On Tuesday, September 17 in NYC’s county of Richmond, the morning silence is broken by the voice of a dispatcher.

“Call for help”… a typical call handled hundreds of times a day across the city. A call with limited information, if any, and commonly false, a call that generates eye-rolls and aggravation to any who get assigned.

But on this day, everything was going to turn everything upside-down; nothing was going to go according to the norm.

The assigned unit had met with the complainant and quickly learned the report was legit and the caller was the victim of domestic violence. The victim describing the incident mentioned to the officer that the suspect had fled just moments earlier. The victim was then placed in the back of a patrol car and taken around the neighborhood for a canvass.

Several minutes into the ride, the victim pointed out her assailant. That’s when the day quickly began to change from ordinary to extraordinary.

The officers dropped the victim off a block or two away in a safe location and returned to confront and apprehend the suspect. The approach was textbook; all was going as expected.

But things didn’t stay that way as the suspect failed to comply with the officers’ orders.

During the standoff, a Taser was deployed as a less-lethal option, once officers realized the suspect was not going to be compliant. The Taser deployed and struck the suspect’s back. The deployment sounded good but the perpetrator’s reaction left one wondering if the charge was complete or if the device was working properly.

Gregory Edwards

Gregory Edwards was fatally shot by police on Tuesday morning. (Screenshot – NYPD)


Once the Taser was deployed, the suspect pulled a firearm. 

The officers quickly jumped on the suspect and prevented him from fleeing, ensuring that the firearm would not be pointed into the direction of the public.

During the struggle, a round was discharged, striking one of the officers in the hand. As expected, this action drew an opposite and equal reaction. The suspect was shot and killed as a result of his poor decisions.

A cop was shot and onlookers cheered for their death. Responses from city leaders are spineless.

An officer was hit in the hand by a discharged round during the struggle. (NYPD – Screenshot)


The call of, “shots fired, officer hit!” brought a flood of emergency responders, police, fire, and EMS swarming to the area.

Those who responded were greeted by chants from the locals. To say the natives we’re restless would be a complete understatement. Officers were met with angry residents saying they “wish the officer died” and “f–k the police,” just another day in the mess that is New York City.


Reports of officers and medical crews being hit with tree branches also broke out on social media.

The patients are running the asylum in NYC and the administration could care less about it. At the press conference set up at the end local medical facility treating the officer, both Mayor de Blasio and police commissioner referred to the officer’s bravery and the fact that she will be okay, a testament to her determination and training.

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A cop was shot and onlookers cheered for their death. Responses from city leaders are spineless.


Not once was the suspect called out for his animal-like behavior at the scene. They didn’t blink an eye at the reactions of the residents. Rather than calling it for what it is, we see a perfect example of de Blasio ignoring facts altogether to create narrative that works for him. The important thing to note here (other than the community’s treatment of its police officers), is that even after being fought with, shot at and seeing a coworker get shot, the officers maintained their professionalism.

Faced with a dying suspect, officers jumped into first aid; a life is a life.

A cop was shot and onlookers cheered for their death. Responses from city leaders are spineless.

Photos from the NYPD show officers trying to resuscitate the suspect after he had been shot. (NYPD Screenshot)


Photos released by the NYPD show a brave officer attempting to save the suspect, barehanded against his chest, palm to the wound.

Always willing to put others first, it’s a story that won’t get covered by mainstream media, same as the attacks the officers dealt with at the scene. Perhaps showing officers for the true heroes they are would be just the thing to help sway the anti-cop sentiment racing through our society… but that apparently doesn’t pay the bills.


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