Revealed: Obama failed to send help to stop violent crime in Chicago under his watch


CHICAGO, IL – While local residents pleaded for help controlling the violent crime in their neighborhoods, their cries fell on the deaf ears of the Obama administration.

Chicago residents expected that after the 2008 election, President Obama would use federal resources to fight against the ever growing crime wave in his senatorial district.  He didn’t. At all.

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he was expanding Operation Legend to send more federal officers to Chicago to help quell a spike in violent crime in that city.

After his remarks, a CNN reporter said that Trump had blamed his predecessor for the crime wave in Chicago, and asked whether should take responsibility this time.

Trump replied:

“[Obama] could have gone into Chicago. He could’ve solved the problem, and he didn’t.”

In a 2009 article in the Guardian (UK) titled “Chicago’s Murdered Children,” the author detailed the violence taking place a mere four miles from Barack and Michelle Obama’s Hyde Park home.

A descriptive narrative told the story of a nine-year-old girl, Chastity, playing with dogs and looking forward to spending the summer with her grandmother.  At 7 p.m. on June 24, those plans ended when Chastity was shot in the neck.  She died at the scene.

In 2009 Obama made a speech at the NAACP centenary dinner and spoke forcefully about the need to “fix our schools, heal our sick, and rescue our youth from violence and despair.”

And then, nothing, despite the fact that 42 children, from the age of three to 18 were killed within a short drive from his Chicago house.

Back in 2009, a local resident Aisha Latiker, who was 18 at the time, was outraged that President Obama had done nothing to help.

Latiker had written two letters to the White House pleading for help to stop the killing. When she didn’t hear back, she said:

“I ask President Obama can he not see what’s going on? Is his staff not relaying the message to him? Does anybody want to know why the youth are killing each other?”

Latiker, who is now 29, is still active in the community, and has recently been seen helping at food banks and doling out masks.

Instead of offering support for law enforcement, the Obama administration put Chicago police on a watch list of cities subject to federal supervision after the 2014 murder of teenager Laquan MacDonald.

Latiker became involved with a group in Chicago, called Kids Off the Block.

The organization’s website says:

“The organization reaches out to the most “at-risk” youth in Chicago, IL to provide them with access to a path that leads away from self-destruction and economic impoverishment.  In order to achieve its Mission, KOB provides a multi-service youth program which focuses on those aspects of young people’s lives which promote good health, educational achievement, and personal and social growth.” 

While residents do what they can to quell the violence, Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames President Trump for the violence that has been present for years before his presidency.

While at first she balked at the President’s offer to send in federal forces to help gain control of the gun violence as well as the riots, now Mayor Lightfoot says the Trump administration can do what the Obama administration failed to do- send in federal officers.

Of course that comes with strict “stipulations,” as Lightfoot said she “will not hesitate” to sue should the federal officers go “too far.”

Chicago police held a press conference earlier this week, discussing the mass shootings on the south side of the city.

Tuesday night a shooting on the south side of the city happened when a group of people were standing outside a funeral home.  Fifteen people were injured and more than 60 shell casings were recovered.  It was a drive by shooting and, ironically, the funeral was being held for the 31-year-old victim of another drive by shooting.


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Revealed: Obama failed to send help to stop violent crime in Chicago under his watch

Here’s another excerpt from disappointed Chicagoans during Obama’s Presidency from The Guardian:

“But even for Obama the killing in his own back yard underlines the mountain still to climb to achieve that more perfect union. And from the perspective of Chicagoans engaged in a war of their own, there is a frustration in being so near and yet so far to such greatness.

“Yes, Obama has his hands full, but from where they are sitting, the struggle is not just about their neighbourhood but about the ongoing despondency of an entire generation of black teenagers.

“‘Youth violence has reached pandemic levels with no response from the White House,’ says Phillip Jackson of the Black Star Project. ‘We don’t expect him to take his eye off the Middle East for us. But if he just nodded to one of his advisers, and said, “I don’t want this happening in Chicago or in America,” his people would figure out a way to stop this. We can’t get him to say that.’

“In the absence of federal help, Chicago has been trying to figure out for itself what’s going on. The University of Chicago’s crime lab recently studied the phenomenon of youth gun violence in the city, and how it manifests itself in gangs. According to one estimate, there are up to 30,000 gang members in the city, in 50 or 60 identifiable gangs.

“The lab looked at both the victims and perpetrators of the violence and…found them to be overwhelmingly concentrated in poor African-American neighborhoods, and within those from single-parent households.

“It also found that levels of mental illness were high among those doing the shooting, as were alcoholism and dropout rates from school.”

Seeing as how Black Lives Matter is seeking to end the nuclear family, it appears that they either don’t pay attention to the statistics, or they don’t really seek to end youth violence.

We’ll let you decide on that one.


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