How often does police training reach the front page of  The New York Times?  I’m not sure, but my guess is not very.  However, it has been big news for the liberal-leaning paper for several days.

Back in 2010, a film called “Third Jihad” was allegedly shown to 1,400 NYPD officers as part of training.  The extremely liberal Village Voice of New York labeled the film as “wacky.”  They and NYU Law School filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain internal police training emails and other data relating to the training which used the film.

Apparently the film is said to be racist.  Those who object to it cite a Muslim flag flying over the White House in the film, as well as statements that many Muslim clerics in this country wish to overthrow the government.  Civil rights organizations and Muslim groups decry this film as being racist and inaccurate.

I think we can all safely agree that the New York Times has never been supportive of the law enforcement profession.  As for the Village Voice finding a film used in police training, “wacky,” I find the Village Voice pretty wacky.  A review of the most recent edition has articles with the following titles:  “The Day I Played a Zombie,” “Cynthia Nixon Says She Chose to be Gay.  Ooops,” and that all- important policy analysis article, “Where do I Find Northern Chinese Dumplings?”  I’m not sure that the Voice is qualified to discuss police training, Jihad, or Islamo-facist terrorism.

I haven’t seen the film in its entirety.  However, the portion which I have viewed states in the opening scene, “This is not about Islam” and clarifies that the film is about radical Islam.  The narrator, Dr. Jasser, was a Lt. Commander in the United States Navy and a Navy physician. In all the bad press about this issue, I haven’t seen anyone in the liberal media reporting that the narrator is a MUSLIM.   Another prominent Muslim involved in this film is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a native Somali who is a former member of the Dutch parliament.  Neither of these people seem wacky to me.  I challenge LET readers to review what the NYPD is now being persecuted in the media for showing:

The liberal left would like us all to give anything Muslim a pass. Even Muslims themselves are apparently not supposed to critique fanatics in their own religion without being criticized by the New York Times and others who seek to squelch intelligent discourse.  It is open season on laughing at and criticizing Christians, particularly Roman Catholics who are always good for a joke, but hands off the Muslim community.

The fact is that those Muslims who support Jihad want to kill us, change our way of life, and impose a Muslim caliphate over the entire non-Muslim world.  This isn’t my judgment, this is their stated policy.   Those Muslims are properly termed Islamo-facists.  These are not the peace-loving Muslims next door who go to Kroger to pick up groceries like you and I do.

For the record, the image from the movie of the Islamic flag flying over the White House is their mental picture, stated many times by various Islamic leaders, and not some wacky notion thought up by the film maker. British Muslim activist Anjem Choudary said so on ABC’s, This Week, “We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the Shariah (Islamic Law).  Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.”  Here is the video showing him saying this:

Political opportunist that he is, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg jumped in with a sound bite right away about the controversy over showing trainees this film.  Never one to miss a chance to trash NYPD, but the first one to show up looking mournful at the hospital after an officer is shot as long  as the cameras are running, Bloomberg was true to character.  This bloomin’ idiot criticized the entire department.  Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne advised the media that the film had not been approved and threw a female training sergeant under the bus as being at fault. Naturally, a lower-ranking officer had to be a media scapegoat.

Police trainers need to keep this situation in mind as an object lesson on what not to do in training.   Be aware that your training records, powerpoints, handouts, and emails are subject to release outside the police realm and could be discussed on the front page of the New York Times.

The cause of many successful lawsuits against police is a failure to properly train personnel.  We need to police ourselves and consider how something that we may find funny or helpful might look like to an outsider reviewing it who has no police background or law enforcement education.  Then, act accordingly.

No one in law enforcement would endorse teaching police to be intolerant of Muslims. To do so would sully the memory and sacrifice of dozens of Muslims who died on 9/11 at the hands of their so-called Muslim brothers, the terrorists.  Most Muslims are not terrorists.  Many American Muslim chaplains proudly serve their country in the armed forces.

We can’t forget, though, that the men who flew planes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center were Muslim extremists. In our zeal to embrace diversity and eschew intolerance, we can’t forget that fact.  If law enforcement  fails to train police tasked with preventing terror about the Islamo-facist agenda or that there are, indeed, Muslim terror sleeper cells active in this country who would seek to overthrow our government, that failure would be criminally negligent.

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