Find him: NYPD searching for man who assaulted a woman in a random attack, left her in coma


BROOKLYN, NY– In a horrifying, random act of violence, a 46-year-old woman was picked up and slammed into the sidewalk by a stranger who then repeatedly assaulted her to the point of almost killing her.

According to authorities, the incident occurred around 6 a.m. on the morning of August 25th near Division Avenue and Rodney Street in Williamsburg as the woman was walking to work.

The victim suffered severe head and body trauma and has been put in a medically induced coma. She remains listed in critical condition.

Surveillance video shows the suspect repeatedly punching the woman once he threw her to the ground. Police said that he also tried to take her pants off as she laid dazed and confused on the concrete.

He sexually assaulted her and then fled the scene on foot.

Video footage shows the suspect last seen wearing a bright yellow hooded sweatshirt, red sneakers, and sporting a beard. Police have also described the suspect as a man with a light complexion.

Neighbors reported being shocked by the horrific incident and terrifying video that showed the man grabbing and beating the 46-year-old woman. Luz Aviles, one of the neighborhood residents said:

“I’m just surprised. There are a lot of old people and children, we usually don’t have a lot of crime.”

Police are actively looking for the suspect. Anyone with any information on the attacked is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

In another incident, a Bronx man was arrested on Sunday, August 30th for allegedly trying to rape a woman on an Upper East Side subway platform. The disturbing attack took place during the daytime, was filmed, and ultimately thwarted by fellow New Yorkers.

The suspect, since identified as Jose Reyes, 31, is accused of jumping on the 25-year-old woman around 11 a.m. inside of the Lexington Avenue and East 63 Street F train station. NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said in a statement:

“This heinous and horrendous act was interrupted by a good samaritan who observed Mr. Reyes’ behavior and got him to cease, while subsequently videotaping the incident.”

According to Harrison, the woman was riding the F train home from work when she encountered Reyes who was “smoking some type of hookah” and “started making weird noises and laughing to himself.” Harrison then said that she and the deranged man got off at the station where he then began gesturing in a “masturbation motion” towards her.

She tried to move away and ignore the man,  but he followed her. Harrison said:

“Mr. Reyes followed her, which resulted in him assaulting her, punching her, pushing her to the ground, climbing on top of her, and attempting to spread her legs.”

Police said that on the video other bystanders can be heard saying, “Hey, get off her!”. Reyes took off after grabbing his sunglasses off the floor and mouthing inaudible words at the crowd. Harrison said that filming the video and screaming at hime was helpful in scaring him away.

The victim suffered minor injuries and refused medical attention. Police said that NYPD’s facial recognition team was able to match the clip to a mugshot of Reyes from a criminal mischief arrest earlier this year. In addition, there were three tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline that led patrol officers to Lexington Avenue and 105th Street in East Harlem, where Reyes was arrested.

Upon his arrest, he had narcotics in his possession. Harrison said that the drugs might have contributed to the random, disturbing, and violent act. Police said that Reyes said he did not know the victim and that he confessed to the attempted rape.

Harrison said:

“If there’s any messages going to be taken, it is we need the community’s help, we need the people’s help. In order for us to be successful, in order for us to stop the violence, we have to work together.”

Records show that Reyes has at least 14 previous arrests, including three that took place on the subway system, though none of those were sexual in nature. He has been charged with attempted rape. He is being held on a $75, 000 cash bond. 

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Here is another article from Law Enforcement Today about individual’s with arrest records sexually assaulting women:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The Star Tribune in Minneapolis is reporting that a 23-year-old man has been sentenced to more than 14 years in prison as a result of raping two women in the city while out on bail on a previous sexual assault.

Honestly, will these judges and/or prosecutors ever learn?

Johnny O. DeLeon of Minneapolis was sentenced to 14-1/2 years in jail during a hearing on Monday in Hennepin County District Court in connection with three assaults in a six-month time period between 2018 and 2019.

DeLeon will receive credit for time in jail for other sexual misconduct charges, so his sentence will be reduced to around nine years in prison, with the balance on supervised release. The sentence was carried out by Judge Tamara Garcia.

DeLeon apparently has an issue with his libido. On Dec. 16, 2018, DeLeon was in a bar in Minneapolis, where he met a woman. He attempted to sexually assault her behind a nearby home, however two men came to the victim’s rescue. They held DeLeon until police arrived and took him into custody.

While taking her complaint, officers saw that she had bloody lips and scratches on her face and chin. She told officers that she was talking to DeLeon inside the bar and told him that she wanted a cigarette. DeLeon told her that he had some in his car. While walking to the car, he started to assault her and was trying to pull down her pants.

She told investigators that DeLeon started to assault her and punched her in the face and tried covering her mouth so she couldn’t draw attention to herself, however two men overheard her cries for help, and they came to her assistance. DeLeon told responding officers the victim tried to steal his wallet.

He was subject to a $75,000 bail, however, was able to get released from jail through paying a bail bond agency $7,500 on Dec. 27, 2018.

Terms of is release said he needed to remain “law-abiding” and not possess weapons. Because we know that criminals always comply with their terms of release, nor do they ever possess weapons. Because after all, that would be illegal.

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Less than six months later, on May 19, 2019, DeLeon picked up a woman and paid her to have sex in the back seat of his car. Apparently not happy with either the charges or the service, DeLeon grabbed her by the throat and forced her to have sex, then dropped her off nearby.

Prior to the attack, DeLeon had told the victim, “The next time you see me, don’t pick my car,” at which time he grabbed her by the throat and forced the victim to have sexual intercourse. The victim was able to take a blurry photo of his license plate, which led police to DeLeon. She was able to make a positive ID of him as her attacker.

Minneapolis police officers were called to Fairview Southdale Hospital where the victim told them she had been sexually assaulted earlier that day. She said that a friend had dropper her off, and a few minutes later a car drove next to her.

The police complaint said the victim and DeLeon agreed on a payment for sex, at which point the woman started to perform oral sex on the man, when he grabbed her and raped her. The victim received a sexual assault examination which detected male DNA (according to the police report).

Finally, on June 17, 2019, DeLeon drove alongside a woman as she was walking along the street, and offered her a ride, which she accepted. He drove into a parking lot, withdrew a pocketknife and a handgun and raped her.

DeLeon, not exactly the smartest criminal on the planet, had once again not covered his license plate. The victim noted the plate, which led police back to DeLeon again. Once again, the victim was able to provide officers with a DNA sample of DeLeon, this time from a tissue.

He was arrested just over a week later and was held on a $1.5 million bond; he has been in custody since that time.

When he was arrested, his attorney David McCormick said that DeLeon “absolutely denies everything.”

“He’s been adamant with me,” McCormick said at the time. “He says no way, so we’re going to fight.”  

Who knows, if he plays his cards right, he can probably get out on a coronavirus exception to jail time. It seems to be working everywhere else.  

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