Subway conductor slashed, in critical condition in police-defunded NYC, suspect on the run


NEW YORK CITY, NY– New York City has become a dangerous place since Mayor de Blasio chose to defund the police, and the subways in New York are not exempt from the crime. 

In the latest violent act that occurred on the New York City subway, a conductor was hospitalized and left in critical condition, causing the calls for action to grow louder and louder by the day. 

The transit workers union has released a video recently, which showcased Cassandra Sykes speaking about her nephew, Girard Sykes, who was slashed on the J train near Fulton and Crescent Street, on Wednesday, May 5th. 

Skyes said:

“It is not safe for the transit workers or the public to ride trains or buses,” 

In this incident, a man who was passing through the train, slashed the conductor with an orange box cutter behind his ear and left him there to die. The TWU Local 100 union took a picture of the 52-year-old father of three, which shows him intubated in the hospital. He needed at least two surgeries so far.  

According to officials, the suspect fled the train and ran out of the Crescent Street station. He was last seen walking along Crescent Street.

NBC 4 reported that in another incident on Thursday, May 6th, police said a transit motorman was attacked in the Bronx after he confronted a man who was smoking on the train. The person allegedly went to the worker’s cab, slammed the door into him and knocked him unconscious.

Skyes said:

“We cannot keep living like this day after day worrying about our people that’s getting up coming to work for you,” 

Skyes went on to say:

“Do something, please do something.”

On Thursday, May 6th, the MTA leaders joined together with the transit workers union to host a news conference outside of the Jamaica hospital where Sykes is recovering.

Union president, Tony Utano said in a statement:

“Every day on my phone I get messages from command. Our members are getting spit on, they’re getting punched, they’re getting stabbed and then you have a mayor that says there’s no problem. There is a problem,” 

The police department statistics show while overall subway crime is down this year — felony assault is up 20% this year compared to last. Taking into account lower ridership because of the pandemic, the MTA and the union say the number of assaults has increased but the NYPD Transit Chief last month accused workers of fearmongering, NBC 4 reported.

In order to combat subway crime in the 90’s, the NYPD placed 4,300 police officers in the subway system, and now the MTA is asking for that to be repeated in an attempt to take control of the massive crime increase. 

In February, a half hearted attempt was made when 600 police officers were reportedly placed there, however, on Thursday, Mayor de Blasio mistakenly said that some of those officers have been removed already. 

The mayor doubled down on the safety of the subway during his daily news briefing, praising the NYPD’s “outstanding job” in making the system safe.

Mayor de Blasio said:

“If you said to one of my kids, ‘oh, you shouldn’t go on the subway. It’s not safe.’ They would laugh you out of the room, they would tell you, you clearly couldn’t be a real New Yorker,” 

He continued:

“They couldn’t think of life without taking the subway, and let’s get real. Let’s tell people it’s safe because it is safe, and it’s part of our recovery. It’s part of how we come back. The more people go back to the subway, the safer it will be, the stronger the recovery will be.”

De Blasio’s comments come in response to the call for action. In addition to adding more police officers, the transit workers union has called on city leaders to provide mental health services after three people suffering from mental health issues halted train service in one day. 

On Wednesday, May 5th, the MTA said in a statement:

“Three incidents in less than four hours involving people threatening harm to NYCT employees is a stark reminder of why the City needs to surge essential mental health services and police officers ASAP,”

For months, the transit agency and the workers’ union have been asking the city to do more to address the problem that has many New Yorkers afraid to take public transit.

Here is a story Law Enforcement Today brought you in late March about subway crime in New York City.

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LET Unity

NEW YORK, NY- Despite the narrative coming as a result of the murder of six Asian women in Atlanta just over a week ago, where the incident was blamed on “white supremacy,” yet another incident in New York City, which apparently occurred on Sunday morning showed yet another attack on an Asian man by a black suspect.

The Daily Mail reports that the NYPD’s hate crimes unit is searching for a black male suspect who brutally beat the victim on a Manhattan-bound J train.

Video surveillance footage of the attack showed that nobody stepped in to stop the attack, however some did call for the suspect to stop. One witness to the incident claimed the victim called the suspect the “N-word” before he was attacked.

The New York attack is the latest in a series of such attacks across the country, with many of them occurring in New York City.

Someone who shared the footage on Twitter, @AsianDawn4 wrote: “A person violently beats up and punches an Asian male in the head repeatedly in a Manhattan Bound (J) train at Kosciuszko Street Station, chokes him afterwards until he is unconscious.

“Be on the lookout for this person!”

The Mail reported that the victim was knocked down by his assailant after being punched up to 10 times, prior to being put in a chokehold and then going unconscious.

According to a California-based reporting center for Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI), “Stop AAPI Hate,” they report over 3,000 incidents of such crimes have been reported to them in just the past year.

In addition to New York, police across a number of major cities across the US have seen a surge in such crimes between 2019 and 2020, according to data collected by the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism, California State University in San Bernardino.

For example, New York City went from three such incidents to 27; Los Angeles from seven to 15, and Denver had three incidents in 2020—the first reported there in six years.

NYPD is asking anyone with information on the attack to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-577-TIPS (8477) or to the Crime Stoppers website at or on Twitter at @NYPDTips.

“We need the public’s help,” the Hate Crimes Unit wrote and asked for any information to be forwarded to the tip line.

The video clip of the attack has been viewed more than 500,000 times since it was posted Monday. In New York, there were other similar attacks recently in Harlem and Lower Manhattan.

The incident in Atlanta drew national attention when it was initially reported to be a “hate” crime.

However investigators, citing the suspect’s confession said that the motive behind the rampage was not racial in nature but rather due to some type of sexual addiction of the suspect. The Asian women killed all worked in Asian massage parlors.

That hasn’t stopped the media, politicians and other left-wing activists from painting the shootings as the work of a white supremacist, feeding into the media narrative that white supremacy poses a bigger threat to the country than the long-running violence being perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Conversely, after a deadly shooting in Boulder, Colorado committed by a Muslim Syrian immigrant, the same people chose to focus on guns rather than on the race of the offender while ignoring the background of the shooter.

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