They put their lives on the line every single day and this is how they’re treated. 


BROWNSVILLE, N.Y. – The NYPD is struggling to get respect from the city they serve. While they patrol some of the most dangerous streets in the country, so many feel as though they’re under attack – and they’re powerless to do anything about it.

The most recent display of disrespect comes in the form of outright vandalism of a city cruiser. Officers in the Brownsville area came back to their SUV to find it covered in pieces of trash, eggs and rotten food. 

NYPD cruiser covered in burning trash as onlookers laugh

Two members of the NYPD came out from a call to find that their cruiser had been “trashed”. (CBS New York)


When the officers looked closer, they noticed that parts of the garbage pile had been set on fire and was burning on top of the police vehicle.

What might be the most troubling part of the video isn’t the blatant display of disrespect, it’s the laughing harassment of the officers coming from onlookers.

As the officers pull trash from the vehicle, the group of people can be heard making fun of them for the situation.

“Trick or treat [expeltive],” one man can be heard saying as he laughs at the cops. “Police get trashed.”

But the officers didn’t bat an eye at the instigators. They continue to clean the SUV of the smashed eggs, rotten food, smoldering boxes and other pieces of trash. 

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NYPD cruiser covered in burning trash as onlookers laugh


One officer turned and spoke to the group of people who had gathered to laugh at the spectacle, reminding them of why they were really out there.

“A lot of people call 911 in this neighborhood. They’re holding us up,” he says in a serious tone. 

According to CBS New York, the officers were responding to a domestic dispute call in the Brownsville neighborhood, and after they came downstairs, they discovered their ride had been trashed. 


A man who owns a shop next to where the vandalism took place said that he saw the group of vandals, but was only able to identify them as adults and wasn’t able to provide any further details about who police should be looking for.

“It was eggs and things put on it and also the boxes they were set on over fire,” storeowner Ahmed Naji said.

Apparently some New Yorkers are sick of seeing cops being treated this way. 

“It’s not funny,” one man said after having to clean up the sidewalk of the trash. “It’s stupid.”

Others called the act “childish.”

Neighbors even told reporters about their outrage over the fact that people would watch and film instead of giving the officers a hand.

“Somebody should’ve helped instead of take the video,” Paris Massey said.


Members of law enforcement and leaders have slammed the culture of fear and lawlessness that is seemingly spreading through the walls of the city. 

Even President Trump tweeted on Friday that he would be switching his primary residence to Florida instead of New York. He criticized Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo for not having the backs of police and first responders. 

“Our great police are being disrespected, even with water dumped on them, because a mayor and governor just don’t have their backs,” the president tweeted in part. “New York’s Finest must be cherished, respected and loved.”

The department confirmed that while the cruiser was not damaged, police are still looking for anyone who might have information about the four suspects who are responsible for the “trashing” of the NYPD vehicle. 


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