Three gang-bangers who shot and killed a man walking with his 6-year-old daughter have been arrested


NEW YORK, N.Y.- In a summer of out-of-control violence in New York City, finally a little bit of light in the darkness.

NBC-4 in New York is reporting that the NYPD has arrested three wanna-be gang bangers in connection with the brutal shooting of a man earlier this month while he was walking holding hands with his six-year-old daughter Khloe.


The New York Daily News reported that Robinson, 28, had traveled to the Bronx from Brooklyn with his daughter to spend the July 4 holiday weekend with friends and family, his girlfriend said.

On Thursday, police arrested Davon Delks, 21, and Devon Vines, 27, both Bronx residents and Laquan Heyward, 25, of Staten Island, all members of the Sev-O gang, an offshoot of the Bloods, relative to the killing of 29-year-old Anthony Robinson on July 5, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison.

 In a chilling video, surveillance video showed Robinson holding his child’s hand while crossing Sheridan Avenue at E. 170th Street in the Bronx shortly before 6 p.m., when a vehicle pulled up.

An unidentified suspect pulled out a gun on the passenger side of the vehicle and shot Robinson, who was shot in the chest, and then falls to the ground. His daughter can be seen running away alone, and she was uninjured.

Fox News reported that four shots were fired, with Robinson being struck multiple times. Nobody else was injured and police have not disclosed a motive for the killing.

Three gang-bangers who shot and killed a man walking with his 6-year-old daughter have been arrested
Anthony Robinson shooting Bronx YouTube screenclip

“Earlier this morning, members of the Bronx Violent Felony Squad with the assistance of Bronx Warrants, 44 Pct squad, the Criminal Enterprise Investigations Section, and TARU apprehended & arrested Davon Delks, Laquan Heyward,, and Devon Vines for the Homicide of Anthony Robinson,” Harrison tweeted.

Police say they identified the suspects in the days after the shooting, and they were arrested at their homes early on Thursday.

There was a fourth suspect, Joel Baba, 22 but he met the same fate as Robinson when he was shot and killed in a double homicide in a Bronx apartment building, the Daily News reported.

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This wasn’t the first rodeo for the four, as all of them were pinched in a gang roundup in 2016 with all of them doing prison time. Baba however wouldn’t live long enough to get arrested this time.

At around 8 p.m. on July 5, while detectives were still working the scene of Robinson’s murder, Baba, along with another man Eghosa Imafidon, 27 were shot and killed inside an apartment building in Claremont. A third unidentified many survived the assault.

Video showed the demise of Baba and Imafidon. The Daily News reported that three men were standing in the hallway of the apartment building. One was looking down the stairwell, and then turned and ran.

Next thing was a man in a white shirt who was armed with a gun went up the stairs and started shooting, then a second gunman appeared from around the stairs and also started shooting.

The two “victims” were trapped at the end of a hallway, as the second suspect approached them and kept firing. Detectives were investigating a motive for Baba’s slaying and were exploring whether or not it may have been retaliation for Robinson’s death.

When the four amigos were arrested in November 2016, all were members of the Sev-O gang relative to four shootings, three robberies, and a racket where they were able to gain more than $200,000 from ATM machines.

Another member of the group who got grabbed in that sweep, Rashaun Pope, met his demise in July 2018 when he was shot and killed in Harlem.

Prosecutors said that in that case, the gang members bragged about their achievements and were shown posing with wads of stolen money on social media.

Baba and yet another member of the gang, Deiondre Harris were involved in a shooting where a man was left with a bullet wound to the head where the bullet grazed his head, prosecutors said. Harris posted a news article about the shooting to Facebook at the time and joked “We going to jail…I hit something in the head,” prosecutors said.

Baba, Hayward, and Vines were all out on parole at the time of the July 5 murders.

Hayward had been convicted of assault in 2018 and was sentenced to three years in jail, and was paroled last August. 

Vines was sentenced to three years for attempted criminal weapon possession in 2018, and received parole last September. 

Finally Delks was sentenced to one to three years for conspiracy in 2017, and was released from prison in October 2018. He finished his parole last December. 

In Baba’s case, you gotta say it’s a solid case of karma.

For Robinson’s family, his girlfriend had not heard of the arrests of his killers until contacted by the Daily News. she was thrilled when she heard her boyfriend’s killers had been arrested. 

“I’m so happy!!” said Stephanie Quinonez. “I’m crying happy tears. Thank you so much!” 

Somewhat of a happy ending, however Khloe will have to live with seeing her daddy shot in front of her for the rest of her life. 

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