NYPD: Career criminal on parole with lonnnggg rap sheet robs passenger and beats him with a cane


New York City, NY: How many crimes does it take to conclude that some people are just career criminals? That may be the case for 39 year-old Daried Bailey who, after 30 arrests, still doesn’t get it.

His latest crime comes after he assaulted a Manhattan man with a cane after an attempted robbery- all while on probation.

The Assault

On November 19th, a Manhattan passenger was boarding the southbound No 3 subway. When it was neared the 148th street station just before 9.30 AM, Bailey allegedly grabbed the passenger’s AirPods and ran off throughout the station. The victim, however, decided to give chase to Bailey and followed him throughout the subway, eventually catching up with him.

The victim managed to grab the suspect and a fight ensued between the two. But it wasn’t until the suspect picked up a cane and landed a couple of hits on the victim’s head. Police were able to quickly respond and get the situation under control.

The victim refused further medical attention to his injuries. So there were no additional records beyond the necessary ones regarding the assault. The 21-year-old also refused to put his name or pictures in any publications.

NYPD: Career criminal on parole with lonnnggg rap sheet robs passenger and beats him with a cane
Bailey is no stranger to the courts.

The Suspect’s Long History

Bailey has a long rap sheet under his name. He is even still on parole until 2026. And he seems to be aiming to add more to the records with this latest case of assault.

While Bailey was in custody, the police found numerous prior records. He collected charges from petty larceny, grand larceny, resisting assault, and more. Bailey received a second-degree assault charge for the subway assault. It is unclear at this point how this latest charge will affect his probation status. Or, in true New York City fashion, will Bailey be given another chance to correct his behavior.

In 2022 alone, he has gone in and out of the prison system. One of the earliest records was petty larceny in January. Followed by a robbery and assault in June. And it was only a little over two weeks ago, on November 3rd when the police charged Bailey with grand larceny. Another assault case put the 39-year-old on the parole system until February 2026.

NYPD: Career criminal on parole with lonnnggg rap sheet robs passenger and beats him with a cane

In some of his previous cases, people reported on Bailey for his sudden emotional outbursts. It has been reported that Bailey suffers from mental health issues as well as suicidal tendencies.

The crime Bailey committed became part of the increasing trend of random attacks on public transport. Just a few days ago, a subway cleaner in lower Manhattan and a mother and her 10-year-old daughter in the Bronx became a victim of unprovoked attacks.

The Subway Problem

The NYC subway system has been a hotbed of violence in recent years. Much of it has been attributed to the new bail reforms that have turned the prison system into a revolving door of criminals. Traditionally, many suspects with long rap sheets of crime, like Bailey, would be taken off the street because of their inability to stay crime free.

However, in many instances, criminals are often released just hours, may be less, after being arrested, only to commit other crimes before the initial crime has been processed through the sluggish judicial system.

42-year-old man sucker-punched in NYC subway station by stranger
Image of NYC subway attack suspect – video screenshot (courtesy of NYPD)

The rise in subway crime has seen innocent passengers violently shoved off platforms onto the tracks, others assaulted for no apparent reason other than being Asian, and countless robberies.

The rising crime has been a hot topic during the mid-term elections. More and more New Yorkers have been getting impatient with the lack of change in the laws citing political indifferences.

But Gov. Hochul was re-elected which means that many other New Yorkers will be assaulted, some even murdered, until real change takes place.

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NYPD: Career criminal on parole with lonnnggg rap sheet robs passenger and beats him with a cane

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