Flashback: Former President Barack Obama in 2008 agreed mail-in ballots must have signatures verified


WASHINGTON, DC – Perhaps this does not qualify as an “old saying” since the internet is only about 25 years old, but “the internet is forever.”  Never has been more appropriate than when President Barack Obama slammed the Trump campaign and administration for fighting election results.

This is because Obama himself stated with certainty that mail-in or absentee ballots should only be counted if their signatures could be verified.

Let us look back to 2008 when Barack Obama was running for his first term.  One of the dramatic changes in the 2008 election was the significant increase in the number of voters who cast their ballots before Election Day, November 4, 2008. 

More than one-third of voters (34%) said they cast their ballots before Election Day, up from only 20% in 2004 and 2006. Almost one-in-five (19%) said they voted early in person and 14% said they voted early by mail. The number of early voters increased substantially in the 2020 election.

The main concept that has changed, though, is the notion that the Democrats now see the mail-in ballot as a trusted way of delivering the vote; but back in 2008, they thought differently.  Back in 2008, Barack Obama argued that mail-in ballots can only be trusted if the signatures are verified.

Quoting Barack Obama from the video:

“Well, I think we have to figure out whether this is fraud-proof. I mean, Oregon has a terrific mail-in system but they’ve already scanned everyone’s signature who registered to vote so they can check to make sure that in fact, the right people are voting.”

The Republicans’ war cry and the Democrats’ scoffing during this election season revolved around mail-in voting.  Democrats even took out television and radio ads to promote using the US Postal System for carrying votes to make people feel more confident in the voting system.

President Trump spoke about the probability of voter fraud through mail-in voting, and sure enough, we’ve seen postal and absentee ballots break all records in 2020.  The President has consistently “warned” Americans about the dangers and frauds that are attached to mail-in voting through the use of false information and the distortion of the mail-in voting practice.

Democrats, of course, being against anything Trump is for, have expressed confidence in the vote-by-mail system and to propose any other less-confident message is tantamount to voter suppression. 

Their message is that Trump is trying to game the system, while their system offers practicality and the safe operation of our elections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The back-and-forth is plain to see:  President Donald Trump repeatedly has boosted claims that mail-in voting will prevent Republicans from winning. Trump has accused Democrats of rigging elections via mail-in voting “because that’s the only way they’re going to win.”

And in 2008, Barack Obama agreed with what Donald Trump is saying today.  Times have indeed changed.  Now, Barack Obama is openly criticizing Trump for doubting the honesty and confidence of the mail-in voting system, despite huge inconsistencies and flat-out fraud alleged by lawyers on Trump’s behalf.

Likely the most current and electric suit filed was the twin suits filed in Georgia and Michigan by Ferocious attorney Sidney Powell.  Powell is well-known as a former military lawyer and the attorney who defeated the adversaries to General Michael Flynn’s case.  “Release the Kraken” is the battle cry that surrounds her.

Suits in both states outline huge inconsistencies in mail-in ballots, identifying voters, verifying signatures and voter identification, as well as alluding to the Dominion voting equipment and software that many are saying flipped votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.  Both suits seek to decertify the election results in each state.

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Hypocrite: Obama attacks President Trump over same cages he used at border during his presidency

November 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – Former Democratic President Barack Obama utilized cages for illegal aliens while they were being detained for crossing into the country illegally while he was in office with no complaints.

And yet, when President Donald Trump does the same thing, Obama and other democratic leaders condemn the action, labeling it racist.

Obama, in speaking in an interview with the Breakfast Club radio show, was perplexed by the support that President Trump received from the hispanic community. According to exit polling, the President enjoyed 32 percent of the hispanic votes, despite democrats’ efforts to paint him as racist.

On November 25th, Obama lashed out against the President and his use of the ‘cages’ that were used to detain those that came into the country illegally. Obama said:

“But there’s a lot of evangelical Hispanics who, you know, the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans. Or puts detainees, you know, undocumented workers, in cages – they think that’s less important than the fact that, you know, he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion, right?”

However, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, under Janet Napolitano and Jeh Johnson, used the same ‘cages’ to detain illegal aliens for the eight years he was the President.

For those of you that may think that is crazy, look up photographs that were taken in 2014 in Nogales, Arizona and McAllen, Texas, two years before President Trump ran for office.

In those photographs, you will see chain-link fencing surrounding illegal aliens which is the same fencing being utilized by President Trump now. Of course, none of this seemed to matter when Obama was president, or at least, it was not largely reported on in mainstream media.

Yet, when President Trump keeps the status quo when it comes to detaining those illegally crossing into the United States, it suddenly becomes an issue, and the practice labeled as racist.

Obama’s hypocritical attacks on President Trump stems from democrats failing to understand why 32 percent of hispanics apparently voted for him during this election.

According to Breitbart News, there were numerous surveys that were done after the election which may provide some insight as to how and why hispanics voted in the way that they did.

Surveys show that hispanics may have voted for President Trump because they want to “be ordinary Americans, and to escape from their assigned task of brown voters in the Democrats’ diverse alliance of racial identity groups.”

Another reason that hispanic voters may have voted for President Trump is because of the shape of the economy prior to the pandemic.

Hispanics, like others, enjoyed a seven percent median household income increase in 2019. Something that was noted by author Christopher Caldwell in the New Republic magazine:

“Trump didn’t sell out his supporters. In fact, his presidency saw something extraordinary, even if it was all but invisible from the country’s globalized cities: the first egalitarian boom since well back into the twentieth century.

In 2019, the last non-Covid year, he presided over an average 3.7 percent unemployment rate and 4.7 percent wage growth among the lowest quartile of earners.

“All income brackets increased their take. That had happened in the last three Obama years, too. The difference is that in the Obama part of the boom, the income of the top decile rose by 20 percent, with tiny gains for other groups.

“In the Trump economy, the distribution was different. Net worth of the top 10 percent rose only marginally, while that of all other groups vaulted ahead. In 2019, the share of overall earnings going to the bottom 90 percent of earners rose for the first time in a decade”


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