Hero alert: Off-duty police officer saves little boy from potential shark attack in Florida


COCOA BEACH, FL – Last Thursday, July 16, an off-duty Cocoa Beach Police Officer saved a little boy from almost being attacked by a shark.

The shark appeared to be a juvenile white tip shark. The boy was boogie-boarding when Officer Adrian Kosicki noticed a shark swimming dangerously close to the boy. Adrian immediately ran into the water to pull the boy, who was unaware of the shark, to safety.

The Cocoa Beach Police & Fire posted the video on their facebook page and said:

“Adrian made the decision to quickly enter the water and pull the boy from the surf as the shark began to get dangerously close.”

Adrian was out with his wife for a walk on the pier when they noticed the boy and the shark.

Bystanders shouted:

“Hey, buddy! Hey, there’s a shark right there. There he is!”

Adrian, the quick-thinking officer, jumped into the shallow waters and pulled the boogie-boarding boy to safety. The shark was within a couple feet of both Adrian and the boy.

It was difficult to determine the species of shark at first. The Cocoa Beach Police Department said:

“We’re certainly not marine biologists, educated and trained to differentiate between the various species of sharks, their respective feeding habits, and aggressiveness near swimmers. We just do what we do best – protect the public from harm.”

Both Adrian and the boy were not harmed and are doing fine after the close-call.

Cocoa Beach Police & Fire thanked and commended Adrian for his quick action:
“Thanks to Adrian, we’ll never know what that shark’s intentions were, and that little boy will forever have a pretty cool story to tell. Great job!”

LAD Bible News reported that the International Shark Attack File – who would know what type of shark the boy was saved from- provided statistics stating that Florida is the leader in shark attacks and New Smyrna Beach is the world capital of shark attacks.

Cocoa Beach Police Officer Adrian Kosicki is being called a hero for pulling the boy to safety.

The boy’s name was not reported.

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Here’s another story of an officer saving a life brought to you by Law Enforcement Today.

 A Sterling Heights police officer recently saved a baby girl choking on something blocking her airway. 

Video shows the officer pulling up to a home and telling dispatch that the family was approaching him in the driveway. Officer Cameron Maciejewski exited his vehicle and asked what was going on. He was met with a frantic mother, crying hysterically, and rightfully so.

He said, “OK. OK. Calm down. Let me see the baby.” 

He then took the child and performed back thrusts in an effort to clear the obstruction and get the infant breathing again.  

After only a few seconds of performing the blows, the baby girl coughed up the obstruction, and began to cry. The officer, who remained calm and in control informed the family that she was going to be just fine. 

“She’s got a pulse and she is breathing.”

The baby was then turned over to the Sterling Heights Fire Department who transported the baby to the hospital for evaluation.

In a statement, the department said:

“If it wasn’t for Officer Maciejewski’s quick, calm, lifesaving actions, the outcome of this incident could have been tragically different. Not only did the officer save the baby, but the officer did an outstanding job consoling the family.”

CBS News reported:

“In a second video posted by Sterling Heights Police Department on Wednesday, Maciejewski said it was ‘good training’ that gave him the skills he needed to save the baby. 

“‘Once I arrived, training kicked in and I was able to relax a little bit and focus on the health of the baby and blackout what was happening with the parents and family around me,’ he said.” 

All in a day’s work for the men and women of law enforcement, even as they have politicians and people in their own communities trying their hardest to defund them. 

Had there been no law enforcement in Sterling Heights, Michigan, one has to wonder if the outcome might have been drastically and sadly different.

While this type heroism rarely makes the national media spotlight, day after day, night after night, members of our emergency responder community save lives. 



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