Off-duty officer shot in Memphis while trying to stop man caught breaking into cars


Memphis, Tennessee – Memphis Police are currently investigating the shooting of an off-duty police officer that was non-fatally shot on July 28th while working a side-job as a security guard.

The officer involved in the shooting, identified as Memphis Police Officer David Tisdell, was reported as getting struck in the arm by gunfire after confronting what appeared to be a vehicle break-in in progress.

According to reports. The off-duty officer was informed that there were two men casing vehicles in North Lauderdale, which the officer happened upon one person actively breaking into a truck.

The off-duty officer was said to have yelled “police,” and that suspect was said to have jumped into an older model black Pontiac and began fleeing.

Police say that the suspect made a U-turn and began heading east, and someone then shot the officer. It is unclear as to whether the gunfire came from the vehicle or another person involved elsewhere.

As for the officer, he was transported to the Regional Medical Center and is expected to make a full recovery.

The suspects involved in the case are believed to be responsible for numerous vehicle break-ins that transpired in the area, which isn’t far from the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Police have yet to identify any suspects in the case as of this time.

The Memphis Police Department is currently offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the identification and arrest of those involved with the shooting of Officer Tisdell.

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In other news regarding officer involved shootings, a recent exchange of gunfire between police and a suspect in Denver, Colorado may have skirted along the lines of violating police policies. Here’s the report on that incident where some scrutiny is currently being applied. 

Two officers from the Aurora Police Department engaged in a shootout on Monday July 27th, leaving both of them injured. Both are expected to survive. 

According to Denver police, the officers were part of a multi-agency task force tracking a number of suspects who were wanted in numerous convenience store holdups and other robberies in the Denver area.

However, only one of the suspects, who was wanted for carjackings, was involved in the shooting.

According to KKTV, in a statement given on the night of July 27th, Denver Division Chief Ron Thomas said: 

“They followed them to about 47th and Andes, where they attempted to make contact,” 

He went on to say:

“At that location, one of the suspects ran in the parking lot here [Redstone Ranch Apartments a few blocks away] and attempted to forcibly take a vehicle from two citizens who were inside that vehicle.”

When the officers attempted to stop the suspect, gunfire was exchanged. 

Thomas said:

“Two Aurora officers were shot, the suspect was hit by gunfire as well.”

No information was released on the officers injuries, other than to say they are non-life threatening. The suspect was shot multiple times, and is said to be in critical condition. 

According to Thomas, prior to the shooting, officers tried to maneuver their vehicle in an attempt to stop the carjacking.

Thomas said:

“There was an attempt to intercept that vehicle from being driven away, and that’s when the gunshots were exchanged as I understand.”

He continued:

“I can tell you shooting into a vehicle is against our policy in most cases. There are certainly some exceptions, when someone’s in grave danger.”

Finally he said:

“There’s been an operation in place for a while to contact them and apprehend these suspects.”

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