Decorated NYPD detective to NYC Mayor de Blasio: control your city!


NEW YORK, N.Y. – While the temperature has dropped, the heat is still on for the NYPD.

The city is literally an “insane asylum run by the patients” and eventually something is going to give.

Now let me get one thing perfectly clear… I absolutely can’t stand de Blasio; If the man was on fire I wouldn’t piss on him to put him out. That being said, can he please step off the fraudulent campaign trail (must have taken pointers from the people on the Cook County Sheriff candidate list) and get back to his actual job? I mean if you can’t manage your city, you’re in no way a viable candidate for state or government office.


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Decorated NYPD detective to NYC Mayor de Blasio: control your city!


Mayor de Blasio: your city is falling apart and your employees are under attack. Your lack of action, support and backbone are leading this situation to the perfect storm. The officers in the video below had chosen to back up and not engage; in this situation perhaps that’s a good thing as I know if it was me, I would have focused on an individual and showed them the talent and skill of someone highly trained in the use of a PR24.

“Central 85 and keep them coming, need a supervisor and a bus forthwith.”


The most troubling part of the video is the background chatter.

If you for just one moment focus on just that it becomes perfectly clear that those who are engaged in this behavior feel empowered. Perhaps it’s the clearly evident disgust that the mayor holds for his police officers or perhaps it’s his inability to take a hard stance to protect his vital city workers.


Maybe it’s because he has embraced everything on the side of socialism and policies that are anti-American, or more likely it’s because he has publicly lived a life blaming everyone else for his problems, faults or disappointments. Let’s hope he figures it out before something tragic happens.

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