – pounced on deputies. This video shows what happened next. *Sheriff Ard confirms neither LPSO deputies nor squirrels were harmed.* The squirrel was returned to its cage.”

The Facebook post garnered several comments that showed the communities appreciation for the Sheriff’s Office’s sense of humor. Some of them read:

“The squirrel reportedly shouted “How about you detain deez nuts” before charting the deputy and attempting to bite him.

“I needed this laugh!! Omg I bet these guys will be talking about this 20 years from now.

“Looks like a police version of Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.

“You’d think after wrestling enough meth addicts in LP they’d be prepared for a feral squirrel.”

Not only is the public having a good time for these deputy’s misadventures, but it is probably fair to say that every law enforcement officer in the area is having a great time as well.

Most likely, those two deputies will find stuffed squirrels in their mailboxes, lockers, and any other place that a cop can think of to ensure that the two never live it down.

Elderly New Hampshire couple dies within seconds of each other after they were able to hold hands

SALEM, NH – William and Carol Stewart had been married almost 45 years. They had known each other since Carol was four years old. According to their children, they spent the last 44 years doing everything together.

Given the past-tense usage of these first three sentences, it might be easy to determine that both William and Carol left this life for their eternal ones.  In an amazing closing chapter to their story, they did that together as well.

Their daughter, Melissa Noke, said that eight members of their family had contracted COVID. Carol was on life support for two weeks. William, who suffered from lung and kidney failure, was for 8 days.

Nokes said that neither of her parents were vaccinated.  The family had been unable to visit them during their last days due to hospital protocols. On December 30th, Parkland Medical Center conducted their “Walk of Heros.” This allowed family members to see their loved ones, even if just f or a few seconds.

William, 73, and Carol, 69, were placed in the same room, side by side. Staff members put Carol’s hand in her husband’s. Seconds later, William drew his final breath. Roughly 10 seconds later, Carol breathed her last. “Placed both beds side-by-side, placing my mother’s hand into my father’s hand,” Noke said.

“As soon as they touched hands, my father took his last breath, and then my mother 10 seconds later. They were the true definition of soulmates because it’s like having love birds. You can’t just buy one: you’ve got to buy both.”

According to ABC 7, she was asked what she would say to her parents now if she could. “It’s an honor to be your daughter, and I love you and I will see you again someday,” she responded. 

As tragic as this story is, it is equally as heart-warming and touching. It is vaguely reminiscent of a Mark Schultz song that reminds this writer of his own grandparent’s story of caring for each other, even through death.  It is called Walking Her Home.

The first and the last verses and their choruses go like this:

“Looking back, he sees it all. It was her first date the night he came to call. 

Her dad said, ‘son have her home on time, and promise me you’ll never leave her side.’

He took her to a show in town, and he was ten feet off the ground.  

He was walking her home and holding her hand.

Oh, the way she smiled, it stole the breath right out of him.

Down that old road with the stars up above. He remembers where he was the night he fell in love.

He was walking her home.

He walked her through the best days of her life.

Sixty years together and he never left her side.

A nursing home at eighty-five. The doctor said it could be her last night.

And the nurse said ‘Oh, should we tell him now?

Or should he wait until the morning to find out?’

But when they checked her room that night, he was laying by her side.

He was walking her home and holding her hand.

Oh, the way she smiled when he said this is not the end.

And just for a while they were eighteen. She was still more beautiful to him than anything.

He was walking her home.”

This type of love is what I pray for my wife and me. In fact, I pray it for all couples. Through life and into death, may we all have someone that we cannot live without.

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