Obama and Trump White House physician: Biden will have to resign, face 25th Amendment due to cognitive decline


The following contains commentary which is the personal opinion of the author.

WASHINGTON, DC- Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson (R), who represents the state’s 13th Congressional District formerly served as White House physician under both Barack Obama and former President Trump, is concerned about Joe Biden.

In fact, anyone who has watched Biden continue his slide into cognitive decline has to be concerned. Especially since he has control of the nuclear codes.

On Thursday night, Jackson told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he believes Biden will either be forced to resign or face the 25th Amendment at some point over the clear signs that he is becoming less and less fit for office.

Jackson told Hannity he’s been saying for a while that “something’s going on here,” the Daily Wire reported.

“And I’ve been saying that it’s only going to get worse, and guess what? We’re watching that happen right before our eyes right now,” Jackson said.

“And I’m at the point right now where, you know, I went from, you know telling people we should be concerned about what might potentially be going on, to now saying, hey, what is happening right now?”

Clearly, anyone with their eyes wide open has seen the rather rapid decline in Biden’s ability to put together a cogent thought. Comparing him even to just a year or so ago shows a significant regression in his cognitive abilities.

“Where are the people in our academic medicine that were out there calling for President Trump to have a cognitive test? Where are these people?” he continued.



“There’s something seriously going on with this man right now. And you know, I think that he’s either gonna…he’s either gonna resign, they’re going to convince him to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues, or they’re going to have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this man right now. There’s some serious stuff going on right now.”

That may be true, however former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris believes there is also a back story to some unfavorable leaks that have come out about Kamala Harris, according to Newsmax.

According to Morris, he believes Biden’s aides are in effect leaking the stories about Harris due to concern she will invoke the 25th Amendment to have him removed from office. This is a classic “heads I win, tails you lose” scenario facing the country. Because seriously, is one better than the other?

Morris, appearing on WABC 770 AM on the John Catsimatidis radio show, Morris referred to a recent article in the New York Times which:

“talks about how Harris is not ready for prime time. She was antagonizing her staff. She screwed up on the trip to the border,” Morris said.

Morris said that his experience in Washington, DC politics leads him to believe that the story “must have undoubtedly come from the Biden forces.”

Morris continued, saying that all of this makes sense because “the rumor I keep hearing from sources close to the White House is that Biden is getting worse. That the dementia is really becoming noticeable and harder to control and harder to camouflage. I believe there may be a move coming to invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden and replace him with Harris.”

This spells out reasons why Biden loyalists may be trying to dump on Harris.

“Biden’s people are pushing back against it by shooting at Harris and saying that she’s not really ready to be president.”

Morris said a careful reading of the New York Times article can lead to no other conclusion than to believe the leaks are emanating from within the White House, specifically Biden aides.

“The only reason for them to do that [is to push back] against the 25th Amendment coup,” Morris said.

As to Jackson, he believes that some members of the Biden cabinet are seeing what is going on with Biden and have to wonder about his ability to carry out his presidential duties. Jackson said that “this is a national security issue at this point…it really is.”

Biden also makes some other bizarre statements. For more on that, we invite you to:


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

A few things happened last week that bear some additional scrutiny. One is the flippant statement made by Joe Biden when he suggested that people would need “F-15s and nuclear weapons” in order to fight back against an oppressive government.

The other are statements made by two of our military leaders, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday.

First, Biden’s comment. Since January 6, Democrats and their sycophants in the mainstream media have been telling the American people—actually the extremely gullible, uninformed segment of the American people—that we were mere minutes away from having our Democracy destroyed.

This of course would be accomplished by around 1,000 unarmed people who were trespassing at the Capitol, by and large people who were allowed to enter the Capitol by the US Capitol Police.

While the mainstream media and Democrats continue to portray the Capitol incident as an insurrection¸and while Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to insist that Off. Brian Sicknick was killed by getting struck with a fire extinguisher, are we to really believe that our Republic, our way of life was threatened by a thousand unarmed people?

In his dismissive comment made last week, Biden actually told us quite a bit. Taken in concert with the statements of Milley and Gilday, Biden’s comment about “F-15s” and “nuclear weapons” is not only instructive but should serve as a warning to those who are opposed to the direction our country has taken, especially in the last five months.

Think about the contrast between the rhetoric of the “January 6 was an insurrection” comments and Biden’s warning about F-15s and nukes. We are to believe we were on the verge of a takeover of the country by a guy in a Viking hat while the country possesses the most powerful (as of now) military in the world? The disconnect between those two statements is staggering.

The thing about Biden, with his current mental state and cognitive issues is that he is saying the quiet part out loud. His comments last week are not so much “Joe being Joe” as they are a warning.

Why do you think Biden continuously talks about “getting in trouble” for saying too much? He’s talking about things he’s not supposed to be talking about. None of this is supposed to be revealed to the American people, or so it would seem. They keep Biden under wraps because they’re afraid he may accidentally leak the truth.

Add Biden’s statement last week to the comments made by Milley and Gilday the same week. Time was, the military did not get involved in politics, was more apolitical. For certain, the military and its leaders were beholden to the politics of the day, however generals such as Milley and admirals such as Gilday were careful to avoid being tagged with a political ideology. That is no longer the case.

In congressional testimony last week, Milley was being grilled by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Michael Walz (R-FL) about critical race theory, aka Marxist ideology being taught at West Point, the Army’s military academy. Milley became incensed and defensive. He then addressed the January 6 incident at the Capitol.

“I want to understand white rage, and I’m white…what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building [the US Capitol] and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? I want to find that out,” Milley bellowed.

“I’ve read Mao Tse Tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist,” Milley said. “So what is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?”

