I almost have to wonder why the men and women of the NYPD bother. Between a mayor who has nothing but disdain for them and DA’s and judges who literally release the very people that New York’s finest spend their days getting off the streets, it is a wonder that they get anything done.

Case in point: A Brooklyn man was arrested for the 18th time for subway “surfing” crimes. Police say that his actions have caused hundreds of delays for commuters. And his reward for his 18th arrest for the same offense? He was released without bail.

Isaiah Thompson, 23, was arrested most recently last Friday He turned himself in after he was spotted riding on the outside of a train near Manhattan’s Union Square.

Thompson was “subway surfing” outside a northbound 5 train when witnesses at the Union Square station spotted him and alerted authorities. NYPD officials said.

Police held Thompson in custody until Sunday when he was arraigned before a judge in Manhattan Criminal Court. He pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing and was released.

Turned himself in yet pleaded not guilty.

As of his most recent arrest, Thompson was still facing charges for similar crimes for which he was arrested in May. He is also accused of pulling the emergency brake on a northbound 2 train during the evening rush hour in Manhattan, causing delays for thousands of commuters.

NYPD  has pushed for restrictions on individuals who have committed multiple offenses on New York City subways. They said Thompson shouldn’t be allowed to freely roam the transit system.

“If arrest and the current judicial penalties are not deterring behavior, we have an obligation to New Yorkers to use stronger methods to stop these offenses, including exclusion,” NYPD spokeswoman Devora Kaye said in a statement Monday.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said Thompson remains free to enter subway stations and trains at will.

The Riders Alliance, a public transit-improvement advocacy group, cautioned against barring people from the subway system.

“We don’t support banning people from public space,” they said in a statement.

Never mind the fact that he is putting himself and others in danger. Forget the fact that his actions are causing hundreds of delays.

Just in case the judicial system releasing people as fast as they can arrest them wasn’t bad enough, now we see the NYC Mayor using the police to move his daughter out of her apartment.

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While it’s hard to imagine that New York City Mayor de Blasio could manage to make relations worse with the NYPD. However, a stunning new report reveals that the Mayor ordered the NYPD Executive Protection Unit to move his daughter’s belongings out of her Brooklyn apartment.

The New York Daily News reports that multiple sources have confirmed allegations that during the summer of 2018, NYPD was instructed to act as a moving company for his daughter Chiara de Blasio.

The then 23-year-old, a girl with a known history of using illegal drugs, had been living in an apartment at 4th Street and 56th in Brooklyn for approximately two years.

When the time came to relocate, instead of calling a private company, Hizzoner called NYPD to do the heavy lifting.

A source close to the New York Daily News says:

“They used detectives and department vehicles on city time to move his daughter.”

Not only were officers allegedly put to work in a gross abuse of city resources, but two unmarked Sprinter vans that belong at City Hall were apparently sent to collect the 23-year-old’s personal possessions and transport them to Gracie Mansion.

The Mayor’s wife, First Lady Chirlane McCray personally directed the crew, according  to New York Daily News reports.

A neighbor in the Sunset Park neighborhood identifying himself only as Gabriel had heard rumors that the young woman he frequently saw was de Blasio’s daughter.

He was appalled to learn that New York’s finest were used for the move. He commented:

“That’s terrible. Why couldn’t he get a U-Haul and do it himself? You gonna use our cops?”

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