Where’s the media? Off-duty officer takes out active shooter, saving countless lives


ATLANTA, GA – An off-duty police officer was working security near the Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia when an active shooter began firing rounds into a crowd of people.

Without hesitation, the off-duty officer jumped in and shot the suspect, ending the shooting.

The Atlanta Police Department reported they responded to an officer-involved shooting in the late-night hours of December 26th.

When they arrived on scene, they learned that an off-duty Georgia State University Police Officer was working as security at the Atlantic Station when he responded to an active shooter. George State Interim Police Chief Anthony Coleman confirmed the officer involved worked for his agency:

“A GSU police officer was working an off-duty job at Atlantic Station when he and Atlantic Station security responded to a fight between young adults.

When they arrived, they encountered a young black male actively firing shots into a crowd. The GSU Officer fired at the shooter striking him.

The officer rendered aid to the suspect until relieved by another officer.”

Investigators with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation responded to the scene to take over the investigation which is standard protocol with officer-involved shootings.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that prior to the shooting occurring, the unidentified teenaged suspect was part of a group which got into an altercation with another group near 17th and Market Streets.

At some point during the altercation, the suspect allegedly pulled a firearm and began firing into the crowd of people. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that someone with the other group allegedly returned fire.

The off-duty officer, who has not been publicly identified yet, responded to the location and allegedly witnessed the suspect firing into a crowd of people.

The off-duty officer then engaged the suspect in attempts to prevent the shooter from injuring anyone. As a result of the engagement, the off-duty officer was able to stop the alleged lethal threat posed by the suspect by firing on him.

 The suspect was transported to the Grady Memorial Hospital where he was allegedly listed in stable condition. Thankfully, no one else was injured during the shooting.

Police released some of the 911 calls that were reported to them prior to the officer involved shooting. One of the callers reported:

“We have over 100 juveniles on the property fighting each other and starting fights all over the place…and they’re just running and fighting, and you know, it’s just – yeah. We need some assistance ASAP, please.”

Another caller, who was passing by the area, reported:

“We need APD immediately. Someone just got shot at Atlantic Station. We need police immediately. We have an officer on duty and a shooting has taken place. Ten shots have been fired so far…we have a police officer that got shot or shot someone. We need help immediately.”

The Atlantic Station released a statement regarding the shooting:

“We are aware of the incident that occurred late Sunday night on 17th Street. The safety and well-being of our community is our top priority, and we are working with law enforcement as they investigate this matter.”

The unnamed Georgia State University Officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. This is normal procedure with any law enforcement agency when deadly force has been used by an officer.

After the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has completed their investigation, they will submit all the facts and circumstances to the Fulton County District Attorney who will determine if the shooting was justified.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Christmas massacre: Two officers shot during standoff with suspect who then ended life on livestream

WICHITA, KS – Two officers with the Wichita Police Department were wounded in a Christmas morning shooting and the suspect is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound he apparently inflicted over a social media livestream.


Wichita Police identified the deceased suspect Saturday as 24-year-old Malik Rogers. Rogers was on parole for previous felony convictions for attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault.

Police received a call at about 11:30 p.m. local time Friday and responded to a nearby restaurant, where they met with a female employee who described how she had been “physically battered” by Rogers, who was her boyfriend, according to Wichita police Capt. Jason Stephens.

The 22-year-old woman told responding officers that Rogers had come to her house uninvited earlier Friday and attempted to enter the home through a window. When the attempt failed, he was eventually let into the home by a young child.


During a news conference, Capt. Stephens told reporters:

“Once inside, he confronted her and pointed a handgun at her, essentially assaulting her with that gun and also during the course of that disturbance punched her in the face.

“She also reported that on December 23, a separate incident where he grabbed her by the neck and physically assaulted her.”

Officers then went to the suspect’s residence in the 2600 block of South Emporia Street with the intent of arresting Rogers on felony domestic violence charges.

Police made contact with the suspect and spent ten to fifteen minutes trying to talk the suspect into peacefully surrendering to them. He refused and retreated into the home.

Capt. Stevens said the officers were aware of the dangers they were facing:

“The officers knew going to that resident that (the suspect) was on parole, that he had committed a violent offense with a gun in the previous day.

“Fearing that he could have been going for a weapon, they confronted him inside the house and continued for several minutes to try and negotiate him into submitting to arrest.”

Rogers again refused to submit and struggled with officers before barricading himself in the bathroom of the home. Capt. Stephens described the confrontation that followed:

“One of the officers immediately forced entry into the bathroom door and was confronted by Malik Rogers, who was pointing a gun at them.

“Mr. Rogers discharged that firearm at the officers two times, hitting one of the officers in the right arm and the other officer in the upper right leg.”


Officers were able to make a tactical retreat and a SWAT team and crisis negotiators made contact with Rogers again in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful surrender.

While negotiating, police became aware of a social media livestream by the suspect, who was still barricaded inside the bathroom. At the same time, officers heard a gunshot fired inside the bathroom.

Capt. Stephens said:

“(Officers heard) what they believed could have been a gunshot – a single gunshot.”

“In and around the same time, we became aware of a social media post where Mr. Rogers was essentially talking about having just shot two police officers, and a gun was visible on the live feed from that social media post.”

Officers entered the bathroom and found the suspect unresponsive, suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers attempted to render aid, but the suspect died at the scene.

The two wounded officers were transported to a local hospital. Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said the officers’ injuries were serious, but not life-threatening.

Both officers have served with the Wichita Police Department for less than a year.

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