NEW YORK – Amid negative news stories, it is refreshing to read something pleasant. NYPD Officer Andrew Dossi, 32, was shot in the line of duty Jan. 5, 2015. A robbery suspect fired and hit him in the left arm and lower back. But after a 11 days in the hospital along with constant rehab, he returned to work.

Thursday during Macy’s iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade, with balloons in the air, the band playing, and fellow officers looking on, Dossi got down on one knee and proposed marriage to his girlfriend reported the NY Daily News.

She said yes.

Dossi also served as a staff sergeant in the Army reserves and completed two tours of duty in Iraq. He is currently assigned to the NYPD’s Intelligence division.

Dossi is also the father of a 10-year-old girl. His sister, Tennille, confirmed the feel-good proposal, and said his daughter was on hand to witness it.

“The family’s very happy for the both of them. Andrew has had an amazing recovery in the past two years, and this is a really happy time for him and her, and we wish everybody the best,” his sister said. “He worked extremely hard to get where he is today.”

Photo source @NYPDNews