It’s ironic.  It’s outrageous.  It would be laughable if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

And perhaps it’s a little bit of karma.

Wanna be rap star Atisha “Nukstarr” Samuel – with a whopping 44 followers on YouTube seems to have found herself inside out with the NYPD.

In 2016, Atisha dropped a video about making “WAR” with white cops and shared it, as often as she could, feeling proud and victorious at another dope rhyme getting dropped.

Music, videos, free speech and capitalism… the American way.

With dreams of a future and gainful employment rapidly fading, she stepped into the hallowed halls of the NYPD in 2017.

In 2018, she came under fire when investigators learned about that racially-charged rap video she posted to Instagram declaring “a war against the white man on the beat.”

In the video, she wears a black ski mask.

But now she’s suing the city, saying her pissed off coworkers allegedly misinterpreted the tune — and tried to make her miserable on the job.

Screenshot from social media

This keystone cop is claiming in Federal Court a hostile work environment among other things: claims of officers not backing her up on radio runs, not getting PBA cards and complaining that a union delegate suggested the idea of begging your coworkers for forgiveness.

Then, my favorite of all, being unfairly followed by department investigative units.

The complaint goes into more details.  She said her car was keyed; a union rep told her to “ask for forgiveness” from fellow cops at roll call; she was followed by the NYPD’s Career Advancement Review Board and hauled into an Internal Affairs meeting and “asked if she had a problem with cops”.

Then she claims in court papers that at least once, supervisors didn’t send backup when she and her partner responded to a call of a violent emotionally disturbed person.

She goes on to say another colleague threw arrest paperwork she’d printed in the trash.  And on that union cards topic, she claimed a coworker told her “You should be ashamed, I saw the video, you talking about hating white cops, you are a disgrace you should resign.”

Hey kettle, you’re black!

The audacity to claim a hostile work environment when you produced the very element that causes a hostile work environment for every single officer that knows you by merely walking your robust ass into the station house.

Not getting your PBA card sweetheart is not hostile, your cards are not a right, but a frigging privilege that is bestowed upon upstanding officers.

Your work ethics follow you, honey – and it’s not hard for anyone to find out the real you. Word of mouth and performance evaluations paint a clear picture.

Screenshot from social media

As far as the lack of officers willing to work with you, I’ll try my best to sum that up for you in a way you might understand.

As a cop, you want to be on patrol with someone who will have your back, someone loyal and willing to die for you as easily as you will for them.

All you have shown is that you’re racist, likely to turn your gun on them and certainly by crying lawsuit you don’t have anyone’s back.

Life’s hard, snowflake and so is the job, that’s why it’s a tight family and you don’t fit the hell in. Here is some advice, suck it up, listen to the delegate, beg for forgiveness and blow the sand out of your hole and try again.

Of course you can always follow in your rap career and continue to suck and fail.

The lawsuit against the city is demanding unspecified damages for discrimination and a hostile work environment, and her lawyer insists that her colleagues have it all wrong – saying the song is about peace and the offensive lyric was taken “out of context”.

“The song is not against the cops in any capacity,” Albanese said.

So what exactly IS it supposed to be about?  According to the lawyer, “Shit is getting real. My little black brothers are out here getting killed. If it’s not a war against ’n—gas’ in the street, it’s a war against the white man on the beat.”

One of her other lawyers clarified that Samuel is “not calling for a war” in the song. “She’s giving a name to violence that’s already occurring,” including police brutality, attorney Vincent White noted.

For my beloved NYPD…

To whomever authorized this pail of shit to the academy you should be fired along with her.

To the supervisors that forced this crap through, you should be demoted.

To the brothers and sisters at midtown South, I’m sorry for your troubles.

For IAB, Legal and anyone else I leave you with this, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Conduct Prejudicial to the Good Stand of the Department.

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