DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Officers in DeKalb County say that a man who walked into a local liquor store and began threatening customers and employees with a gun has died after a security guard opened fire, reported AJC News.

The attack came just after 11pm on New Year’s Eve, but was stopped by an off-duty Pine Lake Police Officer who was serving as a security guard in the crowded store.

According to reports, the shooter ran into the store and pointed a gun at the employee behind the register, yelling for everyone in the building to ‘get down’.

A witness claimed that the suspect didn’t even have time to finish his sentence.

Before he had time to follow through with what was deemed to be an intended robbery, the guard stood and immediately began firing at the suspect.

The perpetrator, who has yet to be identified, allegedly attempted to run out of the building, knocking over a customer on the way, but collapsed on the ground in the parking lot. He was transported to a hospital but was pronounced dead.

Lucky for employees and patrons, the store hires security on days that they expect to be crowded. In this case, it saved innocent lives.

Ture Ayanno, an employee at the liquor store expressed his gratitude. “Definitely saved us from a lot of casualties and we’re thankful for that,” he said.

Shocking surveillance video shows the moment that the shooting took place.

In the 10 years that the family has owned the liquor store, this is the first instance in which they’ve faced an issue with gun violence. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the details of the case, making this their first officer-involved shooting of the new year.

Georgia had a total of 94 officer-involved shootings in 2018.

Just another case that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun… is a good guy with a gun. Chalk one up for the good guys.