“White rage?” Those are taking points taken directly from Congressional Democrats and far-left Marxists, who are trying to portray those who protested at the Capitol as white supremacists. There has been ZERO evidence that the Capitol siege was motivated by race.

Yet this past week, we also had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) say the Capitol siege was motivated by “white supremacism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Muslim” sentiment. Nowhere has this been alleged, much less proven.

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So Milley’s statement about “white rage” is disturbing.

And what of his comment about reading Mao and Lenin? Those of course were foreigners and understanding the ideology of what drives foreign nations is important for the military, whose mission is to fight foreign aggression.

Contrast that with CRT which undermines the very nation and ideology members of the military are tasked with defending. If America was truly founded on racist principles, how would we expect men and women to risk their lives defending it?  

Then we have Adm. Gilday, who came across as an unhinged, hot-tempered lunatic during his testimony last week.

Gilday has promoted a book by a Marxist radical, who has stated in his book “How To Be An Anti-Racist,” that America is a systemically racist country, that white people are criminals, and has in fact stated in the past that white people are “inferior” to blacks. Kendi has also previously stated that whites created the AIDS virus to kill black people.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) asked Gilday to denounce the statements made by Kendi, which he refused to do, claiming Banks was taking “cherry picked” statements made by Kendi and asking him to address them.

“Do you consider opposition to interracial adoption an extremist belief?” Banks asked Gilday, referencing a tweet Kendi wrote in September 2020 in which he suggested Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a “white colonizer” for adopting two Haitian children.

Gilday’s comments were unclear because his microphone was not turned on, but he appeared incensed. Banks continued:

“Do you personally consider advocating for the destruction of American capitalism to be extremist?” Banks asked, referencing Kendi’s assertion that capitalism and racism are intertwined, and must be eliminated.

Gilday, once again incensed replied, “I’m not forcing anybody to read the book, it’s on a recommended reading list.”

Finally, Banks asked Gilday:

“If sailors accept Kendi’s argument that America and the United States Navy are fundamentally racist as you’ve encouraged them to do, do you expect that to increase or decrease morale and cohesion?”

“I do know this,” Gilday responded. “Our strength is in our diversity, and our sailors understand that. Racism in the United States is a very complex issue, what we benefit from is an open discussion about those issues,” Gilday added.

In other words, Gilday refused to answer Banks’ question about whether or not being forced to read such garbage increases morale and cohesion in the Navy.

So, here we have the two top military leaders in the United States advocating for a philosophy that dictates the country was founded on racist principles, that whites are born racist, and that those who don’t admit they are racist possess “white fragility” and are racist for not admitting it. Heads I win, tails you lose.

The fact that two of our top military leaders are taking sides in the current culture war, taken on top of Biden’s comments about F-15s and nuclear weapons should serve as a warning to the American people.

In particular, it should concern those patriots who love our country, embrace our founding, and still believe America is the greatest country on the face of the Earth.

Biden has designated “white supremacy” as the “greatest threat” facing the country, despite the fact there is zero proof of that. Granted, there are white supremacists, just as there are black supremacists. Both are threats to our country. But to single out white supremacy as the greatest threat, despite the fact that for 14 months we have seen exactly the opposite occurring, is absurd and an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

Our cities are currently a war zone, and it is not white supremacists by and large committing the crime. Biden completely ignored who is committing crime in cities such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta and St. Louis.

Yet he, and Attorney General Merrick Garland have identified so-called white supremacists as the greatest threat facing our country. And if you are a patriotic American, you are considered a white supremacist. If you are gun owner, you are a white supremacist. If you want fair and just elections, you are a white supremacist. Finally, if you voted for President Trump, you’re a white supremacist.

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Pelosi’s statement about “white supremacy” being an underlying cause of the Capitol siege tells you a lot. Democrats talk to each other. An overwhelming majority of those who went to the Capitol on January 6 committed no crime, other than maybe trespass. Most did not engage in any violence whatsoever.

Yet, anyone who was in the vicinity of the Capitol who has been identified has been jailed, many without even being charged. For those who have been charged, many have been put in solitary confinement, cut off from legal representation, cut off from family. Some won’t even get a trial until next year, we are told.

The First Amendment to our glorious Constitution, the priority for our Founding Fathers was freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. Indeed, the right to peacefully protest is secured by that amendment.

Last summer, as we saw violent protests devolve into anarchy, we were told by Democrats and their media cheerleaders that “peaceful protest” is guaranteed under the Constitution. CNN hack Chris Cuomo even posed a question, “Where does it say protests have to be peaceful?” That only counts apparently if those “protests” meet a leftist agenda. 

So why then are those who protested at the Capitol on January 6, expressing their grievances to their elected leaders, being locked up? Since when has political speech been criminalized?

Biden and Garland have said they will be adding scores of people—maybe hundreds—to the Department of Justice to investigate “white supremacy.” Given what we have seen in the past five months, is there anyone who doesn’t think Biden’s Justice Department won’t be targeting conservatives? Gun owners? Trump voters?

Biden’s little boo boo, taken in concert with Gilday and Milley’s statements as well as Garland saying the DOJ will be targeting “white supremacists” should serve as a warning. Anyone who denies critical race theory has been deemed a white supremacist.

Democrats see that people are starting to wake up to what they are doing. Parents have had the blinders ripped off as to what their children are being taught in school. People are seeing anarchy on the streets of our cities with nobody doing anything to stop it. They are seeing our borders being overrun unabated.

F-15s and nuclear weapons. Biden’s faux pas was more of a warning. “We’re the federal government, we’ve got the military, and we’re not afraid to use it.”

Biden, with no filter due to his cognitive decline, said the quiet part out loud. “We’re in charge, you will do what we tell you to do. Your Glocks or AR-15s are no match for the US government. Comply…or else.”

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