Hero alert: Off-duty “guardian angel” officer rescues drowning baby after hearing mother’s screams


COLUMBUS, OH – A mother is calling an off-duty Columbus police officer a “guardian angel” after her 2-year-old daughter fell into their pool.

Columbus police officer was off duty on the evening of June 19 when he heard the mother’s screams.

Mary Giedeman and her boyfriend, Steven Lopez, were staying with friends in Columbus while they searched for a home. Giedeman’s 2-year-old daughter Carmella was playing in the next room while the couple put away groceries.

Suddenly, Giedeman realized the home had gotten too quiet:

“When your kid gets quiet, it’s like, oh, what are they doing, they’re into something. Normally it takes me a minute to realize it, but something kicked in right away.”

Giedman said she went into the next room to check on her daughter and discovered the door that she had opened to let the dog out earlier was ajar.  Carmella was not in the room.

The panicked mother rushed outside and found her daughter floating in the pool:

“I dove in, and I pulled her out and put her on the deck.”

The little girl was not responsive and Giedeman did not know how to perform CPR, so she began screaming for help.

“I just kept screaming for help. I really did not know what to do. I was completely panicked. She was starting to turn blue already.”

Five houses down from the home, Columbus police officer Brian Wilson was enjoying time off when he heard the screams and rushed to the pool.

While neighbors called 911, Wilson stepped in and began performing CPR on the child. While said he had performed CPR before, but not on a child:

“I was definitely worried. I mean, I’ve done CPR a few times in my career. That was the first time I’ve done it on a child. And quite honestly, just the way she looked, the way she felt, you know, she was very limp.

“She was very blue. Her face (and) lips were very blue. She was not breathing. I did not feel a pulse.”

While the heroic officer fought to save the young girl’s life, her mother stayed nearby praying:

“I just felt so helpless. I feel like I failed her. As a mom, I’m supposed to be able to protect her and everything and I just didn’t know what to do. It just happened so fast.”

Wilson continued performing CPR until Carmella started to moan and vomited. Medics arrived shortly after, and she was rushed to a local hospital.  

Thanks to the quick and professional action taken by Officer Wilson, Carmella has returned home and is expected to make a full recovery.

Giedeman said she hoped her daughter would not remember anything about the incident, but that she would be “forever grateful” to her hero:

“I just kept thanking God and I just knew he was an angel.”

Officer Wilson, who had just returned from a 15-hour canoeing trip when the incident happened, said he had done what any decent person would have done:

“If you have the ability to help somebody, regardless of what it is, I would hope that any decent person would do it.”

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Hero: Officer saves 9-day-old baby’s life after looking at a car stopped at a red light

July 17, 2021


PLEASANT HILLS, PA- Officer Kristin Mitrisin, from the Pleasant Hills Police Department (PHPD), has been acknowledged as a hero for being at the right place at the right time to save a 9-day-old baby.

According to reports, the incident took place back in April when Joe Schleicher and Jodi Schleicher were driving their daughter Olivia to the hospital after noticing that something was wrong with her.

While at a red light, their 9-day-old baby, Olivia, stopped breathing. The worried parents immediately called for help and luckily for them, a police car was close by. Officer Mitrisin said that one of the drivers next to her started beeping and waving at her. She said:

“I heard beeping next to me. I looked over to the side, I saw a gentleman waving in his car. I put down my window and I asked him, ‘sir do you need help with something?’ He said, ‘yes, I need you to get me to the hospital, my baby is not breathing.'”

She rushed towards the couple and was told that Olivia was not breathing. Thanks to her quick thinking and training,  Officer Mitrisin took the baby from the parents and started doing compressions.

Using just two fingers and by gently applying pressure, Officer Mitrisin did her best to get the baby to start breathing again. Reportedly, while she was doing CPR, a correction officer pulled up and offered assistance.

The correction officer went to the police car to get the defibrillator, which the officer did not end up needing to use because Officer Mitrisin was able to get Olivia breathing again. Later, Mitrisin said:

“Continued CPR, the baby took a breath, then there was a couple more seconds, another large breath, and then we got a few more shallow breaths, and then she started crying. And that was the best sound to hear.”

Instead of waiting for paramedics to arrive, Officer Mitrisin decided it would be faster to drive Olivia down Route 15 to the nearby AHN Neighborhood Hospital. She said in a statement:

“I put the mother and the baby right in the police car. We went right there. We were there in 20 seconds. I took the baby from the mother and ran it into the doctors.”

After the incident, Mitrisin said:

“I just was doing my job that day. You know God put me at that place at that time. I’m just thankful that I was there to help them.”

Joe and Jody flagged down Officer Mitrisin as she drove down Route 51 that Saturday afternoon, back in April. Recalling what happened, Mitrisin said:

“He reaches out to me, the baby’s turning blue in her face and in her nose. So, he said, ‘please, my baby can’t breathe help me.'”

Performing CPR on an infant is not an easy thing to do. Mitrisin added:

“You just use your two fingers, apply pressure, and just keep going.”

When deciding to not wait for the paramedics, Officer Mitrisin said:

“Just thought, you know, what we have to do to get baby Olivia breathing. The mom said her name was Olivia, so I just kept saying, ‘c’mon baby Olivia, we can do this.’ And I just kept doing the CPR on baby Olivia.”

According to a GoFundMe page that was set up to help pay for baby Olivia’s medical bills, the doctors found the baby girl was living with a heart condition. Officer Mitrisin said:

“I just ask everyone to pray for the baby. I hope she’s able to make a strong recovery.”

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‘True hero!’ Police officer saves six-week-old baby from choking to death

June 30th, 2021

BETHLEHEM, NY-On Friday, June 25th, a police officer in New York saved a six-week-old infant from choking to death, and now she is being hailed a hero. 

According to the Times Union, Bethlehem Police Department (BPD) Officer Caitlyn Krage responded to a call of an unresponsive baby at a house located on Griffin Circle in North Bethlehem just before midnight. 

In a press release, the BPD said Officer Krage arrived at the scene just minutes after she got the emergency call and immediately located the infant who was foaming at the mouth.

The department’s statement read in part:

“Officer Caitlyn Krage arrived at the scene within minutes of the call and quickly located the infant. Officer Krage states the infant was motionless and foaming at the mouth. She immediately administered the Heimlich Maneuver and was able to clear the infant’s airway.”

Once emergency medical crews arrived, the infant was taken to Albany Medical Center for medical evaluation.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the BPD shared a photo of the officer and praised her for saving the baby’s life, writing, “Well done Officer Krage!”

Social media users also applauded the officer’s efforts during such a tense situation and one person called her a “True hero!”

Another individual wrote:

“I’m sure those parents are deeply, incredibly grateful for her quick thinking and skill. Thanks for sharing the positive stories, Bethlehem Police Department. We all need good news, and I’m so thankful the officer was able to save that baby’s life,” 

Someone else commented:

“That’s wonderful news! Thank you Officer Krage for your work last night, and to all the officers and staff of the BPD for all that you do each day,” 

According to its website, the goals and objectives of the BPD are to offer a high standard of law enforcement and public safety services to community members in a professional, compassionate, and cost-effective manner, Breitbart reported.

The site read:

“The police department is dedicated to serving and protecting the public by providing consistent, fair, and non-discriminating public safety operations.”



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