NYPD officers ordered by Commissioner Shea to retreat from busting cop-assault suspect after protestors arrive


NEW YORK, N.Y.- You think the criminals aren’t winning? This is where we are at folks.

Police are now being forced to not only stand down to the mob, but to retreat. If this were war (and who’s saying that it really isn’t) the good guys would have lost.

To make it perfectly clear this is not a knock on the rank and file NYPD officers, who quite honestly are getting no support from their political leaders, nor apparently their police commissioner. On Friday, that lack of support came from Commissioner Dermot Shea.

Think of when we left Saigon in the 1970’s, basically defeated. Oh, nobody would say we were defeated but we were. We left, heads hanging, the world’s pre-eminent superpower…defeated.

This is exactly where we are today throughout the United States, with the latest example being in America’s largest city, New York. Let’s explain.

On Friday, police in the city had been involved in an hours-long standoff with a suspect who had assaulted a police officer, which was taking place in the Hell’s Kitchen area of the city.

At some point, protesters (of course) started showing up, at which time Shea ordered police to retreat, police sources told the New York Post.

Perhaps Shea should take cues from fictional NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan from Blue Bloods, who would never throw his cops under the bus for political expediency.

Shea’s order didn’t stand well with NYPD personnel, whom the Post learned were livid over the directive, especially in light of recent concessions the city has made to the mob.

It was recently reported that anti-police graffiti adorning the David N. Dinkins Municipal Building in lower Manhattan had yet to be removed, while city DOT workers immediately restored the so-called Black Lives Matter “mural” outside of Trump Tower in the city after it was twice “vandalized” last week.  

“The graffiti is not acceptable, and I want to be very clear, graffiti on public buildings will be removed, period,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said this week.

“There are some challenges just technically with the surfaces,” de Blasio said, making the excuse that it is complicated to remove from certain particular types of stone.

The graffiti, which says, “Fuck cops” and ACAB (“All cops are bastards”) remains.

Speaking to the stand down order issued by Shea, one NYPD insider told the Post, “ Another example of mob rules.”

On Friday morning at around 7 a.m., police gathered on West 45th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenue around 7 a.m. to bring in a suspect, Derrick Ingram who was accused of screaming into the ear of a NYPD officer with a bullhorn at a recent protest, which left the officer with hearing damage, sources told the Post.

It should also be noted that Ingram is a Black Lives Matter (you know, them of the “peaceful” protests) organizer.

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It was reported that a number of police officers, with some dressed in tactical gear, arrived at the scene, but since they did not possess a warrant, they couldn’t make entry. The suspect began using social media to live-stream the goings on, which brought the mob to the scene.

The event continued for about six hours, with around 100 “protesters” arriving at the scene, chanting anti-police slogans from beyond police tape, according to a video taken of the event.

Of course, on cue the anti-police politicians started their typical grandstanding at the standoff.

“The police should be aware by now of the need to de-escalate situations like this rather than show up to try to arrest a single individual using dozens of officers and not even have a warrant in hand,” said state Sen. Brad Hoylman, who represents the area. “It’s a misapplication of resources,” he said in a statement to the Post.

 Hoylman (“do you know who I AM?”) reached out to city hall when he learned of the standoff just after noon on Friday. Around an hour later, police pulled out after a department supervisor received a call from Shea, who ordered police out of the area, multiple sources told the Post.

Police were told by the suspect’s lawyer that he would turn himself in at the precinct house, however there was no indication that was in fact done.

“They NYPD was attempting to make an apprehension for assault on a police officer,” said an NYPD spokeswoman. “At this time, the investigation is active and ongoing.”

While the spokeswoman refused to answer questions about Shea’s role in the retreat, other sources within the department were more than willing to comment.

“Today’s action encourages resisting arrest,” one source told the Post. “That is not good for anyone: Cops, civilians, and the people being arrested.”

 The city’s police unions however were outraged over Shea’s intervention.

“The NYPD’s top brass better start talking: Who really issued the order to retreat?” Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch asked in a statement. “Who put police officers in the dangerous position of backing down in the face of an angry mob?”

Another NYPD union, the Detectives’ Endowment Association also chimed in and blasted the department’s decision to retreat and demanded an explanation.

“By walking away from arresting a man who was wanted for previously assaulting a cop and backing down to an angry mob, the lives of detectives and their fellow cops were endangered, and their valuable time was wasted,” said Paul DiGiacomo, president of the association.

Ingram is a co-founder of a group called Warriors in the Garden, described as a youth-led group which was formed in the wake of the death of George Floyd, initially attributed solely to police use of force.

However recently released bodycam video showed Floyd was resisting arrest and was apparently in distress prior to former Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck. The video also disputed any type of racial component in Floyd’s death.

That matters not to the mob, however.

The group is allegedly focused on “peaceful” demonstrations around New York. They issued a statement on Friday which accused the NYPD of using “threats and intimidation tactics” to unnerve Ingram, whom they claimed had “no criminal history.”

So apparently, “no criminal history” is now an excuse for someone to be able to commit an assault on a police officer, whether physically or by having them lose their hearing.

You need to feel for police officers today. They are fighting a two-front war—one against the criminals— the other against political hacks, such as Shea. Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice to have a law enforcement leader—not an elected sheriff who answers to nobody but himself and the voters—who stands up for his men and women?

Instead, we have people who cower to the mob and to political hacks like Hoylman and de Blasio. You wonder why NYPD officers are retiring in droves? There is your answer.

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