I’m sitting at home when messages start pouring into my inbox.

It appears that just a few miles from where I sit, in a neighboring town, a local school official took to Facebook to attack the Thin Blue Line flag.

His post asked, “What’s with the proliferation of the blue line flag?”

He ends his rant by saying, “I don’t understand why we can’t all just fly the American flag in its unaltered form. That one represents all of us and seems more unifying than divisive.”


The full social media post calling out the Thin Blue Line flag as ‘divisive’. (Screenshot – Facebook)


Well, Scott, let me introduce you to the nationwide community of law enforcement.

The Thin Blue Line flag you refer to as ‘divisive’ is a symbol used by brave men and women who put their lives on the line to guard that fragile line between chaos and order.

They are the first responders from the “Pulse nightclub” and “Ned Peppers” bar who gave no care of themselves and faced these monsters head on.


Police can be seen rushing into the crowded downtown area to take out the active shooter before he entered Ned Peppers bar. (Screenshot – Dayton Police)


These are the officers who on September 11th, ran into the North and South towers knowing for certain they would never come back out, but hoping they might save someone in the process.

These are the officers that pull the broken from wrecked cars, save drowning children and get killed in traffic stops because they didn’t know the driver with his headlight out was wanted for murder.

These are men and woman who every single day, active or retired, on duty or off, stand for something greater than themselves.

Thin Blue Line, Blue Lives Matter, Law Enforcement Today, The Whiskey Patriots

It’s a symbol of protection. Of solidarity. Of the line between chaos and order. (Adobe Stock)


So, Scott. When was the last time you stood for something? 

The proliferation of that flag is more than likely a direct result of the rise of the cop-hating culture our society is being built on.

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Perhaps it’s a community’s show of support during a time when there is an actual war on police.

Maybe it’s a sign of those mourning the death of a law enforcement official who was ruthlessly attacked just because of the uniform he wore.

(United States Air Force)


The divisiveness that comes in your frequent attacks on the government on social media outlet while billing yourself as a ‘public figure’ and a small town Board of Education official is disheartening. To think that you, in any capacity, hold a position that puts you in a young impressionable child’s ear is cause for alarm.

To say that a flag waived, worn and displayed by America’s hometown heroes is divisive is sad.

That Thin Blue Line flag that offends you is a symbol of all we do for our communities and flies for everyone we are charged to protect and serve. 


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