Uncontrollable tears flowed from my eyes

I couldn’t seem to catch my breath,

So much more to see, so much more to do

Unable now because of her death.

Another officer tragically taken

So young, her first day on the job,

I watch a multitude of blue uniforms

As officers pay their respects I sob.

I didn’t know Ashley, never heard of her

But for some reason her death hit me hard,

Maybe it’s because she was so young

It just wasn’t fair she was dealt this last card.

As I sit and watch this living sea of blue

Saying their last goodbyes,

I see a motorcade of flashing lights

They’re right there with her on this last ride.

Now her new journey starts

More important than the one she had here,

God had plans for Ashley in heaven

Where there’s no pain, and not one single tear.

My heart goes out to her family

God will soon dry all their tears,

Officer Ashley Guindon is now with Him

For all eternity not just a few years.

Graphic done by Rose Borisow GraFX